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The Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood


The Hawthorne Hills neighborhood in Seattle is home to some of the city’s most prestigious residents. It is often called one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle, but it also has a reputation for being a very safe and quiet place to live. Many things make this neighborhood so desirable, but what sets them apart from other areas is how much they never sleep!


About Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood


Hawthorne Hills is a neighborhood located in the northwest of Seattle. This small and quiet community has only one central school within its borders: West View Elementary School. Hawthorne Hills contains lots of green space for residents to enjoy, but it does not include any open parks or recreational areas due to this lack of greenery. Residents can visit Marymoor Park, just north of their homes if they are looking for some grassy fields to stretch out on or even play sports! The mall area around Northgate Mall is also close by, so shoppers will never lack places to go when they want entertainment. Finally, commuters who live in Hawthorne Hill don’t have too far to travel because Interstate-90 is also within close reach.


Hawthorne Hills is a neighborhood that has not seen much growth until recently. It remains one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Seattle, even though it offers some beautiful views of downtown to the west and Lake Washington to the east. As for activities, Hawthorne Hills is near great parks like Fort Lawton Park with its paved trails along Puget Sound or Magnuson Park, which contains sports fields, lakeside beach access, and excellent forested hiking trails. There are plenty of shopping opportunities nearby at Northgate Mall and many other shops around this area. Public transportation options are excellent here, so getting around doesn’t have to be difficult either! The homes throughout this community tend towards being smaller bungalows, but there are plenty of other options.


Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood is an affordable place to live that offers beautiful views and outdoor activities nearby. There are also lots of shopping opportunities, transportation routes and more! Hawthorne Hills neighborhood has many small bungalows, but plenty of different housing types are also available.


Facts about the Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood


The most popular park in Hawthorne Hills is Ravine Park, which gives a fantastic view of Mount Rainier. It has a playground, open spaces for picnicking, and sprawling grass fields. Another park is the Meridian Playfield Park, which will provide you with great views of Mount Rainier to the southeast. This area also includes picnic areas shaded by big trees, play equipment suitable for children five years old or more minor, and an off-leash area for dogs. It has two public schools, the Hawthorn Elementary School and Meridian Park High school. The neighborhood is full of things to do for children and adults.


The Seattle neighborhood of Hawthorne Hills is the perfect place for those looking to settle down or retire. This area has something for everyone with its great views, beautiful parks, and beautiful restaurants. It’s also a very culturally diverse location making it even more enjoyable. The population in this part of the city is about 30 percent Asian, about 20 percent Hispanic, and over 40 percent White.


The popular Japanese restaurant Tomo is a must for anyone visiting the area. Chef Jason Wilson has created a fantastic menu that includes sushi rolls and sashimi platters to teriyaki dishes. There are even excellent vegetarian options like the spicy veggie roll made with pickled cucumber, avocado, and asparagus wrapped in soybean paper.


There are only a few apartment buildings in the neighborhood, and they tend to be on large lots with views of Mount Rainier. So if you want to live in an area where you don’t have to worry about your kids playing outside, this would be the place for you.


Hawthorne Hills has had its share of the rainy Seattle weather, but it always comes out shining on the other side! With great schools and plenty of green space, this neighborhood honestly does never sleep.


Activities in Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood


Hawthorne Hills Seattle is a great neighborhood to live in. There are many different activities and events around the area that make it an exciting place to be. Some good examples of these would include outdoor activities such as kayaking, tennis, or hiking. It’s also close to Magnuson Park, which provides residents with access to facilities like dog parks where you can let your furry friend run loose without getting into trouble! If you want more information about what else there is for people living at our apartments in Seattle, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today – we’d love nothing more than to share all of this knowledge with new residents so they can enjoy their time here just as much as us current ones do!


Renting a kayak is also popular on Lake Sawyer. People enjoy playing tennis at the courts around Magnolia High School or across from Kamiakin Middle School. There are several options for hiking nearby and multiple dog off-leash areas, including one near the west side of Magnuson Park.


People looking to stay active throughout the year can join the Hawthorne Hills Community Center, which has many amenities that include racquetball courts, dance studios, and meeting rooms. The center is working towards giving its members an indoor swimming pool facility by 2020. There is also Seattle Bouldering Project, which is open to the public. It has a bouldering room that features walls of all angles and heights for climbers of various skill levels.


Visitors can also sightsee in Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood by visiting places like Mount Rainier National Park or participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, etc., at Goat Mountain.


Things To Do in Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood


There are many ways to enjoy Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood. Whether it’s simply walking around the streets in the summer or having a picnic in one of many parks, there is plenty to do with kids and adults alike! The best part about being here is that you don’t have to drive far from your home for some fun family time away from routine.


Lakeridge Park

One of the best ways to experience Hawthorne Hills is by harnessing in all that fresh air. There are parks everywhere so that you can visit them year-round! One example is Lakeridge Park, which has a large green area perfect for playing soccer or baseball. It also has two playground areas and an off-leash dog park for all of your furry friends.


Lake Washington Boulevard

The locals love to stay active, walk or biking along Lake Washington Boulevard, run through Seward Park, play tennis at Madison Park Beach Club, golf on one of two public courses, or hike and mountain biking in the many surrounding areas trails.


There are also many big, open green spaces where you can try out some new hobbies! Hawthorne Hills Park is perfect if you want to practice Frisbee or just read a book in the sun while enjoying the fresh air. This particular part of Seattle has embraced its natural beauty, and it’s impossible not to appreciate it while spending time here!


In terms of restaurants, Hawthorne Hills is a food lover’s dream world. There are so many different cuisines and tastes that you can’t help but feel like tasting everything your heart desires. You could start with some local treats at Le Mayeur Coffee Roasters on 24th Avenue NW or go for some delicious sweets at Delicatus!


When it comes to shopping, you can find practically anything in Hawthorne Hills, Seattle, Neighborhood. From vintage clothes and antiques on Stone Way North to local art shops along NE 50th Street, this place is a true paradise for those who love unique finds and one-of-a-kind items.


With so many ways to enjoy the local neighborhood, Hawthorne Hills Neighborhood is an excellent place for all members of your family! With summer approaching soon, you should take advantage and spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying life in this beautiful part of Washington State.


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