How to Clean When You Have Pets?

How to Clean When You Have Pets

Housekeeping is challenging on its own. Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, and daily chores are time-consuming. However, keeping your home neat and tidy is even more demanding if you are a pet owner. Those adorable and loving muzzles can give you a hard time keeping your house clean.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you have no choice other than to live in a smelly, messy home. Several things can help you with cleaning when you have pets, including preventing the dirt from accumulating and regular maintenance. Or, if that’s too time-consuming, you can always hire a professional Puyallup, WA house and apartment cleaning services to give you a hand. 

How do you keep your house clean with large dogs and cats?

Owning a large pet usually means a bigger mess around the house. If nothing, there’s more fur to shed and bigger stains on the floor or carpet, courtesy of those humongous paws. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy a clean and tidy home, even if you are a big big canine or feline fan.

Prevent the mess from forming in the first place

Keeping your pets clean means you’re keeping the mess in your home to a minimum. Therefore, regular bathing is a must or, if that is not an option, at least wash their paws every time you return from a daily walk in Clarks Creek Dog Park.

Next, brushing. Again, it is an absolute must, especially if your puppy or kitten has fluffy, thick coats, such as St. Bernards or Maine Coon. Regular brushing will remove all the fur that would otherwise land on the floors. And everywhere else, for that matter.

Lastly, it’s imperative to contain food and water-related messes. Keep their sustenance bowls on a tray, mat, throw rug, or some other surface that you can easily grab and fling into a washing machine.

How do you keep your house clean with dogs and cats?

Easy solutions for odors and fur

Pets love couch surfing. And armchair surfing. And sofa surfing. And… Well, you get the point. No matter how well-trained they are, you can be sure they are keeping your favorite spot warm while you’re at work.

Unfortunately, that also means your furniture will start smelling funny and be covered in fur. The solution here is a bit of white vinegar mixed with baking soda, and a common rubber glove.

Vinegar/soda mix does wonders for smells. Simply sprinkle it on the surface and leave it. Easy as that. Rubber gloves, on the other hand (pun totally intended), are excellent for getting pet hair out of upholstery. Simply wet it a bit (don’t soak it) and gently brush the fur away. Again, easy.

Of course, you can always place some coverings on their (or, rather, your) favorite spots and simply replace them every week or so. That works, too.

Pet-friendly housekeeping

When the time for scrubbing comes, it’s essential to have the right tools and supplies that won’t harm your furballs. Some substances, like bleach and ammonia, are hazardous for animals. They are often an ingredient in common cleaning products, even those labeled “natural”. Therefore, always check the labels to ensure you’re getting pet-friendly supplies.

Also, it’s best to try and isolate the room or leave your pet at daycare while cleaning. Even pet-friendly products can be dangerous if eaten, so it’s best to let everything dry before you let your animal companion roam free.

Consider deep-cleaning more often

Pet fur and dirt can get everywhere. And we do mean everywhere. Fridge, closets, cupboards, nothing is safe. The solution to this problem is regular deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is much more thorough than the regular one, and professionals can get into every nook and cranny, no matter how hard they are to reach.

In general, experts recommend deep cleaning your home at least once a month. However, when big pets are involved, you should definitely consider doing it more often. Twice a month will do the trick, but if you have a shaggy rug for a pet, you may even consider a weekly arrangement.

Which Puyallup, WA house and apartment cleaning services can do wonders for households with a big pet?

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