Seattle Neighborhood – Cherry Hill & Squire Park

The Cherry Hill & Squire Park Neighborhood


The Seattle area is a fantastic place to call home, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the Cherry Hill or Squire Park neighborhoods, then you’ll be able to enjoy a slew of amenities that make this location so desirable. Homeowners can find many private and public spaces for recreation and relaxation, including playgrounds, parks with picnic areas, tennis courts, and more. Residents can also take advantage of local shops like The Market Place at Northgate, which offer fresh produce and prepared food items such as sandwiches and salads.


The Cherry Hill and Squire Park neighborhoods of the Seattle area are a great place to call home. With many private and public places for recreation and relaxation, homeowners can enjoy amenities such as playgrounds, parks with picnic areas, tennis courts, and more. Also, residents can take advantage of local shops like The Market Place at Northgate, which offer fresh produce and prepared food items such as sandwiches and salads.


About the Cherry Hill & Squire Park Neighborhood


This neighborhood is very well-known for its beautiful homes and tree-lined streets; this place also holds historical value in that it was once an orchard where most of Seattle’s cherries were grown back in the day when they used to be harvested every year. Cherry Hill Park has never closed due to non-use ever since Washington State bought around 12 acres of land here back in 1890, which would later become known as Jack Block Park after Henry Yesler gave them another 14-acre piece on the other side. It was only until 1992 did people start thinking about making something out of what seemed like useless land at first.


Cherry Hill Park was built as an extension to Jack Block Park, which has been around ever since 1890 after Henry Yesler gave them some land for public use, so there are many great amenities for everyone to enjoy such as basketball courts, tennis courts, play areas for children and picnic tables. Cherry hill park also offers its visitors a beautiful view of downtown Seattle and Lake Washington, making this one charming go-to spot in the Northwest district, especially if you want somewhere quiet where you can relax without all kinds of distractions.


Cherry Hill and Squire Park are very close to some of the best schools in the State, such as Northgate Elementary School, Olympic View Elementary school, also known as Holy Family Catholic Church, Queen Anne High School, located on Mercer Street, which is about a mile away from this neighborhood. This place is pretty nice for walking, though since most people like living near parks because everything is within reach, especially shops where anyone can buy groceries or other items they need.


Amenities in Cherry Hill & Squire Park Neighborhood


Basketball courts are situated in Jack Block park, also known as Cherry hill park. There are also tennis courts nearby where one can go play a round or two before heading home. These have lights that turn on after the sun sets, so they stay lit up throughout nighttime hours if someone wants to train late into the evening without having to go home.


Fitness Centers with State of the art equipment and social rooms for those who like to work out in groups. For the kids, there are also child care facilities, private schools, and public schools, which are all within walking distance.


Medical Facilities such as doctors’ offices, dentists, and optometrists offering services to the surrounding community. People can go to these offices for checkups, teeth cleaning & whitening if they need any help with their gums or anything else concerning their teeth. People can also get help from a mental health counselor if they need someone to talk with about issues going on in life that might be bothering them. There are also several pharmacies in the area, so one can get any prescriptions they need to be filled if needing antibiotics or pain killers.


Greenery is abundant within these two areas, so this will help any nature lover feel more connected to Mother Earth when living near Cherry Hill neighborhoods compared to other places where everything seems artificial except for vegetation growing everywhere humans live including parking lots, streets, etc. It feels like you’re on another planet sometimes because most roads are paved with nothing but blacktop to see, making it seem like you’re in some dusty desert without any other living creature around except for the people who live here.


Several churches are located in Cherry hill park. People can worship their preferred deity or spiritual path if they want something familiar when looking for guidance through life, like meditating before starting the day with prayer/rituals, etc. This makes it easier for anyone who does not know exactly what type of faith works best for them at this time but still wants some connection to a divine source that is larger than themselves!


There’s plenty of green space within each neighborhood, which makes it easy for children to play outside with friends or family members if someone wants them to but does not have enough room inside their home, so this will help keep everyone happy since most parents need some time alone sometimes while also making sure their kids stay connected socially when growing up instead of staying indoors on phones watching videos on YouTube, etc.


There’s also plenty of public transportation around these areas since this is usually needed for traveling all across Seattle, making it easier for anyone who wants to get somewhere else in town or back home after being gone while without having too much complication. This keeps people safe when commuting instead of driving their vehicle everywhere by themselves, so there will be no accidents while trying other things on the road if they’re tired from work/school. It can save lives by keeping everyone off the streets in one way, shape, or form.


There are plenty of small attractions within these neighborhoods, making it easy for people to socialize when they’re bored at home or want some peace away from all the craziness in town. Most of these places are free, so there’s no need to worry about money while visiting them since everything is usually very affordable, on point with everyone’s budgeting abilities, run by friendly employees who greet you whenever passing through their establishments, etc.


Facts about the Cherry Hill & Squire Park Neighborhood


The neighborhood is located in Northwest District. It borders Northrup Gruman, Holy Family Hospital, and Cherry Hill Park, Jack Block Park. This area used to be a cherry orchard but was later bought by Henry Yesler. He gave it to Seattle City for public use after seeing how much potential the city had and wanted that land available for development purposes. When World War II broke out, many African Americans started moving into this neighborhood due to limited housing options elsewhere because real estate companies would not sell homes here under any circumstances making this place very desirable amongst all races. As we speak, there are more than 100+ homes within “Squire-Hill,” with a majority of the residents being African American.


That being said, Cherry Hill Park can seem like a ghost town because most people who live nearby do not use it very often for anything besides playing sports or just having picnics every once in a while. Still, then again, Seattleites love their parks, so no wonder everyone living around these areas does too! The neighborhood has a more spread out feel to it since there are hardly any kids running around outside, which is suitable for some people who do not want their lives disrupted by the noise of children playing but then again, this place does seem too quiet at times.


Community Events in Cherry Hill & Squire Park Neighborhood.


Cherry Hill Seattle and Squire Park neighborhood is a small community within the larger city of Seattle, Washington, known for its tree-lined residential streets full of beautiful homes with well-maintained yards and lovely private amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool at one’s disposal on summer afternoons.


There are many more events that take place in this area throughout the spring, summer, and fall months, including annual block parties which residents enjoy getting together to celebrate the warm weather season while catching up with their neighbors before going back indoors to prepare dinner or watch television shows during colder winter days when they can be found snuggling up together under blankets by a fireplace or simply staying inside altogether to avoid the rain and wind.


The Annual Block Party in Cherry Hill & Squire Park neighborhood community is an excellent time for all involved with family fun activities such as face painting for kids of all ages, bouncy houses on hand for those who want to take a break from walking around, and plenty of delicious food to taste.


Residents looking for more information about their community can sign up for the Cherry Hill neighborhood weekly newsletter, which is emailed out with updates on what’s happening in the area along with any other newsworthy items about local business closings or openings that may be worth sharing during “happy hour” get-togethers at bars or restaurants within proximity.

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