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Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA

Known as the “World’s Favorite Public Market,” Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA, is one of America’s most iconic public markets. The market offers visitors a chance to buy fresh produce, seafood, flowers, and more from local farmers and vendors while soaking in some of Seattle’s best views. With its cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, and bustling activity, this historic marketplace is simply irresistible!

Pike Place Market is a public market located in the heart of downtown Seattle. It has been around since 1907 and continues to be one of the city’s most popular attractions for both residents and visitors alike. With over 300 merchants, it offers an endless amount of novelty items, delicious foods, and beautiful flowers that will please everyone in the family.
The market itself is divided into different sections, each one with its unique design and specialty. Whether you’re looking for the freshest produce, meat or seafood, a top-of-the-line cut of beef, or a wide selection of local wines, you can find everything at Pike Place Market.
One of the most popular sections is the Public Fish Market. Here you’ll find the freshest fish, crabs, and other seafood that are caught right off of Washington’s coast daily.

History of Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market was first opened back in 1907 when an entrepreneurial family decided they wanted their own business but couldn’t afford high rent prices elsewhere downtown, so instead built a shop right where they lived – on Pike Place, the main strip of Seattle. Things were going well for them until they lost their building in a fire, but instead of getting discouraged altogether, they set up shop on the ground and sold their goods from there.
Nowadays, Pike Place Market in Seattle has become so popular that tourists and locals alike come from all over the world to check it out. Some say it’s because of its beautiful flowers, fresh produce, or fantastic selection of seafood, meats/vegetarian sandwiches, hearty soups & salads for only $15-$20 per meal, but no matter what your reason for visiting is, Pike Place Market in Seattle has something to offer everyone!

Pike Place Market Attractions & Activities

Visitors will find several attractions and activities that make their way into the main strip, as well as some hidden gems spread throughout the market. One attraction you won’t want to miss is The Original Fish Throwers, where fishmongers can be found working their magic and throwing fish around every day. While this may sound like a spectacle to check out, it’s an act that has become a tradition here in Seattle since the early days of Pike Place Market!

Pike Place Market is a home to Savor Seattle Food Tours, where visitors will have the chance to enjoy three to four food tastings from some of the best and most popular restaurants in Seattle. This tour is excellent for those who want to try a little bit of everything!
In addition, Pike Place Market also has The Gum Wall located right next door, where visitors can go ahead and stick their used gum on this wall (believe it or not!). Some say that if you make your way down here at night time when there are fewer people around, you’ll have a chance to see ghosts hanging out up close as well. Whether these ghost stories hold any truth remains unknown. Still, either way, be sure you stop by before visiting other attractions throughout towns like Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum, Space Needle, or Woodland Park Zoo because once you’re done, your next stop will be The Seattle Great Wheel, located right on the pier.

List of things to buy in Pike Place Market:

-Fresh flowers
-Fruits and vegetables
-Fishmonger’s singing loudly for everyone passing by or watching the famous flying fish at Pike Place Fish Market
-Pioneer Square, Seattle’s past with old-fashioned newspaper stands and empty storefronts.
-Sit down restaurants
-Freshly brewed coffee and caffeinated drinks
-Seattle souvenirs, locally made goods from all around Washington state that is sure to bring joy back with every purchase
-Seattle’s Best Iced Coffee
-Bakery items like pies, bread & pastries

Why Tourists Love Pike Place Market

It could be because of the beautiful flowers and fresh produce that make it difficult to pass up on getting a few bouquets or containers filled with various vegetables from one of several stands at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Then again, maybe it’s the fantastic selection of seafood, meat/vegetarian sandwiches, hearty soups & salads for only $15-$20 per meal. No matter what your reason may be for visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Tourists can also find their favorite souvenirs, take in the fresh air, and wander through a maze of shops. It is an unforgettable experience. You can find locally made goods from all around Washington state that will bring joy back with every purchase. The market also has many dining options, including coffee shops, cafes, quick bites like pizza slices & sandwiches, and sit-down restaurants where foods will want to linger over dinner.

They enjoy traditional fishmonger’s singing loudly for everyone passing by or watch the famous flying fish at Pike Place Fish Market, which never gets old. There are also plenty of things to do and see in the surrounding areas like Pioneer Square, where you can get a glimpse into Seattle’s past with old-fashioned newspaper stands and empty storefronts.
Tourists also love how easy it is to get to Pike Place Market. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, this public market can be reached by car via I-90 (which turns into Seneca Street) or I-94 (which becomes James and Yesler). Several bus routes on all sides also surround it. Once you’re there, finding parking could take some time–so plan accordingly!

This historical market is open every day of the year. Most vendors are only there during business hours, but many shops and restaurants remain open throughout the evening. Though it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate at first, Pike Place Market’s nine acres boast more than 400 vendor stalls on any given day. The number of options may seem endless for visitors who aren’t sure where to start! However, one thing that makes this place unique from other public markets in America is its top-notch customer service. From restaurant wait staff and shopkeepers to flower sellers and fishmongers, you’ll find everyone here has been well trained–and they’re happy to help you get precisely what your heart desires! Don’t miss out on this beautiful Seattle attraction- there is something here for everybody!

Address: Pike Place Market PDA, 85 Pike Street, Room 500 Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: +1 206-682-7453

Website: pikeplacemarket.org

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