Green Lake Park in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park in Seattle WA

There are many beautiful parks in Seattle, but Green Lake Park is one of the most popular destinations for visitors and locals. If you’re looking to take advantage of all that the park has to offer, read on!

It’s just a short bike ride away from downtown, and it has all sorts of unique features that you’re sure to love.

Here are 11 reasons why you should visit this lovely park today!

1. Places To Lounge Around & Enjoy Nature At Its Best! Who doesn’t love enjoying their free time lounging under the sun? Well, maybe not everyone loves it, considering how hot summer can get, but there’s no denying that it’s such an excellent way to relax and unwind after an eventful week. And what better place than Green Lake Park? There are plenty of trees around the area, so you won’t have to worry about getting sunburned or having hot spots on your body from sitting in one place for too long.

2. Plenty Of Activities For Kids To Do! If there’s one thing we all know, kids love doing something that will allow them to be active and enjoy themselves at the same time. But if they’re indoors playing video games non-stop, it can negatively affect their health due to lack of movement, which is why bringing them outdoors is also crucial, especially when visiting parks like Green Lake Park. This park has tons of different activities for kids, like playing on the swings, having fun at their play area (which is also open for adults), and other games that will get them moving while enjoying themselves.

3. Green Lake Park has jogging paths and trails that are great for walking the dog. The park also hosts two off-leash areas where dogs can run around without leashes.

4. Surrounded By Many Beautiful Trees Along The Way! As you walk through Green Lake Park, one thing’s sure; it would be hard not to notice how beautifully designed this park is. It has so many trees surrounding its pathways which means there’s plenty of shade along the way no matter where you are! So if sunbathing isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want to enjoy time outdoors, then why not visit this unique park?

5. The location is central and easily accessible via several bus routes or just by car. This makes it easy to get to from almost anywhere in Seattle if you don’t mind driving about 20 minutes north of downtown.

6. Features An Awesome Play Area With Plenty Of Activities For Kids To Do! Green Lake Park has a lot to offer when it comes to keeping yourself entertained. So instead of worrying about how your kids are going to spend their time, visit this park, and they’ll be sure not to get bored no matter what because there’s always something for them to do here whether you’re visiting with friends or family.

7. Plant Of Places To Lounge Around & Enjoy Nature At Its Best! This park is one of the most beautiful parks in Seattle, so if you’re not sure where to go today, then this would be a good choice. After all, there’s no better time than now, especially when summer has just begun and the weather is perfect for enjoying some sunshine outdoors.

8. Surrounded By Many Beautiful Trees Along The Way! This park may look small from where you’re standing, but trust us when we say that everything feels like magic once you enter its premises. There are so many trees around the area that it’s hard not to appreciate how beautiful this park is. It will be a breath of fresh air once you enter its premises and see just what kind of beauty lies within all those trees!

9. Green Lake Park also has an 18-hole pitch & putt golf course where you can play your favorite sport! The Frisbee golf course is fun for everyone #throwbackthursday to when we used to play it all the time with our friends back in high school.

10. There are more than 70 varieties of trees that make up this incredible park landscape which also has more than 50 ornamental shrubs, including rhododendrons and holly bushes, as well as many other flowering plants like daffodils, crocus, and tulips that bloom every springtime throughout the park grounds.

11. Green Lake Park is about 80 acres in size. It is popular with runners, strollers, and bikers due to the paved path that makes it easy to travel.

History of Green Lake Park

The park was created in 1891. The name Green Lake derives from the lush plant life that covers the lake and surrounding area. Some of this vegetation is invasive, such as English Ivy or Himalayan Blackberry; however, most plants are native to the Pacific Northwest and provide a beautiful backdrop for visitors and residents alike. An excellent example of these natural surroundings can be seen at any time by walking along trails within the park itself! There you will find hills covered with ferns, copses filled with maples, oaks, cedars, and pines – not to mention all varieties of wildflowers throughout springtime – which bloom together to create forest scenes; fit for forest fairies living there! In 1920 a three-mile-long road was built around the lake. Later, in 1951 a new bridge to carry Aurora Avenue North over Green Lake was completed with funds contributed by Seattle citizens who purchased about 25,000 private “shares.” The park is home to several public attractions, including the Duck House (a gift shop that sells more than just duck-related items), three playgrounds for kids of all ages and interests, tennis courts – open during daylight hours – plus an 18 hole pitch & putt golf course.

Activities and Events at Green Lake Park

Seattle, WA, is known for its lush green spaces. One of the most popular parks in Seattle is Green Lake Park. The park has a long history that dates back to 1872 when it was initially established as an amusement park with swimming facilities, picnic spots, and boating activities. It has since evolved into one of the Bay Area’s most well-known parks due to its outdoor recreation options, including hiking trails, bikes, beaches, and kayaking opportunities!

Fishing is allowed in certain areas around Green Lake Park (but not within 100 feet of any shoreline). People are welcome to bring their equipment but must have permits available if requested by authorities. The park is also famous for its many walking trails suitable for both experienced hikers and casual walkers. The park is home to several different species of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl that call the area their year-round habitat.

There’s plenty of green space for people to enjoy at Green Lake Park, especially on lovely summer days when the weather is just right. A new dog park facility opened in 2012 and provided Seattle residents with a designated area where their best friends can run free off-leash under the supervision of responsible owners. It’s located North East of the historic boathouse near the green trail (approximately 150 feet north). There are several food trucks located near Green Lake Park, especially on weekends and during special events held at the park. So far, the most popular food trucks have been Skillet, Paseo Caribbean Food, Pie, Mac & Jack’s, and Stacks.

There are many different events held at Green Lake Park throughout the year, including weekly farmer’s markets during the summer months and an annual holiday tree lighting ceremony at dusk on a Friday in December. There are also several community festivals and fairs at Green Lake Park every year, including the Liberty Festival, held on July 25 & 26 in 2015. This festival features live music, great food from local restaurants, and arts and crafts for sale. There are also many other events held at Green Lake Park every year, including the popular Hempfest on August 15 & 16th. This festival features live music and speakers discussing medical marijuana as well as legalizing it for recreational use.

The Greenlake Festival is another great event showcasing local restaurants, breweries, live music, and more. Visitors can taste foods from some of Seattle’s most popular restaurants and sample beer at breweries located within the city limits.

Location and Admission

Green Lake Park is located at 7201 East Green Lake Dr. N, Seattle, WA 98115, United States. It is open daily from sunrise to sunset (winter hours) and daily from dawn to dusk (summer hours).

Phone: +1 206-684-4075

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Green Lake Park in Seattle WA



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