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Things To Do in Seattle – KidsQuest Children’s Museum

KidsQuest Children’s Museum in Seattle, WA

KidsQuest is a museum for kids! It’s the best one in America, and it has been voted as such by parents from all over the country. There are so many wonderful exhibits that will fascinate and educate your children. Whether they’re into art or science, there’s something here for them to enjoy. The hands-on activities give kids a chance to explore their interests without going outside of their comfort zone. If you want your child to have fun while learning new skills, make sure you schedule a visit before school starts back up again!

KidsQuest Children’s Museum is one of Seattle’s most popular attractions. With so many things to see and do, you are guaranteed hours upon hours of fun for both your kids, yourself, and everyone else with you on this adventure. KidsQuest has something for every age group, including toddlers that only want to play peek-a-boo or ride their tricycles around. At the same time, big sisters are interested in looking at all the exhibits they can get through before mommy says it’s time to go home. Don’t forget about dad, though, because there is always some construction project he wants to build with his kiddos using power tools which aren’t allowed but look pretty cool when it’s finished.

KidsQuest Children’s Museum is a fantastic place for kids to come and learn while they play with hands-on exhibits that the whole family can enjoy.

History of KidsQuest Children’s Museum

KidsQuest Children’s Museum opened in 2008 and has been ranked as the best museum for kids since 2012. Kids Quest located on Seattle, Washington’s waterfront at Pier 57, next to Pike Place Market. The building was initially built by Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill Company, which used it from 1954 through 1993 when they filed bankruptcy and closed their doors forever. This illustrated history of a lumber mill combined with children’s activities makes this one of our favorite museums! If you are interested in seeing how things were made back then- check out all the exhibits like spinning wheels (which we loved!), an old car engine and gears, life-sized saw blades that spun around really fast (don’t worry, there isn’t any real danger), and much more!

Facts about KidsQuest Children’s Museum:

  • KidsQuest is the most visited children’s museum in Washington State. It has over 100,000 visitors every year. And over 750 families visit daily. It takes only 11,000 square feet.
  • KidsQuest was the first children’s museum in America to be accredited by AAM.
  • KidsQuest has been recognized as one of the best children’s museums in America by Parents Magazine, Child magazine, and Family Fun
  • Kids Quest was voted “best hands-on activity” – Puget Sound Business Journal
  • KidsQuest won a national award for excellence from

Events and Activities

School field trips if your child is enrolled in Seattle Public Schools, there are free tickets for every student! Just click the link located on the home page of our website.

KidsQuest Children’s Museum also has a program called “Free Family Nights,” where everyone can come and play from five until eight on the first Thursday of each month.

Educational programs take place on weekday mornings, Tuesdays through Fridays from September – May each school year. Check with your local branch of King County Library System for more information about upcoming educational programs happening in YOUR community!

Join in a Summer Celebration Party where you can have fun with lots of new friends while celebrating how big YOU are turning this year! They’ll have games, snacks, and crafts all morning long, so don’t miss out!

It also has a lovely outside area called The Cove. This is where you can see salmon swim by, watch boats come into the Harbor, or sit back on one of the benches next to Puget Sound and enjoy this serene setting.

Here’s a list of some activities kids can try:

Interactive exhibits.

Kid’s concerts every other Saturday at 11:00 am.

Art workshops.

Art camps during school breaks.

Kid’s camps in the summertime.

Birthday parties are available.

The art and science exhibits and programming.

Things to avoid in KidsQuest Children’s Museum

Do not go in expecting a trip down memory lane of your childhood years at the local library or science lab. You will not find any books here! KidsQuest Children’s Museum only has activities that stimulate children on a higher level.

Do not expect this museum to be a quiet, boring place. KidsQuest is packed with fun and interactive exhibits of all kinds!

Do not expect a babysitter to be standing by your side just in case something goes wrong with the kids… Parents are required to stay within arms reach of their children at all times as there is no staff or security on site.

Do not forget about those toddlers and babies! KidsQuest Children’s Museum has an infant room for those less than two years old. Parents can relax knowing their infant is safe and close by!

Do not expect to find the perfect gift in this museum… KidsQuest Children’s Museum does not sell any toys or merchandise found inside the exhibits; however, they do offer birthday party
packages with arts & crafts sessions.

Location and Admission

KidsQuest Children’s Museum is located at 1116 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States.

Paid parking is available in the surrounding area, but prices can vary greatly, so be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings for meters or lots with meter kiosks that accept credit cards. If you plan to spend hours at KidsQuest Children’s Museum, it might be best if not parked too far away.

Hours of Operation

Opens on Wednesday – Sunday from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM. While it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The hours of operation for KidsQuest Children’s Museum are limited, so make sure to check their website before you head out on your family adventure!

Admission is $12 for adults and children over the age of one-year-old, which does not include tax but includes all-day access to the museum’s hands-on exhibits and activities. KidsQuest Children’s Museum also offers a reduced rate of $11 for seniors 65 years of age or older, military personnel in uniform with ID cards plus one guest, college students with valid student identification cards from accredited colleges, high school students that have current year passes provided by their schools to the museum for educational field trips, and children under the age of one year old.

KidsQuest Children’s Museum also offers monthly memberships that can be purchased to gain unlimited access, so you don’t have to worry about paying every time you stop by with your family or friends! Memberships are $60 per household annually, which breaks down to only $20 per month for unlimited access.

Phone: +1 425-637-8100


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