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Snake Lake in Tacoma, WA

Located just a few miles outside of Tacoma, WA is a serene lake with rustic beauty. The shores are lined with tall trees, and the surface of the water is calm and still. People come from all over to go camping, fishing or enjoy nature’s peace at Snake Lake. In this article, we will talk about the history behind Snake Lake and its natural beauty that has been preserved for decades to come.

Snake Lake has located within Point Defiance Park near Gig Harbor, Washington, and sits on top of an old volcanic vent. It was formed after Mount Rainier erupted some 500 years ago! There are fantastic views from the surrounding hillsides that make for great short hikes; however, if you want more than sightseeing, consider taking a kayak tour of this peaceful Lake.

About the Snake Lake

The Snake Lake in Tacoma, WA, is one of those places that can be difficult to find, but once you’re there, the experience makes it all worth it. This Lake might feel like a place where life slows down and time stands still as soon as you set foot on its shores. The rustic nature of this little-known attraction has something to do with why we love it so much!

The history of Snake Lake starts with its formation by glaciers over 12,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. These glaciers carved out what would become known as Puget Sound and left behind many lakes, including Snake Lake, in their wake. To this day, you can still see evidence of these ancient glacial formations within the cliffs surrounding remnants of waterfalls that cascaded down into the valley below when it was filled with ice thousands of feet thick! Once human settlers started arriving, they brought along plants like Douglas Fir, which now grow tall among the trees lining the shores of Snake Lake.

Snake Lake Tacoma WA Nature Today, Puget Sound visitors can still enjoy wildlife like deer and wild turkey that roam through this rustic environment. Wildlife experts have also spotted osprey, eagles, herons, and a wide variety of hawks in the area! If you are into fishing, then look no further because Snake Lake has plenty of trout for your enjoyment. When it comes time to leave, take one last glance at nature’s beauty behind you before heading home from your relaxing getaway away from the city life only found near here at Snake lake Washington. Continue writing; press enters twice to finish your list.

History of Snake Lake

A landslide formed the Lake in 1899. This created the Lakeview neighborhood and cut off Gorge Drive from Puget Park along Ruston Way. A second slide then left an island that became known as Sn Island or Snake Island, which is now connected to the mainland due to erosion after it fell victim to landslides and fires over time. Over the years, portions of this area were logged and farmed for sandstone quarrying before becoming public land with recreational features such as trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and boat launches. The Lake has been used extensively for fishing since its creation; before 1938, there had even been commercial netting activities carried out on-site (which led James Turner Morehead Jr., who grew up near the Lake, to write a poem about the phenomenon).

The Snake River originally ran through what would one day become downtown Tacoma and formed an estuary at the mouth of Commencement Bay. As development for homes took place, the land was filled in around the river to create dry property; this dried up most of the original waterway but left two notable patches behind: Mud Bay Slough (named after all of the muddiness) on Point Defiance’s western boundary and an unnamed remnant running alongside today’s A Street near 12th Avenue. By 1910 these were popular fishing locations with locals catching salmon trout along their banks. Eventually, they became polluted that state authorities had to close them off to fishing, but they remain today.

Facts about the Snake Lake

Snake Lake is a 46-acre lake that sits off the trail about halfway through. Named after two snakes (Eunectes murinus) found within its waters, it provides excellent opportunities for birding and wildlife viewing and fishing, and hiking around the circumference of the Lake. The south end has several paths to walk out onto large rock formations above the water, which provide good views up and downstream. It also includes an ADA-accessible boardwalk section with informative signs describing local flora and fauna.

The Snake Lake is known for its historical significance. The Lake was formed when glaciers retreated at the end of the last Ice Age, about 12-15 thousand years ago. It contains several fish species, including cutthroat trout and bass, that can be seen after sundown because they feed by night.

This area was formed by glaciers during one of many ice ages in Earth’s history, creating deep canyons throughout much of Washington State now filled with rivers including nearby Mount Rainier National Park our northwest. As these glaciers melted, they formed many lakes that are currently popular for fishing and hiking.

Another interesting fact about Snake Lake is it has a depth of up to 145 feet which makes it possible for divers to go down into this body of water all year long without any difficulties whatsoever.

 If you are looking forward to setting foot on land while admiring this incredible natural phenomenon, then don’t hesitate to turn your attention towards Goat Island Trail located within Point Defiance Park, where hikers have access to some great trails, a boardwalk over the wetlands, and several lookout points.

The Lake itself features excellent trails around its edge, where you can see the unique plants that grow there. There are also boat ramps on either side of the Lake so people can explore this waterway by boat! Not only is Snake Lake home to many types of wildlife, but it was also once an old quarry which gives visitors even more reasons to come check out this area during any season of the year. The average depth in Lake levels off at about 100 feet near shore, with depths reaching up toward 120 feet deep just past mid-lake. The fishing isn’t destructive here either, seeing how they stocked over 3300 legal size rainbow trout back in the spring of this year.

What to see on Snake Lake?

The trail is a dirt road that follows the Lake. This provides many opportunities for great views of water and forest and a few small waterfalls. It is a very popular trail and relatively easy. Several main points of interest along the way require short side trips from the road, including one waterfall and large rocks to climb on for views above the Lake.

While many people might see the Lake as just a place to go fishing or relax with their families, there is also some history behind this little body of water. It’s located near where Tacoma was first settled, and it served an essential role for those settlers during the early days of Washington State.

There are quite a few things you can experience while spending time around these parts. One thing would be boating on the Lake itself, which provides excellent opportunities for kayaking or canoeing.

Whether your preference is calm waters or choppier conditions depends on when strictly you come out to visit. During the summer months, you’ll find that it is much more peaceful, but this can be an excellent time for fishing since there are so many different species here.

On the other hand, winter provides visitors with rougher conditions. It makes kayaking or canoeing much less enjoyable, which might not appeal to people who want excitement while spending their day around Snake Lake.

There are still plenty of things you can do, though, if boating isn’t your thing, as just relaxing at the water’s edge has made itself into an art form over the years! Many come out here to enjoy being surrounded by nature during all four seasons. Even those have lived along with these parts for generations after they first came out to visit and never left.

The Lake has a rich history as well, besides being famous for fishing and other water sports. It was once an old quarry that gave visitors even more reasons to check out this area during any season. You can also see remnants from its past, such as factory equipment covered in moss but still standing tall along the shoreline.

There are quite a few things you can do out here, and while some aspects of this Lake might not seem too exciting to some, there’s still plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Everything from boating to bird watching can be done right here on Snake Lake.

There are several different trails you can find along the Lake itself, giving visitors plenty of ways to exercise or explore. One path that you can see is a dirt road that follows the Lake along its entire circumference. This provides many opportunities for great views of water and forest and a few small waterfalls.

The area was also formed by glaciers during one of many ice ages in Earth’s history, creating deep canyons throughout much of Washington State now filled with rivers, including nearby Mount Rainier National Park our northwest. As these glaciers melted, they formed many lakes that are currently popular for fishing and hiking.

In the end, if you’re looking for a great place to relax, then Snake Lake is up there as one of those must-see places that everyone should experience at some point during their lives!


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