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Spanaway Park in Tacoma, WA

Spanaway Park in Tacoma, WA, is a beautiful, well-maintained park with various activities to keep people interested. Spanaway Park is home to many different types of animals and plants that you can view from the boardwalk or by going on an animal safari-style ride. Spanaway Park also has plenty of places for you to sit down and relax while enjoying your surroundings.

About the Spanaway Park 

The Spanaway Park is a short drive from Seattle and Tacoma, WA. It has many family fun activities for everyone to enjoy, including biking trails, carousel rides, the Pacific Northwest Water Safari through rapids on whitewater rafting trips, a miniature golf course with 18 holes of challenging play on an exciting outdoor adventure, or even more relaxed game areas. There are also spectacular views of Mount Rainier National park! 

If you’d like to escape into nature without venturing too far out there, then this place will be perfect for you as it’s only about 20 miles south of Puget Sound. The area offers some great hiking opportunities, so if your adventurous spirit kicks in, then why not go exploring? 

You’ll find some lovely waterfalls along the way, which are perfect for a refreshing swim. If you’re not too keen on the idea of getting wet, then take your picnic over to one of the many grassy areas and enjoy the sunshine! There are also some magnificent rock formations which make great climbing experiences or even just scenic views if that’s more your thing.

There are camping areas for those who would prefer to spend the night sleeping under the stars. If you’re not too keen on spending a whole weekend there, then go at the weekends, because what better way is there to unwind after your busy week of work or school? There’s so much to do here that everyone will enjoy themselves!

Activities in Spanaway Park

The Spanaway Park in Tacoma, WA, is a great place to visit. There are many activities you can do at the Park. For over one hundred years, it was initially established as a recreational area by Pierce County in 1918, making it Washington State’s oldest county-owned recreation spot. The Park features lots of trees, flowers, and animals, including elk! You don’t have to worry about getting bored while you’re there either because it offers plenty of things to do such as go boating, hiking or even take part in educational programs with school children throughout the year that teach them about nature and conservation efforts.

The Park has many family fun activities, including biking trails and carousel rides. It also offers water adventures like whitewater rafting trips or rock formations for climbing experiences. Camping sites are available if you want to stay overnight, as well as picnic spots with views of Mount Rainier National park. The area around Spanaway Park is full of great hiking opportunities where beautiful waterfalls can be found. There are also spectacular views from the rock formations and picnic areas if you’d prefer not to get wet in a waterfall!

Spanaway Park is a great place to go for outdoor recreation. The Park has a boat launch and sandy beaches that picnicking families and boaters can enjoy. Here, you will find plenty of picnic tables where people gather together to enjoy their lunch or dinner while watching the boats going back and forth across the sound. Fishing enthusiasts also come here to fish from several docks located at different parts of this recreational area near Seattle. 

Some platforms deep into the water allow them safe access with deeper waters than others, making it perfect for fishing even during low tides when other areas may not have enough depth for proper anchoring. Another favorite activity of people is to come here for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. There are also several trails throughout this Park where you can take your dog on an adventure too!

What To Do at Spanaway Park?

Spanaway Park has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. Spanaway Park offers something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, whether looking for hiking trails, biking trails, or horseback riding trails.

Spanaway Park is home to two different 18 hole disc golf courses, perfect for those who enjoy playing this game. Spanaway Park also has a large area dedicated to camping and RV parking, with plenty of amenities, including electricity hookups and water hookups available at every site.

The Park is home to many kinds of wildlife, including elk and deer. There are several different types of habitats within the Park which means there’s always an opportunity to see some new species that would otherwise rarely be seen in the area.

When visiting the Park after dark, visitors have been known to see many kinds of nocturnal animals such as owls or raccoons that come out when it gets too hot during the daytime.

There are also bike rides that you can take if cycling is more of your scene, with the Park having over 25 miles of trails. You could pack a picnic and enjoy some fantastic views while taking in all the great outdoors has to offer! Suppose kayaking or canoeing is what might interest you. In that case, Spanaway Park provides both, with rentals open most days during the summer months, so it should be relatively easy for anyone interested to get their hands on one.

Campgrounds are available for those who want to stay overnight, but they do have limited space, so it might be best to reserve ahead just in case. The campgrounds are very popular, though, thanks to being right next door from Lake Spanaway, which gives you access every day! There isn’t anything you cannot do at Spanaway Park, so it is a place you should consider taking your family to!

What Not To Do at Spanaway Park?

Spanaway Park is a trendy park among people of all ages and abilities. If you’re going to visit the Park, visitors must abide by several rules to ensure safety for everyone who visits this beautiful outdoor area.

The first rule is that dogs need to be kept on leashes at all times while visiting Spanaway Park. This ensures that not only will your pets have enough room to run around but also ensures their safety from being attacked or running away from you if they get spooked by something unusual happening within the Park, such as an animal rustling through the bushes nearby, which may cause them to panic and run off without thinking about where they are headed!

Another thing not allowed in Spanaway Park is gathering firewood from the Park. The reason for this rule is so that not only do visitors have access to enough wood for fires later on but also because it’s illegal to take any vegetation or plant life away from a national forest area without proper government-issued documentation, which most people visiting Spanaway Park would never be able to acquire!

Please don’t touch the wildlife, as they are wild and dangerous. They may harm humans or pets that come into contact with them if you feed them food scraps from your meal. This includes park squirrels, ducks, geese, and rabbits. 

Animal control officers will relocate these animals if their behaviors prove dangerous for people who enter the area where they live or feed off of human handouts directly or indirectly through other visitors throwing leftovers onto the ground. These animals end up eating after someone else has finished their meal.

Do not litter on the ground or in bodies of water like lakes and ponds where animals drink water at all times of the day. If they can get food from people who have thrown leftovers into the lake, then that is bad behavior for them since they will be more inclined to eat off dirt rather than look for actual food if it’s available right there in front of them.

And don’t feed any wildlife, even if they seem to be begging for your food! It will make them dependent and more likely to get into trouble with humans looking out for their safety and that of other animals around the area where these animals live.

You must avoid feeding wild animals at all costs since you will only regret it later once animal control officers have come by to relocate that specific species away from what is supposed to be its natural habitat which should remain that way, so everyone living there gets along just fine without problems arising between both human residents and those harboring other kinds of non-human life forms too. Feeding wildlife changes their behavior and alters their instincts, putting them in danger when they go looking for food around urban areas where people live.

Don’t feed the ducks, either! It will change their behavior and affect other species that may consume water from lakes or ponds near these duck habitats. One is defending its territory by eating scraps instead of hunting outside its area so others won’t feel threatened by encroaching onto what it believes belongs to them. Make sure you take your trash with you, not leave it on the ground or in a body of water.


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