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Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle

Magnuson Park is one of Seattle’s most beloved parks, and it has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hiker, jogger, or just looking to enjoy some peace; this park will suit your needs perfectly. With over 2200 acres of space to explore, there are plenty of adventures waiting for you in Magnuson Park!

Magnuson Park is located at Sand Point just north of the University District. It’s part of the Seattle Parks and Recreation system. Still, it’s also known as an airport for small planes, home to a police shooting range, and a trendy spot with boating enthusiasts because there are so many marinas on the Lake Washington side. Despite all these activities, Magnuson Park has plenty of space for walking and picnicking families. There is a grassy area next to the water where you can enjoy yourself by flying kites or playing frisbee; children will love playgrounds here too! Another great thing about this park is that anyone can rent pavilions to organize some special occasion like a picnic with friends or party in a wedding dress.

History of Warren G. Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park was originally the U.S. Naval Air Station, Sand Point in Seattle, and has a long history of World War I! After WWII began in 1941, the Navy built hangars on base for seaplanes (hence its name) and used it as an aircraft carrier training site; when the war ended, they decided to keep the floor open, though they eventually changed its name to Naval Air Station. The naval aviation portion of NAS closed after 30 years because newer planes no longer needed such large runways as older models did. In 1970 President Nixon signed into law legislation converting part of airport land into Magnuson Park in memory of Senator Magnuson, who had been instrumental in acquiring additional land for the park. The southern half was a museum and nature center that would hold an extensive collection from Northwest Native American tribes. At the same time, the northern part became home to Seattle’s Museum of Flight (the most significant private air and space museum on Earth) until they moved their operations out to Paine Field around 2005-2007. Afterward, other museums began using the space, including the Seattle Historical Society Museum, which moved in in 2011.

The park is built on a landfill covering what used to be mudflats in Lake Washington. As a result, the park is very flat and changes with seasons due to its high water table. The most recent survey of the park’s flora and fauna was done in 2011 by Green Seattle Partnership, which found that 66% of its species were invasive.

11 reasons why you should visit the Warren G. Magnuson Park:

1. The park is open all day long

The Magnuson Park in Seattle has its gates opened every week from early morning to late night. No matter what time you visit it, there will always be people playing sports or walking their dogs around the area, and that’s a great thing because we can enjoy nature even after dark hours. It’s also one of those perfect spots for runners who want to practice running while enjoying the fresh air at the same time!

Magnuson Park is located on Sand Point Way Northeast which means that no matter where you are staying in Seattle, visiting this place won’t take much effort since most public transportation services such as buses and light rail service stop here.

2. There are free shuttles available for moving around the park

If you are visiting Magnuson Park for the first time, it might be challenging to navigate your way due to its sheer size. That’s why free shuttles are available, which transport visitors all over this vast place so no one will get lost!

The shuttle schedule varies depending on what activity or event is being hosted in the park, but if ever you want to catch up with their plan before leaving home, visit the Seattle Parks and Recreation website at seattle.gov/parks. Here, you can find information about how often each shuttle runs and some other important events happening within Magnuson Park.
3. There are a lot of food trucks to choose from

Magnuson Park is known as the perfect spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and fresh air. It’s not surprising that several people visit this place during weekends, so on top of enjoying Magnuson Park, you can also have a quick bite by going around its surrounding area, which has some pretty great food trucks!

Seattle doesn’t have just one but more than thirty places where these kinds of mobile restaurants reside. If you ever want to find out what new food truck lives in Seattle or even check their menu beforehand, all you need to do is search it up on Twitter under #seattletrucks.
4. There is a public golf course

Magnuson Park has its own 18-hole public golf course, which means that even if you don’t have a membership, playing a round of golf won’t require any fee at all. The only thing that will cost you something is renting out the equipment like clubs and balls, but it’s not much compared to what other private courses charge for these things.
The Magnuson Park Golf Course was first opened in 1962 with the name “Warren G. Magnuson Park” then later on changed into its current name after some renovations were done back in 1975 by one of Seattle’s renowned architects David Buhler!

5. There is a dog park

Are you getting tired of walking the whole day? Then why not take a break and let your dogs do some running at Magnuson Park’s Off-Leash Dog Area! This place is just perfect for both you and your furry companion to relax and have fun while controlling one another.
The Off-Leash Dog Area has a fantastic view, including Lake Washington, so if ever it gets too hot outside, there will be no need to worry because you can always enjoy this beautiful scenery from afar!

6. There are a lot of sports activities to choose from

Magnuson Park is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts since there’s pretty much an activity that matches whatever sport or event you want to do. There are also facilities within Magnuson Park’s area, including batting cages, swimming pools, and even an ice skating rink!
Although there isn’t any specific fee attached when visiting Magnuson Park’s Sports Center, if ever you plan on playing in its ice skating rink, then it will cost $11 per person plus rentals fees while taking lessons will set you back around $30 – $40 depending on how many classes they offer each day.

7. There are several trails for running or walking

Magnuson Park is the perfect place if you want to work out your legs and breathe in some fresh air! There’s a total of seven different hiking trails within Magnuson Park, which range from 0.75 miles up to two-mile-long, so no matter how much time you have, there will always be something that fits into it!

You can choose between a paved walkway or rugged hike; every trail has its unique features like benches along the way where visitors can sit down and take a rest after all that hard work. It also helps maintain their weight since they’ll get rewarded with beautiful views while enjoying these beautiful hikes!

8. There are several restaurants

If the weather is too hot for you to handle, then no need to worry because Magnuson Park has everything from food booths, fast food joints, and even casual dining spots where visitors can enjoy a meal or two after having fun with family and friends!

9. There’s plenty of parking spaces available 24/seven
Magnuson Park has a total of six separate parking lots that visitors can use to park their cars. This makes it very convenient for those who come in my car because no need to look around the area for an empty spot!

10. There are several indoor facilities

If ever the weather outside is not cooperating with you, then no need to worry because Magnuson Park has plenty of indoor activities that visitors can enjoy! There are seven different sports centers located within this park, including one ice skating rink, volleyball courts, and even bowling alleys for those who have some spare time on their hands.

11. several events are happening throughout the year

Magnuson Park is home to one of Seattle’s most popular summer activities, including Seafair Summer Fourth! This annual event takes place during Independence Day but instead of throwing fireworks into the sky, why not throw them onto Magnuson Park’s water?

This fun-filled day also features plenty of family-friendly entertainment, food booths, and even a carnival, all in celebration of our country’s independence! So if ever you’re looking for an unusual activity that will truly make your holidays memorable, then look no further because this fantastic park has everything under its wings. So pack up your things because there’s so much more to explore within Magnuson Park aside from just these few reasons mentioned above.

Address: 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, United States

Monday 4am–11:30pm
Tuesday 4am–11:30pm
Wednesday 4am–11:30pm
Thursday 4am–11:30pm
Friday 4am–11:30pm
Saturday 4am–11:30pm
Sunday 4am–11:30pm

Phone: +1 206-684-4075

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Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle WA



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