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The Alki Point Neighborhood


The Alki Point neighborhood is one of the most fascinating in Seattle. Located on the west coast, it is home to an assortment of natural phenomena that range from coastline phenomenons to archeological havens. It has a rich history that dates over 100 years and features many architectural gems like mansions, cottages, and bungalows. The Alki Point Neighborhood is one of the best places to take a walk, jog, or bike ride. There are plenty of running trails and parks that line its coastline, as well as opportunities for boating and swimming in Elliott Bay.


About the Alki Point Neighborhood


The Alki Point neighborhood is located on the westernmost point of West Seattle. It sits directly across Elliott Bay from downtown and offers spectacular views, including Liberty Park with its historic lighthouses built-in 1881 to signal safe arrival for maritime traffic. The name ‘Alki’ was given by local Native Americans who inhabited this area before White European settlement; it means “by and by” or eventually. In recent years, there has been a growing population turnover as people migrate westward. In contrast, others seek an alternative way of living through this unique location that draws residents early on but keeps them coming back year after year.


The Alki Point neighborhood was founded by Henry Yesler, who built sawmills along this waterfront region starting in 1852, which eventually led to the founding of the City Of Seattle. His purchase included what became known as “Alki Beach”. The first permanent white settler arrived at Alki Beach on November 13th, 1851, aboard his ship named ‘Exact.’ Captain John Alden scouted Lake Washington before deciding whether to settle here with his family. He chose not to and returned a year later with his family. After exploring the region, a different captain, Charles Terry, decided to relax here at Alki Beach in 1852.


Yesler approached him, who offered him assistance, which he declined before striking up a deal where both men agreed that they would work each other’s land for two years on opposite sides of Elliott Bay. The following winter saw one of the worst storms ever recorded hit Seattle, resulting in many damages but no significant casualties. Today is known as “Alki Point,” which got its name from Native Americans who lived there called ‘Alk’i.’ When non-native settlers arrived around 1870, some chose this point because it had an incredible view compared to others while newer arrivals referred to it as ‘New York.’


The Alki Point neighborhood was also home to many Chinese immigrants who moved here in search of work. On June 19th, 1886, a terrible fire broke out that destroyed the entire neighborhood along with Yesler’s mill. The city then decided to rebuild further inland, and it officially became part of Seattle by 1887, which explains why you will find very few buildings dating back before this time. It remained an industrial area until after World War II, when residents began moving into its homes en masse. Since 2005 construction has continued at a rapid pace, so there are lots of new shops opening up around the shoreline but still great opportunities for boating and swimming.


One other interesting aspect about the Alki Point neighborhood is finding some of Seattle’s best Native American art. The Suquamish Museum features a great collection of artifacts, while anyone interested in purchasing items for their home should check out Chinook Crafts. If you are looking for something to do on your vacation, there are lots of activities you could partake in, including boating and swimming.


The Alki Point neighborhood has a vibrant history of fantastic architecture, natural phenomena, and interesting tidbits. It’s also very close to surrounding regions like West Seattle, so be sure to visit if you’re staying nearby! At its current rate, construction will continue at this same pace or even increase, which means more shopping opportunities still plenty of places for boating and swimming.


Facts about the Alki Point Neighborhood


Alki Point Neighborhood sits on the southwest edge of West Seattle. It is an area with over 200 years of history, drenched in culture and surrounded by interesting geographical features. The Alki Point neighborhood has had many names throughout its lifetime, including Duwamps (named for a prominent Native American), New York-Alki (due to early pioneers’ vision that it would become like their home city), and more recently “the peninsula” or simply “West Seattle” which became official around 1912. However, let’s go into some depth about what makes this place so unique today.


There are several theories about how Alki got its name, but most agree that it comes from the territorial Chinook word for “by and by” or “someday.”


Today, the Alki Point Neighborhood is known for its beautiful coastline and sandy beaches. It has a long history of being home to some well-known restaurants such as Luna Park (located at present-day Lincoln Park), which was open from 1907 until Prohibition forced it to close in 1920. The area used to be much more rural than what we know today but over time became increasingly suburbanized due to its proximity to downtown Seattle. Because of this, there are now many large homes dotting the landscape and newer developments like Harbor Steps and Luma. This makes Alki one of West Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods.


Activities in Alki Point Neighborhood


There are several activities that you can do on the beach. These include surfing, volleyball, and sandcastle building. The waters just off of this waterfront playground are also known for their excellent crabbing opportunities. If you’re interested in more than just hanging out at the oceanfront, then there are plenty of options available to you as well.


Puget Sound

This waterfront playground has a rich history, surrounded by some interesting geographical features, and plenty to do for visitors, including picnicking, volleyball, or sunbathing! There are also many modern amenities here, such as public restrooms with flush toilets and running water along with easy access to Crabbing at low tide where crabs come out to feed on marine worms, be sure that once caught, they are returned into their home habitat so others might enjoy the fun of crabbing in Alki Point Seattle. Of course, there’s also an excellent view over Puget Sound towards downtown Seattle’s skyline across Elliott Bay (and cruise ship traffic). With all this activity, it can be easy to forget about the Alki Point Lighthouse, one of West Seattle’s top landmarks! It is also a fantastic photo opportunity that can be enjoyed from either land or sea.

Alki Point Lighthouse


Visitors can enjoy picnics at one of the picnic tables or fire pits found within this waterfront playground. You will also find restrooms with flush toilets and running water as well as outdoor showers for rinsing off after a day in the saltwater air. On the beach, you can also enjoy some sunbathing or volleyball, and on clear days you will even spot the skyline of downtown Seattle over Elliott Bay.


Community Events in Alki Point Neighborhood

Alki Point Neighborhood is always a great place to live with its unique small businesses and local establishments. There are events for everyone in your family in the coming months, from children’s activities at Alki Beach Park to adults-only entertainment along the water. Here’s a list of upcoming events in this beautiful community:


At Alki Beach, kids can create their paper bag puppets while learning about environmental stewardship and engaging in some healthy competition by participating in the Sack Race.


Then kick off February right at Pacific Grill Seafood & Steak House when they host “Valentine’s Day – Singles Edition,” where you will enjoy sharing an appetizer buffet with other singles before heading out to enjoy the Alki Sunset.


There is an Alki Art Walk where artists from around the city show their work along Alki Avenue SW. You can meet them, buy some pieces for your home or even pick up an original painting for your very own. The best part is these works will probably be cheaper than what you would pay at a gallery because there’s no commission involved.


Every summer at Camp Long, there are environmental camps with activities including exploring tide pools, making trails through the forest, tracking animals, and building treehouses.


Lastly, don’t miss out on all this vibrant community has to offer by visiting one of its local coffee shops or bakeries, where you can catch up with friends over a good conversation about everything from current events happening around town to what your kids did at school today. There’s no better place than Alki Point Neighborhood when it comes to being a part of a close-knit community!

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