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The Atlantic Neighborhood


The Atlantic neighborhood in Seattle is home to some of the most beautiful views in the city. It’s easy to feel like you’re living in a smaller town instead of one of America’s largest cities. The geographic location makes this area ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, but there are also plenty of things close by for those who prefer staying indoors. Take a look at what this small coastal community has to offer!


The Atlantic neighborhood is one of the smaller coastal communities in the city. It offers plenty to do for those who enjoy outdoor activities and has a variety of shopping and dining options located very close by. The people who live here have access to many beautiful views across Puget Sound, as well as green spaces that are perfect for walking or jogging with family members or just taking time out alone.


The Atlantic neighborhood is located just south of downtown. It’s one of the smaller coastal communities in the city, but those who enjoy the outdoors will love the many hiking and biking trails close by. There is a variety of shopping and dining options as well, so it’s easy to stay out all day long if you want! The people who live here have access to stunning views across Puget Sound along with green spaces, which make for an ideal place to walk, run or enjoy some time alone.


About the Atlantic Neighborhood


The Atlantic Neighborhood is very close to the water. It is an excellent place for those who enjoy the water. It is located close to Puget Sound and can access this area on foot or by public transportation, making it an excellent place for urban living. If you are looking for some peace, but want easy access to shops and restaurants, then this neighborhood might be perfect for you.


Atlantic Seattle offers simple living at its best with an easy commute into downtown and lovely views of Puget Sound from most homes in this area. This location has attracted families who have pets because of its proximity to local parks that allow dogs off-leash, including Gasworks Park, which also has places where kids can play safely. The community here enjoys their outdoor spaces, so it’s not uncommon to find neighbors having barbecues, playing with their dogs and kids in the nearby parks.


Facts about the Atlantic Neighborhood


The Atlantic Neighborhood is a small neighborhood that encompasses some of the oldest homes in Seattle. It is one of three neighborhoods to still have single-family residences from before World War I broke out. It’s been home to many people who found their way here and have stayed for more than a century now.


Atlantic Seattle has seen its ups and downs as any community does, but recent times have shown signs of improvement with increased crime-solving rates. Residents also enjoy quality public transportation options like buses going through various routes around this part of town near popular shopping areas such as Southcenter Mall. The shores are just minutes away by car or bus, along with access to Puget Sound beaches where residents can enjoy relaxing days at the coast for fun in the sun.


Atlantic Seattle is a small community that still packs a big punch, but its best assets are the residents who have been here for generations. They carry on their own stories from times past to tell visitors and newcomers about this area of town where people get along regardless of age or background! Family ties run deep in Atlantic Seattle’s history, including one man born before statehood when Washington Territory became part of America. That same spirit lives on today, with many families choosing to stay close by after moving into other neighborhoods across the city.


The Atlantic Neighborhood is also close to local beaches along Puget Sound, where residents can enjoy the sun and sand during sunny summer days. It is home to many different people and their stories, but what makes this neighborhood particular are its common grounds where residents come out together during all kinds of weather. Community events like block parties, picnics, or cafe-hopping make Atlantic Seattle a friendly place to live year-round!


The Atlantic Neighborhood includes many homes ranging from bungalows before World War I through modern single-family detached units. Even newer townhouses pop up around this part of town as younger families find it easy to commute downtown via bus routes near major shopping areas like Southcenter Mall.


The Atlantic Neighborhood also has many community events like block parties or cafe-hopping where residents come together during all kinds of weather to enjoy each other’s company. Atlantic Seattle is a small community with a big spirit thanks to its many residents who have kept this part of town alive for generations!


Activities in Atlantic Neighborhood


Seacrest Park

Do you remember your childhood days, when you used to play with all the kids in one place? The Atlantic neighborhood is an excellent area for outdoor activities and common socializing. There are many playgrounds here that children of any age can enjoy! You might also want to take them on boat rides near Seacrest Park or even enjoy games at Waterfront Activities Center! This lively neighborhood has everything from good schools to fantastic food places – making it a suitable choice for people who love life outside their homes and within the boundaries of the house itself.


Puget Sound

The Atlantic Neighborhood is close to Puget Sound, making it an excellent place for those who enjoy waterfront activities like kayaking or paddleboarding. You can access this area on foot or by public transportation, making it convenient if you don’t want to deal with parking challenges when visiting local shops and restaurants just minutes away from your home! There are also many parks within walking distance, including Gasworks Park, where residents can take advantage of open spaces while enjoying views of Puget Sound along with off-leash areas for pets like Barkley Off-Leash Areas. This location has attracted families living here because there are designated pet play yards that allow dogs to run off-leash with their families. This makes it an excellent place for those who have pets and kids!


As you can see, the Atlantic neighborhood is full of simple living opportunities that are perfect if you want easy access to shops, restaurants, or entertainment but don’t want to deal with parking challenges when visiting local favorites like Gas Works Park, which also has areas where both children and dogs can play safely on open spaces. As you search through homes in this area, make sure to check out Barkley Off-Leash Areas because they offer pet owners designated spots where Fido will be able to run freely without getting too tired before he gets home!


Community Events in Atlantic Neighborhood



The Atlantic neighborhood holds several community events every year, including during the summer months. These include food truck rallies, picnics, and concerts. Families will enjoy the Atlantic community event calendar, which includes everything from local art walks to concerts.



In the spring, there are a couple of events in this neighborhood. They include the Atlantic neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Art Walk. The Easter Egg Hunt is held in the local park, while the Spring Art Walk takes place at several venues throughout the Atlantic.



In the fall, there are also several events. There is a pumpkin carving contest and an autumn picnic, both of which are held in the local park. There is also an annual fall art walk, where people can enjoy various shows at venues throughout the Atlantic.



During the winter, there are also several events. The Atlantic neighborhood holds a community holiday party and a winter solstice fair. People will enjoy local art, live music, and food at these events in the Atlantic neighborhood.


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