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Seattle Children’s Museum

The Seattle Children’s Museum is a favorite among many of the Seattle kids. The museum has interactive exhibits and events that inspire creativity and imagination in both adults and children alike. Whether you want to experience the arts, nature, or science with your child, this is a great place to come!

Seattle Children’s Museum in Seattle is a favorite of Seattle kids. The museum is fun for toddlers to pre-teens, with many exhibits explicitly designed for their age group. While there are several locations in Washington State, it’s located downtown, which makes it convenient if your child loves outdoor activities too!

It has many exhibits explicitly designed for toddlers to pre-teens, and most days, they have hands-on workshops or themed events at different times during the day, which you can find out about when you check-in when entering the museum. While there are several locations throughout Washington State where the museum is located, this one is conveniently close to Union Station, so you can easily take the train to Seattle as well! A vast public playground is located right outside the museum, making it perfect for those with young children.

History of Seattle Children’s Museum in Seattle

In 1982, the Seattle Children’s Museum opened in a small storefront space on Pier 59. Today it is located at 305 Harrison Street and strives to provide an enjoyable hands-on experience for children of all backgrounds

The original museum was started by young mothers who wanted their kids to have more options than shopping or seeing a movie. They raised $25,000 before opening day through bake sales, rummage sales, auctions at local galleries, and other fundraising events. They wanted kids to get creative with art projects and science experiments, but they needed somewhere safe where these activities could occur. So they got together, talked about what kind of place would make this possible, imagined what such a place might look like if it existed already – then set out doing everything necessary so that one day it would live!

What Are Some Other Kid Favorites?

Local kid favorites include Woodland Park Zoo, which has over 16 acres with over 300 species worldwide, including a Tropical Forest Pavilion that houses more than 800 animals. Kids love going there year-round because it is free! There are also places like the Seattle Aquarium, a 42,000 square foot facility that supports the marine life and habitats of Puget Sound.

What Do Kids Look Forward to at the Museum?

Kids on school field trips often look forward to seeing exhibits such as the Forest Life Area, where they can crawl through an underground cave. The museum has multiple learning stations throughout its many galleries. There are also outdoor areas for kids and families to explore, including the rooftop garden. Kids can also enjoy the family activity center that includes a KidStage area to put on an educational performance or puppet show.

What Are Some Other Features of Seattle Children’s Museum?

A popular feature at Seattle Children’s Museum is its rain garden. The museum has partnered with local artists to create sensory experiences for kids. There are several art studios around, including one in which children can build their works of art. Kids and families love the museum because it provides many learning opportunities while having fun!

Things to See and Do in Seattle Children’s Museum

The Amazing Art Machine: This fun and creative art exhibit will inspire kids to create their masterpieces.

The Forest Life Area: Kids can crawl through the underground cave in this exhibit.

KidStage Presents Theatre Arts for Families: This popular feature is located on the second floor of the Seattle Children’s Museum. Children will perform educational theater pieces or puppet shows based on museum themes.

The Tree House Room: Kids can learn about animals in the forest through hands-on discovery at this room with a winding trail of climbing nets, ladders, slides, and more!

Rain Garden: This garden features a three-section viewing window so visitors can see the plants from underneath.

Sensory Art Studios: Visitors will have hands-on opportunities to create their masterpieces at these art studios located throughout Seattle Children’s Museum.

Experience Music Project (EMP) 

There’s a room built 30 feet up into a towering old-growth tree with climbing nets, ladders, and slides that are fun for all ages!

Salmon are jumping, the train is rumbling, and there’s a kite flying in Seattle Children’s Museum. This place has fun for all ages!

A touch table with an interactive educational map of Puget Sound where kids can press buttons to play 20 different games about animals that live in or around our beautiful bay.

The Amazing Art Machine: This creative art exhibit will inspire kids to create their masterpieces.

The Seattle Children’s museum also has an interactive map about Puget sound where kids can play games on the touch table.

Where is it located?

Seattle Children Museum is located at 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109, United States.
The Museum sits on the edge of downtown Seattle with lots of free parking nearby. its current location is at 305 Harrison Street in the Belltown/Denny Triangle area of Seattle (). It’s about two blocks from the convention center, making it easy to visit during conventions such as PAX West). Staying on a weekday morning in late September, it wasn’t crowded at all but seeing the photos of the hallways overflowing with families during busier times.

The entry fee varies depending upon age levels; it ranges from $10 – $12.

It is one of the must-see attractions for families with children near downtown Seattle. Kids love it and adults do too! If your kids like to play, want to learn through creative play, and enjoy art (especially big kid art), this Museum will be a great option on days when rain or cold weather keeps you inside.

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