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Volunteer Park in Seattle WA

Volunteer Park is a historic park in Seattle. The 124-acre public space is between Capitol Hill and Madison Valley, with the main entrance at 15th Avenue E & Prospect Street. It’s known for its unique location and exciting art displays, and historical monuments that make this hike one of the best things to do in Seattle! In addition to being an escape from city life, Volunteer Park can be used for several walks or runs throughout any season of the year! Not only does it offer a wide variety of plant species, but it has stunning views on Puget Sound too!

Volunteer Park in Seattle is a great place to spend the day. The park has many activities for visitors, such as walking trails and playgrounds. Visitors can also attend concerts at the outdoor amphitheater or visit one of several museums located within Volunteer Park.

Ever since it was created in 1907, Volunteer Park has been a place for people to get away from the busy city. The park is known for its beauty and historic architecture, but most people don’t know about this Seattle gem is that it also has an Instagram-famous view of downtown. Find out how you can hike to this iconic spot and see why many people love Volunteer Park!

History of Volunteer Park

The land that Volunteer Park sits on was originally the home of Duwamish Indians. In 1853, Seattle pioneers David Denny and Louisa Boren claimed their stake in this area when they bought 160 acres for $450 from Doc Maynard (yes, like the hoodie). The couple built a cabin at what is now E Prospect Street and McGraw Avenue; it’s long gone, but there’s still an “apple tree” commemorating where it once stood. The Volunteer Park is a beautiful history built since the early 1900s. It features exciting sculptures and an observatory, which was donated by Andrew Carnegie years ago.

Volunteer Park in Seattle has a lot to offer visitors, whether you’re looking for an escape from city life or want to spend time outdoors exploring nature! With so many activities, historical monuments, and views of Puget Sound, you’re sure to have a memorable experience when you visit this legendary park.

Facts about the Volunteer Park

There are many different elements to this Park, making it one of the most versatile parks in town. You can find everything from flowers here to a section for toddlers learning about water play! The Park is considered one of the giant gems for city parks. It was named after a member of the Denny Party, which founded modern-day Seattle.

It is not only one of the most beautiful places to visit in Seattle; it’s also full of history. The park was created on land donated by James N. Colman and named Samuel “Sam” Houston Vols, who served as Governor of Texas from 1859-1863 during the Civil War era. Volunteer Park opened its doors to visitors back in 1924 but has been home to a reservoir since 1890 when water began flowing through an irrigation system that turned into Lake Washington’s first waste treatment plant.

The best time to hike Volunteer Park? Anytime! With over 15 miles worth of trails, including some steep hills, there are certainly options for all skill levels within this gorgeous destination with lots of photo ops along the way.

Here’s a list of facts about the Volunteer Park:

The Park is named after the people who worked for its establishment. In 1916, a memorial was built in this area. It commemorates those soldiers from Seattle that died during World War I. A year later, the Volunteer Park Water Tower was added as part of Seattle’s water supply system. There used to be a greenhouse and Conservatory inside the Park, but they were closed down due to budget cuts by city officials in 1974. However, these buildings still stand today until our present time. The Conservatory houses a collection of cacti. The Amphitheater serves as a rental facility for theatrical productions and hosts other special events throughout the year, such as weddings and memorial services.

The Volunteer Park has undergone some renovations since the last time it was open to the public back in 1994. These changes include new landscaping, making certain areas more accessible for wheelchairs, trails that are also wheelchair friendly, and installing new lighting fixtures, which makes this Park more challenging at night.

This is one of Seattle’s most popular parks and an Instagram famous view of downtown Seattle. because, aside from its historical importance, it hosts various attractions such as an impressive rose garden with over 400 different species of roses, including a Millennium Rose Garden, which features plants donated by community groups and corporations; a theater, two historic buildings (the Conservatory and Water Tower), tennis courts where you can enjoy playing your favorite game during weekends or holiday breaks; and Rhododendron Pond with its variety of plants.

What are some activities visitors can do at Volunteer Park?

This great green space has been here for years and continues to bring joy into people’s hearts! If you are looking for ideas on what things you can do there, then check out this list below:

Enjoy taking your dog for a walk through all five acres of open space at Volunteer Park. There are also two off-leash areas available where dogs can enjoy running around without their leashes or even swimming if they want! It makes exploring with our furry friends easier knowing that we have options like these available nearby.

Find a quiet, shady spot to relax and read a book under the trees. This is also one of the best places in town where people can find some peaceful time if they are struggling with stress or anxiety from living life too fast! The park, just got an update as well when it comes to safety features that give our community members extra peace of mind now knowing that this place is up-to-date on all code regulations.

This fantastic place gives people an opportunity to see all sorts of different art pieces, not just sculptures but actual paintings. The most famous image at the volunteer park is knowns as “women weeping” by Charles Ayer Whipple, which shows four women together with tears in their eyes.

This Park is also a very romantic place for couples who want to enjoy the great outdoors together and embrace each other’s company while watching the wildlife go by!
The Park even features an observatory, donated by Andrew Carnegie years ago, which allows visitors of all ages to laugh and amazement at what they find when peering into telescopes or looking up at the stars themselves. There are so many amazing things about this one-stop-shop green space that it would take forever to list them all out for you here, but if you’re interested, then make sure to check out more information on volunteer park today!

What is unique about the Volunteer Park?

“Seattle’s Best Hiking Trails”

“Iconic Views of Downtown Seattle”

Fantastic walking trails and playgrounds.

Beautiful landscaping and art displays.

View of downtown Seattle

What to bring in Volunteer Park

The best hiking shoes you own.

A camera with a good lens allows for photos at night, during the day, and in low light. – An extra battery or two (because it will run out).

Some snacks like beef jerky and fruit bars to keep your energy up while walking around Seattle’s Volunteer Park after dark.

A tripod for your camera.

What not to bring in Volunteer Park

Pets. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on-leash or off-leash at any time, and this includes service animals.

Bike riding is only permitted during certain times and for a limited distance (no more than one mile).

Sharp objects like knives, swords, and spears.

More than two people in your party; groups over 20 are not allowed.

Alcoholic beverages or illegal substances of any kind.

Location and Accessibility

Volunteer Park is located between E. Prospect and E. Galer Sts., and Federal and 15th Aves. E., Seattle, Washington, U.S. It has been designated a city landmark by the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board. It can be found at 1247 15th Avenue East in downtown Seattle WA.

Admission to visit Volunteer Park is free for everyone all year round, but special events may have an admission fee attached. On certain days when activities are going on, visitors will need to pay a small amount before gaining entrance into different parts of Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA. Some areas require guests who want access to go through security first, which means they must show their identification or driving license and any other forms of ID if needed like backpack scans etc… Volunteers help maintain this beautiful space, so a donation box is available for those who would like to give back and show their appreciation by donating money.

Address: 1247 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, United States
Monday 6am–10pm
Tuesday 6am–10pm
Wednesday 6am–10pm
Thursday 6am–10pm
Friday 6am–10pm
Saturday 6am–10pm
Sunday 6am–10pm

Phone: +1 206-684-4075
Website: Volunteer Park

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