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The Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood


The Lower Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle is one of the most popular urban developments in the city. It’s also one of the quietest, with a population density that makes it very easy to keep to yourself and your neighbors. With its proximity to Downtown, Fremont, Ballard, and South Lake Union, this area has quick access to everything you need in entertainment and employment opportunities.


This area is also quite popular for those who work from home. There are several businesses in the commercial district and cafes and restaurants, making it easy to get out of your house or apartment on days you don’t feel like going into the office. One downside about this neighborhood is that many people find living here expensive, especially if you want to live near the water.


About the Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood


The Lower Queen Anne neighborhood is located just north of the busy city center and west of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle. It got its name from a local theater named after Queen Anne, who ruled England in the early 18th century. Its quiet and quaint urban development characterizes the Lower Queen Anne Seattle neighborhood with high-density apartment buildings and single-family homes on tree-lined streets.


Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood is a small and quiet neighborhood located in the heart of downtown, just north of Seattle’s business district. It features an eclectic range of industrial businesses alongside upscale restaurants and shops that attract both locals and visitors to this urban center. Because it was built on top of one-time railway land, Lower Queen Anne offers incredible views from various points within the community and multiple access points for biking or walking downtown. Lower Queen Anne’s hills also make for beautiful views across Lake Union towards Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle.


Lower Queen Anne is ideal for anyone wanting to be within walking distance of downtown while enjoying a quiet and less busy atmosphere. Many people find it preferable to live in a smaller community with quick access into the city instead of being stuck amid crowds, noise, and traffic. Additionally, because Lower Queen Anne sits just north of Lake Union on flat land, biking from this neighborhood down towards South Lake Union or downtown offers gorgeous views across the lake as well as lower elevation hill climbs if you’re looking for more challenging routes!


Lower Queen Anne is an eclectic mix of Seattleites, from families with young children living near the upper part of lower queen Anne towards Olympic Sculpture Park and Aloha St (with easy access to Montlake Blvd), millennials enjoying modern art galleries along First Ave N, UW students attending classes at University District campus just across Lake Union or working downtown, professionals commuting into work via I-90 or Mercer Street corridor. As such, this small neighborhood has something for everyone, whether it’s upscale shopping and dining within walking distance from your apartment during nice weather or a relaxed and quiet atmosphere during rainy days!


Facts about the Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood


Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood is a small urban development adjacent to the more prominent Queen Anne neighborhood. The area was initially settled in 1873, but it didn’t become part of the city until 1907, when its population increased as commuters moved into the city from nearby rural areas. Although Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood has experienced many changes over time, some things have remained constant: the community’s close relationship with each other and their natural surroundings along with Lake Union and Greenlake Park. Washington State Ferries even docked at one point near Upper Fremont Avenue North for those who wanted easy access to downtown jobs on Capitol Hill or across Elliott Bay at Pier 51 (currently home to Colman Dock).


Lower Queen Anne still offers an abundance of green space for its residents. The Washington Park Arboretum is a large and vital botanical garden that sits on the north side of Lower Queen Anne, along Lake Washington Boulevard East. The nursery has over 4000 species represented in its collection of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, ferns, vines, and epiphytes. They also have an International Garden at the southern end, which features ornamental plantings from around the world and displays by local amateur horticulturists who are allowed to rent plots within this section of the facility.


Many of the old warehouses in Lower Queen Anne have been converted into luxury apartment buildings. This makes for great views and access to downtown, but it also means that rent prices are typically higher than other Seattle neighborhoods. Typically any unit north of Mercer St will be more expensive due to its proximity to both key highways and the city’s heart! If you’re looking for somewhere affordable, consider one south of Roy Street or east/west streets such as Aurora Ave N or Harrison St, where rents are usually much lower. Additionally, these areas tend to attract college students who want quick access within walking distance from the UW campus, across Lake Union at Montlake Blvd NE. Finally, if you’re looking for a luxury rental, be prepared to spend more than $1500/mo on rent!


