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Portland Neighborhood – Centennial

Centennial Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

Centennial is a beautiful, historic neighborhood located in the city of Portland. Centennial has been home to one of Oregon’s oldest cemeteries and the school once attended by Lewis and Clark Expedition leader William Clark. The neighborhood has many beautiful gardens, parks, and libraries for residents. Centennial is also home to various businesses, including restaurants, bars, and shops. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to live in Portland, Centennial is worth considering!


History of Centennial Neighborhood

In northeast Portland, Oregon, the Centennial neighborhood was established in 1905. The neighborhood was named to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The area’s first inhabitants were Native Americans who used the land for hunting and gathering. In 1851, settlers began arriving in the area and establishing farms and ranches.


In 1905, the Centennial Neighborhood was established as a streetcar suburb. The original boundaries were NE Alberta Street on the north, NE Killingsworth Street on the south, I-84 on the east, and NE Thompson Street on the west. The first homes in the neighborhood were built between 1905 and 1907. Most of these homes were Craftsman-style bungalows that featured built-ins, stained glass windows, and fireplaces.

The neighborhood population grew slowly but increased significantly after WWII when veterans obtained G.I. Bill mortgages to purchase single-family homes in newly developed neighborhoods like Centennial. The original streetcar line was extended into the new subdivision on 52nd Avenue, which catered specifically to families with young children by offering larger lots and sidewalks throughout the community. Older American Elm trees lined both sides of streets that ended in cul de sacs around large city parks or schools.

After 1950 many more housing developments occurred throughout Portland’s suburbs as demand for affordable starter homes accelerated due to increasing affluence and available credit brought about through post-war prosperity, and homeownership became increasingly common.

Today, the Centennial Neighborhood is a mix of residential and commercial properties. The neighborhood has approximately 40,000 people and is home to several schools, businesses, and parks. The most notable landmark in the neighborhood is the Rocky Butte Natural Area which offers panoramic views of Portland and Mt. Hood.


About Centennial Neighborhood

Amenities: Homes in the area are predominantly single-family homes, with some apartments mixed in. Prices for homes here vary widely – from fixer-uppers under $100,000 to luxurious new construction over $600,000. There’s something for everyone in Centennial!

Crime Rate: The crime rate in Centennial is low, making it a safe place to live.

Schools: The Centennial neighborhood is served by four schools: King Elementary School, George Middle School, Beaumont High School, and Metzger Alternative Learning Center.

Housing: The Centennial neighborhood is home to a wide variety of housing, from apartments to luxurious new construction. Prices for homes here vary widely, so there’s something for everyone. You can find a fixer-upper under $100,000 or invest in some luxury new construction that will set you back over $600,000. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find a great place to live in the Centennial!

Community spirit: The Centennial neighborhood is known for its strong community spirit. There’s a park, playground, and basketball court in the neighborhood, as well as a large variety of businesses along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The neighbors are friendly and always get together for picnics and events. If you’re looking to buy a home in a tight-knit community, the Centennial neighborhood is perfect!

Playground for Kids: Kids play in the park, people walk their dogs and chat on the sidewalks; it’s a typical day in Centennial Neighborhood. The area is also home to an excellent playground for kids, making it the perfect place for families.


Amenities in Centennial Neighborhood

Schools: The neighborhood is also home to a good school, which is why it’s becoming more and more popular. If you’re looking for a neighborhood that has it all, Centennial is worth considering.

Coffee Shops:  There are several great coffee shops in the neighborhood, making it the perfect place to relax and get some work done.

Private Schools: This is an excellent neighborhood for families, as several private schools are nearby.

Public transit: Portland is famous for its extensive public transit system, with over 100 bus lines and five light rail lines.


Facts About Centennial Neighborhood

Centennial is home to various businesses and cultural attractions, including the Hollywood Theatre and the Alberta Rose Theatre. The neighborhood also has several parks, including Fernhill Park and Peninsula Park.

Residents of Centennial enjoy easy access to transportation, with MAX light rail stations nearby and plenty of bus lines serving the area. The neighborhood is also within walking distance of many popular destinations, including downtown Portland and Lloyd Center Mall.

The Centennial Neighborhood, located in Northeast Portland, Oregon, is diverse and welcoming. It was established in 1905 as one of the first neighborhoods in Portland. The neighborhood has several parks and access to transportation within walking distance.


Activities and Events in Centennial Neighborhood

Portland is known for its friendly nature and great outdoor activities, but did you know that there are many rich cultural events in the city? Centennial Neighborhood in Portland has a long list of exciting things to do. There are festivals throughout the year at different parks in this neighborhood. There is also an art walk every month, showcasing local talent amongst other businesses on Alberta street. This blog post will give you more information about what’s happening around this area!

Every April, there is a massive celebration for springtime called “The Cherry Blossom Festival.” People from all over come to enjoy Japanese food and entertainment, such as Taiko drummers and koto (traditional stringed instruments). Centennial hosts one of Portland’s most significant events in May: the “Portland Rose Festival.” During the festival, visitors can participate in watching parades, boat rides, and visiting many carnival rides. There is also a great event called “Night Market” during the summer, where people can eat various types of food and enjoy dancing to live music at Alberta street plaza.

Every year another remarkable thing in Centennial is the “Alberta Street Art Walk,” which takes place on the third Thursday of each month (between July and September). This walk features local art galleries and other businesses like cafes or salons. One particular part about this festival is that visitors are encouraged to explore new areas by taking different routes through Alberta street, seeing all kinds of interesting things along their way! Some business owners even offer discounts for those who take specific routes during this period.

The fall festival in Centennial is called “Fall Fest,” It also occurs on the third Saturday of every September. It features live music, food trucks, shops with sales, and much more. During this period, many other events, such as pumpkin carving contests or art classes, were held at different venues around the neighborhood for those interested.

Another fantastic event during fall is a haunted walk through the Deardorf greenway! There will be three nights where visitors can learn about ghost stories from various people who grew up in the centennial/Portland area while walking along dark trails and among creepy graveyards! This is an exciting way to spend Halloween night if you dare.

Events & Classes

Besides the many festivals in Centennial, there are also various places where visitors can participate in fun activities or learn things like painting. Some examples of these include:

  • The “Portland Japanese Garden” has classes on Ikebana (the art of flower arrangement) and tea ceremonies.
  • “The Paint Mixer” offers a variety of painting classes for all levels, from beginner to experienced painters.
  • The “Oregon Food Bank” is where people can help donate or volunteer in different ways that suit their schedule.


Things to Do Near Centennial Neighborhood

Springwater Corridor Trail: This trail is excellent for biking or walking. It goes through the center of Portland and ends in Boring, Oregon.


Mill Ends Park Portland

Mill Ends Park: This park has been called the smallest city park in the world because it’s so tiny! The Guinness Book of World Records stopped recognizing this title after Mill Ends became too small to measure accurately.


Powell Butte Nature Park Portland

Powell Butte Nature Park: This park is an excellent place for hiking or bird watching. It’s also home to the Portland Observatory, built-in in 1876, and is the oldest structure in Portland.


Parklane Park Portland

Parklane Park: This park is an excellent place for kids. It has a playground, a wading pool, and a basketball court.


Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Oregon Rail Heritage Center: This center is home to three historic trains from the 1800s and 1900s. Visitors can walk through the trains or take a ride on them!


Verdell Burdine Rutherford Park Portland

Verdell Burdine Rutherford Park: This park is an excellent place for kids. It has a playground, wading pool and sprinkler area, tennis courts, picnic areas with grills, and sports fields (like soccer or baseball).


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