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The North Delridge Neighborhood


North Delridge is a quiet neighborhood in Seattle with plenty of green spaces. This is a great place to live if you want some peace, but be close enough to the city. The homes are primarily single-family detached residences, so they have ample space for families or retirees who need it. The area is surrounded by green space and has a great community feel to it.


Being so far away from most things does mean that North Delridge is not quite as popular as other neighborhoods in Seattle. It’s still worth considering if you want peace but doesn’t mind being further away from everything else. The Seattle Public Transportation system does make it easy for you to get around, but the buses are not as frequent in this area. If you like peace, though, then North Delridge is worth considering when looking for a place to settle down.


About the North Delridge Neighborhood


North Delridge Neighborhood is home to the Westwood Village Shopping Center, which was built in 1958. It’s a small shopping center with several shops, restaurants, and other businesses, including North Delridge Post Office located at 2611 SW Barton Street. The dining options here are good though you will find that there are no national or well-known chains for foodservice establishments except Starbucks Coffee which has three locations in this neighborhood. You can also get your banking needs met by Washington Mutual Bank. At the same time, PNC Mortgage Services offers financial services and Wells Fargo Bank Home Loans Incorporated office on-site to meet all of your mortgage financing requirements. There is one school called Sanislo Elementary School, which teaches children from kindergarten through fifth grade and offers a before and after school program for students.


As a result of the North Delridge Neighborhood being so quiet, it is one of the top neighborhoods for raising a family. The homes in this small community were built mainly between 1955 and 1960. The majority are single-family houses with some duplexes and multi-story apartments along nearby West Marginal Way South. This area has been zoned for limited commercial development since 2010, which means you will see primarily residential properties here. Many people looking at places to rent or buy want something they can settle down into and call home rather than living somewhere just because it has good access to public transportation, making North Delridge Neighborhood highly desirable.


One of the most popular places in North Delridge Neighborhood is Doris’ Meadow, built on a former landfill site by residents with funds from King County Parks Department who have leased the land since 1981. This four-acre park opened in 1999 and includes a playfield, picnic area, restrooms, paths, and a nature trail that meanders through grasslands atop part of what used to be solid waste materials buried under this spot back when it was known as Youngstown Landfill Site. It has been landscaped using native plants and fourteen new trees planted here, so more than 200 trees are now growing at this location, where locals come for daily walks or to relax and enjoy the sunshine.


Today, North Delridge Neighborhood is a sought-after area because of its relatively quiet and proximity to many local amenities such as parks, schools, and shopping centers, making it an ideal place for young families looking to put down roots in this city.


One of the unique neighborhoods in Seattle is North Delridge. This neighborhood would be considered by many to be one of Seattle’s best-kept secrets with its close-looking views and abundance of nature if you’re interested in purchasing a home here.


Facts about the North Delridge Neighborhood


The North Delridge neighborhood is one of the oldest areas in Seattle. It has been known as a farming community since at least 1866 when it was called Sanislo Township. The area now commonly referred to as “North Delridge” didn’t exist until World War I and II. In 1916, many houses were built along the ridge north of White Center for workers who moved from farms into jobs in Ballard or Fremont during the WWI housing shortage. In 1940, North Delridge was a typical rural community with only 210 people.


The North Delridge neighborhood began to decline as Seattle’s economic climate changed after World War II. A combination of factors led to a decrease in the number of jobs available at Boeing, including increased competition from other airplane manufacturers and a shift towards jet aircraft. The economic downturn caused many residents to relocate elsewhere for work. The neighborhood’s population exploded in the 1950s and 1960s as Boeing’s workforce expanded exponentially. The new residents needed housing, which was built in tiny single-family homes, and duplexes on streets improved with infrastructure for this development.


As home values began to decline because of this lack of jobs, crime rates also grew as unemployment rose, which led middle-class families who could afford it to leave. These forces were especially hard on North Delridge, which was already experiencing a decrease in the number of people who lived there.


Many residents left from 1970 to 1990, and crime increased as poverty rates also grew because employment opportunities became scarce. Most homes went into foreclosure, and home values continued to fall. Many properties stood vacant for several years before they were finally torn down.


Although North Delridge has changed significantly over the years, many things stand out still visible in today’s architecture. For instance, several houses were built before World War II with cedar shake siding and stone foundations alongside more modern homes with stucco or brick fronts.


Today, the North Delridge neighborhood consists primarily of single-family homes, although several apartment complexes are here. The most common housing type is duplexes, which is a popular housing type in Seattle. There are also four or five townhome complexes and one large apartment complex.


The neighborhood is now a quiet residential area with a low crime rate, and it’s also conveniently located near shopping centers. It’s within walking distance of Westwood Village, where you can find many restaurants and cafes along SW Roxbury St.


The area was initially known simply as Delridge and had a post office of that name. The site was later home to the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, which opened in 1960 and closed after fifty years of operation at the end of 2013. The facility was sold to the City of Seattle in 2013, planning on making it into a community center.


Activities in North Delridge Neighborhood


The North Delridge neighborhood is quiet, but there are plenty of activities to enjoy. From the surrounding mountains and waterways, hiking trails abound! The White Center area also has a great little downtown area with shops. You can even take in live music at one of the many venues that host different events nightly. And everyone loves food trucks! There are several regular stops throughout Seattle, where you’ll find them full of excellent local cuisine for your sampling pleasure.


The White Center area also has a great little downtown area with shops. You can even take in live music at one of the many venues that host different events nightly. And everyone loves food trucks! There are several regular stops throughout Seattle, where you’ll find them full of excellent local cuisine for your sampling pleasure.


Many locals love spending time outdoors, especially on the North Delridge neighborhood’s various hiking trails! Plus, there is an entire street lined with fantastic restaurants complete with outdoor seating options perfect for enjoying summer days or evenings. Food truck lovers will be pleased by all their favorite mobile eateries stopping here, too, so you can sample the best eats from top chefs throughout Seattle.


There are also plenty of delicious food trucks to choose from, and they tend to stop at different locations around Seattle every day! Whether it’s a hot meal after a long hike or enticing drinks to help cool down in this beautiful city, these popular food trucks have got you covered. Don’t forget about live music! You can enjoy local tunes at many Seattle venues throughout the city, and you’ll find several here in North Delridge.


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