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Lincoln Park in Seattle, WA

Lincoln Park is a beautiful place to spend time in the city of Seattle, Washington. This park has plenty of trees and green space to enjoy. It also has benches to sit on when you want to rest or take in all the beauty around you. One thing that I love about this particular park is its serenity. There are so many people around, but it doesn’t feel crowded because there are so many areas where one can find peace and quietness among nature.

Lincoln Park is a diverse urban park located just across from downtown Seattle. Many residents use it to escape city life by running through the gardens, biking down its trails, fishing at one of its two lakes, or taking their dogs out for some off-leash time next to Union Bay. It offers something for everyone with plenty of activities that will keep you coming back again and again. Don’t miss this attraction during your stay here in Emerald City!

History of Lincoln Park

The park was born from a desire to create more green space and has transformed multiple times since birth. In 1899, Washington State Governor John McGraw declared that Lincoln would become one of three official state parks within the city limits. All the land for this new park had come from donations by various citizens around Seattle at an average price tag of $120 per acre ($0.50 /acre). The first president of the park board recommended that every man have access to a small plot where he could grow fruits and vegetables and maintain some livestock. This idea was scrapped once it became clear just how steep these would be for those on a budget.

About the Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park in Seattle, WA, is the perfect place to go for a walk. Walking through Lincoln Park, it feels like you’re surrounded by trees and green everywhere! The park has 100 acres of forest with trails that cover five miles (and growing!). There’s always something new to discover when you visit this scenic location.

There are lots of cool things hidden throughout all parts of the park, so be sure to explore as much as possible while you’re visiting, too, because who knows what kind of neat stuff will pop up along the way.

Lincoln Park is a great place to go for a walk, especially if you’re trying to keep up with your exercise routine or want to get some fresh air and take in the scenery of the beautiful Pacific Northwest! The park has many different trails that are all easy enough so that anyone can do them.

The best time to visit Lincoln Park would be any time after it rains because then everything smells perfect due to all the raindrops sprinkling on each leaf along their journey down from tree branch down onto the earth’s floor. The whole atmosphere feels very rejuvenating when you breathe in this kind of crisp, clean scent, which makes walking through Lincoln Park an experience like no other!

Facts about Lincoln Park

This park is about 20 square blocks with 520 acres. Many small trails branch off from this main trail for some more solo time if wanted. It also has a large pavilion at the top where people can enjoy looking over all of Seattle’s beauty as well as eating lunch or playing games with friends. It is the home of Lincoln Reservoir.

Things to Do Lincoln Park

Bring a dog if you have one. There are large open areas for dogs to run and play. The grass is also soft enough where it won’t damage your pup’s paws. Puppies love this place!

Hike up to Myrtle Edwards Park from Lincoln Park via Waterfront Trail. This will add about an hour of additional walking time, but the views make it worth every step (and calorie). I would recommend getting off at Taylor Ave N & Broad St then following the path through the Colman Dock parking lot until we get back on the trail by the Seattle Aquarium.

See the views from Kerry Park! This is a popular place for tourists as well as locals to take photos of Seattle’s beauty.

You can do some bird watching if you want because there are many different kinds of birds here at Lincoln Park. You could even make your bird feeder out of recycled materials!

There are nice picnic tables throughout the park where you can sit and enjoy your lunch after taking in all that Lincoln Park has to offer! And if you forget food, there’s also a tiny restaurant right outside the entrance by 12th Ave NE street parking. It serves a great selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads & other items on its menu at reasonable prices too!

Bring binoculars along with bug spray because this way it makes it easier to do bird watching. You may even see some eagles flying around or catching fish up close near the shore, which would be a fantastic experience!

Things to avoid in Lincoln Park

Don’t do drugs

Avoid being too loud or obnoxious

Avoid littering

Avoid feeding any of the wildlife (unless you want to get in trouble with park authorities)

How To Visit the Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is located at 8011 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA 98136, United States.

To get to Lincoln Park from Seattle, you should take I-90 West until it turns into SR 900.
When you enter the park itself, there will be a parking lot on your right side, and all of the trails start from this point. You can find free maps at this location, which are very helpful for finding where everything is located in the large expanse that makes up Lincoln Park.

There are multiple entrances into this park, making it easy for those driving through Seattle without much knowledge on how to get around town. The closest access would be up Northgate way (heading southbound) right before you hit Interstate-90.

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Lincoln Park in Seattle WA


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