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The Harbor Island Neighborhood


Harbor Island is a gated community on the Puget Sound, with its private beach. It’s located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood within walking distance to restaurants and shops. Harbor Island offers indoor/outdoor pools, a fitness center, spa, sauna & steam room.


It offers amenities including indoor/outdoor pools, fitness center, spa, sauna & steam room; all in the Seattle School District and closes by to public transportation. There are many recreation opportunities: hiking trails at Discovery Park or kayaking in Seward Park!


About the Harbor Island Neighborhood


Harbor Island Seattle is located on the island of Harbor Island, which lies between West Seattle and Duwamish Head. The area encompasses about half of the island’s total landmass at 21 acres. This neighborhood was formed in 1910 by Charles Wold as an exclusive community for his friends to live in. His vision was that this would be a place where there were no residents who did not belong or desire to be here; he wanted it to feel like its own city within the city of Seattle. He believed that you had to create your environment if you wished to change, something many people are still coming around today!


Now, Harbor Island Seattle is a community that still holds to the Wold’s vision. The gated neighborhood boasts about 100 homes and offers residents access to its private beach for fishing, swimming, or just enjoying the view. It also has many amenities such as tennis courts, a basketball court, and two playfields where you can enjoy having fun in this beautiful sunny weather!


The island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, squirrels, and ducks that you’ll see throughout the area. These animals often feel very comfortable crossing through residential areas as well as exploring along with grassy lawns, so it’s best to keep your pets leashed when walking them here, just in case!


Seattle residents can enjoy all of the benefits of living in a gated community with a small-town feel while still having access to many amenities and attractions found in a large city such as Seattle. The homes on Harbor Island are all unique and provide residents with the perfect combination of luxury living while still maintaining affordability, making it one of the best neighborhoods within downtown Seattle!


It can be challenging for certain types of vehicles to travel on Harbor Island due to its small size and low-lying elevation, so one central bridge connects it with Seattle, allowing access via car or bus. A ferry service is also available from several different places around Puget Sound if you prefer to travel by boat instead! Overall, living here would make for an excellent vacation spot as well.


The island is surrounded by water, with green space used throughout for recreational purposes. It is an excellent destination if you enjoy outdoor activities like biking & hiking or even taking walks around the area. This lifestyle gives residents a very laid-back feel without significantly impacting their pocketbook each month due to its low tax rate compared to Seattle proper!


Facts about the Harbor Island Neighborhood:


Several homes have views of the lake and downtown Seattle. Additionally, there is also a large boathouse with two floors for storage or gatherings. Any boater can moor their vessel at one of the four docks on Harbor Island if they like to visit this neighborhood.


The Harbor Island Neighborhood was built in 2007 and had a total of 20 homes. The average square footage is about 1500 square feet with an area of around 3300 square feet, although some houses are more significant than others depending on the layout or if there’s a balcony included. Of course, each home comes with amenities such as stainless steel appliances, elegant fixtures, beautiful hardwood flooring, and so much more! 


Harbor Island Neighborhood has its private beach, which allows residents access year-round; it’s a great place to enjoy nature! There are not many beaches in Downtown Seattle due to all the buildings, so having this waterfront property was genuinely unique.


These facts make up the wonderful Harbor Island Neighborhood that many people would love to live in! Located along South Lake Union Park Place (near downtown), this gated community gives homeowners easy access to work while having fun at the same time. There are four docks available for boaters who wish to moor their vessel at Harbor Island Neighborhood. Homeowners have underground parking, which can go up to two spaces per unit depending on the living space layout inside the home.


Owners have underground parking that can go up two spaces per unit depending on the living space layout inside the home. This small gated community includes three artificial islands and two natural islands, providing serene living spaces. It has been home to many residents since it was created from a landfill back in 1959, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods within its area today.


Over 500 homes here with an average price tag between $300k-$800k depending on size and amenities. There are also several businesses, including restaurants, retail shops & coffee houses, and convenience stores located throughout, so you don’t have far to travel if your daily routine involves shopping or dining out regularly without having to hop in your car.


The community has a reasonably tight-knit feel, with several events each year held at the Harbor Island Community Club where locals can gather for conversation and entertainment. There are also annual festivals such as Seafair, which takes place on the island every July & features many different family-friendly activities, including fireworks displays over Elliott Bay!


Things To Do in Harbor Island Neighborhood


Harbor Island Neighborhood is a self-contained community with its security, beach access, and yacht club. Situated just west of Pioneer Square on Elliott Bay in the south portion of downtown Seattle, Harbor Island offers residents plenty of entertainment options.


Harbor Island Neighborhood has several activities for residents to enjoy. The neighborhood is home to fun events such as wine tasting, summer concerts, and outdoor movie screenings during the summer months. Several festivals are held in Harbor Island Seattle throughout the year, including the Orca Whale Festival each September. In addition, there is always great shopping at many shops along Alaskan Way within walking distance from most homes on Harbor Island.


Mount Rainier

The primary attraction for many people who live at Harbor Island is that they have direct access to one of the best views within all of downtown Seattle. On clear days, you can see Mount Rainier from your front porch or balcony! Within walking distance are attractions like South Lake Union Park, Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room location, and other cafes and bars along Westlake Avenue North near Nelson Plaza.


Terra Plata

Harbor Island Neighborhood has its dockside café. This Terra Plata restaurant is located near Pier 52 on Alaskan Way S. This adjacent waterfront location provides excellent views and a place to stop for lunch or dinner if you’re checking out Harbor Island Seattle Neighborhood. There are also other food options within walking distance at Paramount Theatre Square and Westlake Avenue North between Mercer Street & Stewart St.

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