Lower Queen Anne enjoys a moderate climate with warm summers and mild winters. Seattle’s proximity to water influences lower temperatures throughout the year, but it also means beautiful views across Lake Union towards Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle – especially during sunset! If you love hiking or biking, be prepared for lots of rain from October through mid-March as well as pleasant sunny days between April and September, where temperatures range from 50°F/11°C in winter months to 72°F/22°C during summer. In general, weather can change quickly, so bring an umbrella if there is even a slight chance of showers passing by!

Each of these Seattle WA neighborhoods is unique and has its character! As such, it’s essential to consider the characteristics that you value when looking for a home in lower Queen Anne. If proximity to shopping, dining, entertainment venues along well-lit streets matters most, then Upper Queen Anne may be right for you! However, living close to nature in quiet areas surrounded by trees sounds ideal for picking one near Lake Union, where residents can enjoy views from their balcony/deck during all seasons of the year. Finally, if being directly connected with city life matters most – be prepared for higher rent prices but excellent access into downtown via I-90 and Mercer Street corridor.


Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood Pros and Cons



There is easy access to popular entertainment areas like Downtown, South Lake Union, Fremont, and Ballard – Great for working from home as many businesses in the neighborhood plus cafes and restaurants. Proximity to other urban developments means it’s an easy commute around town on public transit or by car.



It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Seattle due to its proximity to water views, mountainside condos, and single-family homes with large lots. – Lower population density makes this an area where neighbors can be hard going about their business without a friendly wave hello. The steep hills may be a deterrent for some looking to live here.


How Safe Is It Here?


People who live in lower queen Anne enjoy a relatively safe and quiet neighborhood. Residential neighborhoods in lower queen Anne are filled with young families and professionals commuting to work daily, so common crimes such as theft or vandalism tend to be rare here! If you plan to walk around at night, please stay near busy streets with more foot traffic. Finally, always lock your doors when away from home, especially if you live alone – this tends to reduce the chance of break-ins.


What are the Activities in Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood?


Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood is an excellent place to spend the day. There are countless activities available for visitors and residents alike. For those who love sports, there are golf courses nearby and tennis courts at local parks. Photo opportunities abound in Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood with its lush greenery that can be captured on film or digital media devices of any kind! It’s no wonder that tourists flock here year after year; it truly is one of Washington State’s hidden gems!


Seattle Art Museum

If you enjoy arts and culture, Lower Queen Anne is the perfect neighborhood for you! Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, Washington State Convention Center are all within walking distance of this community. If sports are more your thing, then head over to CenturyLink Field downtown, where both the Seahawks NFL Football team and Sounders MLS soccer teams play their games during football season. Finally, if it’s a food you crave, be prepared to visit hundreds of restaurants ranging from casual diners along Elliott Ave W or upscale French cuisine at Palisades. There is something for everyone here in lower queen. Anne Seattle WA neighborhoods!

Olympic Sculpture Park


Lower Queen Anne is a Seattle neighborhood with plenty of art, culture, and fun for visitors and locals. Many people looking to experience modern artwork can visit the Olympic Sculpture Park or the Center on Contemporary Art, easily walkable from Lower Queen Anne’s downtown location. The center also offers cultural events such as lectures and workshops throughout the year that provide great opportunities to engage in local history and culture. Finally, this community sits just north of bustling downtown Seattle. It provides access to world-class restaurants for every palate – whether you want casual burgers at Casey’s or high-end French cuisine at Palisades. This small yet cozy neighborhood has something for everyone.


Gas Works Park

The first place to visit in Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood would have to be Kerry Park. This park offers a spectacular view of downtown Seattle on one side and Lake Union (the location where many houseboats are docked) on another – all from its perch high atop a hill! If you are looking to enjoy the outdoors with your family – then you will want to plan a visit (during any time of the year) at Seattle’s most visited park: Gas Works Park. This expansive space is home to walking paths, picnic areas, and even kite flying fields! Finally, if shopping or dining out near Lower Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood interests you, then you will want to plan a visit at the Fremont Troll. This giant creature is perched above a busy intersection and offers plenty of photo opportunities!


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