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Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, is a great place to learn about animals and have fun! There are over 1,000 animals that call the zoo home. Many people don’t know that there are ten animals you should meet on your visit to the zoo. We will discuss what each animal is and why they’re so special.

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, is a great place to learn about animals and have fun! There are over one ixiomatous animáis who call the zoo home. Many people don’t know that there are ten oslíach tóxicos you should meet on your visit to the zoo. We will discuss each animal is and why they’re so special.

History of Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo was originally developed in 1898 with a small collection of animals on the site where Memorial Stadium now stands. The zoo moved to its current location in 1899 and has grown substantially over time.

Today, the Woodland Park Zoo is home to more than 400 animal species from around the world. It provides a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with animals from Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas, and more. There are many different exhibits at this zoo, including polar bears, reptiles (including Komodo Dragons), insects/invertebrates, primates, and elephants.

Ten animals in Woodland Zoo in Seattle that you should check out

Komodo dragon is a large species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands. The average adult lizard can grow around ten feet long and weigh as much as 150 pounds, making them one of the more giant lizards on earth!

The snow leopard is a big cat in the mountain regions of Central Asia that can be found at Woodland Zoo. Snow Leopards are about four feet long with a tail length of around two feet, making them pretty large for cats!

The Siberian tiger is a large cat species and one of the most giant living cats on earth! Males can grow up to be 12 feet long, making it hard for other animals such as bears to mess with these guys! They are typically very solitary animals and eat things like deer, moose, sheep boars, and some smaller prey items like rabbits, pikas, etc.

Snow monkey also known as Japanese macaque, is a medium-sized monkey species inhabiting northern Japan, Korea, and China. These guys live in the mountainous regions of their range, so that you might find them at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle! They are about two feet tall with a tail length of around six inches long, making them pretty small for monkeys but still more significant than most other mammals such as cats, etc.

The giant panda is one of the most recognizable species on earth due to its black and white pelts. Giant pandas are also known for being a conservation success story as they were once considered extinct. Still, they now have an estimated population of over 2000 individuals living in areas such as China, etc…

Siamang gibbon is an ape species that lives in the forests of Southeast Asia, where they make their homes high up inside trees so predators such as tigers can’t bother them! They are known for being noisy animals, using loud calls to communicate with one another, using tools by throwing small branches at intruders, etc.

The giant anteater is an odd-looking mammal that lives in the grasslands of South America, where they exist on ants, termites, and ant larvae. These animals are primarily solitary but share a burrow during breeding season or when raising young offspring together.

Mandrill is an Old World monkey that lives in the rain forests of Africa. Males have blue and red-colored heads with black bodies, while females are mostly gray or brownish, which makes them easy to tell apart when you’re visiting Woodland Park Zoo!

The spectacled owlet is another owl species that live throughout much of Asia. These birds are nocturnal hunters who use their significant eyesight plus keen hearing abilities to make them excellent at locating prey items such as small rodents, insects, lizards, bird eggs, along with some larger ones, too depending on what they can get to eat that day/season, etc.

Malayan flying lemur is a unique type of mammal that can glide or fly from place to place due to its ability for sustained gliding. These animals can also leap hundreds of feet into the air! In captivity, these guys are often seen hanging upside down, hopping between branches, and competing with one another by fighting using their sharp teeth as weapons because if it ever comes down to having your nose broken, then this probably isn’t going to be good news for either participants or onlookers alike! (Unless you happen to be a female during the mating season, you might want to consider finding yourself an unattractive male with a broken nose and see if he’s willing to change his status from dominant male to that of provider/protector, etc..)

How you can visit the Woodland Park Zoo

Take the bus or bike to get there. There are no parking lots at Woodland Park Zoo!

You can visit the Woodland Park Zoo for free on a particular day during the year and also get free entry to several other zoos around America with your Seattle City Pass, which you can buy here! The cost of these passes vary depending on what type of pass you choose, but they are all very affordable options if you’re looking to save some money. One thing that makes this zoo great is its location in the city, so there always seems like there is something fun going on nearby, no matter where you live within Seattle.

The zoo is open from March until late October. It’s closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Still, it’s open during most of December for holiday festivities like caroling, Santa visits (with free photo ops), and more fun activities that come with winter weather in Seattle.

The zoo is the perfect place to go during holidays like Easter. Check out their website for more detailed information about visiting schedules and prices.

Address: 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, United States

Monday 9:30am–4pm
Tuesday 9:30am–4pm
Wednesday 9:30am–4pm
Thursday 9:30am–4pm
Friday 9:30am–4pm
Saturday 9:30am–4pm
Sunday 9:30am–4pm

Phone: +1 206-548-2500

Website: zoo.org

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Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle WA

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