Seattle Neighborhood – Rainier View / Lakeridge

The Rainier View / Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood


Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood, Rainier View is a beautiful and serene neighborhood in the city of Seattle. The Lakeridge community has been recognized as one of the best places to live in Washington State and nationally for its affordability and stellar schools. With easy access to downtown Seattle, it’s just minutes away from all that makes this vibrant city so unique.


About the Rainier View / Lakeridge Neighborhood


Rainier View / Lakeridge Neighborhood is located in the northwest corner of Queen Anne hill. It borders with Interbay to the north, Magnolia and Discovery Park to the west, Ballard to the south, and Puget Sound’s Elliott Bay waterfront on its east side. The area was once a working-class neighborhood that housed many immigrants in the 1950s and 1960s. Today the site is undergoing a dramatic transformation into one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods. The community is known for its excellent access to freeways, ease of commuting downtown, and ample opportunities for biking or walking in beautiful Interbay trails along Puget Sound waterfronts.


It’s a trendy neighborhood because of its proximity to downtown, Capitol Hill, and Beacon Hill neighborhoods and being across the street from Seward Park. The most common type of home is an apartment or condo, with renters making up nearly 50% of all residents. A lot more people live here than own homes. That’s interesting since most cities have homeowners outnumbering renters like 60/40%. Another thing that makes this a great place to buy real estate is that rents are, on average, 30-35% cheaper. This area has become one of the most affordable places for first-time buyers and those who want to upgrade their living space.


There are several dog parks, walking trails, and the local library is located in this neighborhood. Additionally, it is very close to the Rainier Valley Community Center. There are a ton of amenities in this area, including grocery stores, dry cleaners, and other services located just up the street or down the block.


The homes in this community tend to be very large and spacious with beautiful lake views, which you can see from most properties. Many people enjoy kayaking on this lake or using their yachts for fishing excursions during the summer months when the weather warms up. This area has some great access points along SR 520 where residents can get out onto the water more quickly if they don’t have a boat available at home.


Rainier View Neighborhood is a great place to live for those who enjoy the outdoors and having community amenities nearby. It’s also close to shopping, dining, and entertainment. If you’re looking for a place with lots of extras that still has the feel of a small-town community, then this is the perfect neighborhood for you.


History of Rainier View / Lakeridge Neighborhood


The history of the Rainier View neighborhood is fascinating. The neighborhood sits on top of a hill in southeast Seattle, boasting downtown and Lake Washington views. During the mid-1900s, this area was used for farmland until it became subdivided during World War I due to increased population density needs. However, the room was not heavily developed until after World War II. The neighborhood saw a boom in housing development during the 1960s.


Today, the neighborhood is home to about 14,000 people. Rainier View/Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood is a lovely area of southeast Seattle. It has beautiful views of Lake Washington and downtown, as well as excellent access to the highway. There are many types available in terms of housing options, from apartments to single-family homes with yards on larger lots that tend to be more affordable than other neighborhoods in this part of town.


What’s in there at Rainier View / Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood?


Rainier View Neighborhood is a beautiful community full of many great amenities. There are several parks in the area for outdoor activities and gatherings.


There are many local amenities in this area. The Rainier View Community Center has a large gymnasium and game room with ping pong tables and foosball for residents to enjoy. Shopping can be found at H-Mart, one of Seattle’s best grocery stores selling Korean food products from Kimchi (Korean traditional side dish made primarily from salted cabbage) to Spicy Pork Bone Soup. It has several grocery stores within walking distance and gas stations with convenience stores if you need something quickly on your commute home from work or school. 


There is also a great children’s play area where many families can come together for the little ones. There are several schools nearby as well for those who have children and love the neighborhood feel. Besides the great amenities, there are also several places to eat nearby, so you don’t even need to leave the area if you don’t want to. Several local and family-owned shops make up a great support system for this community.


The site also offers plenty of recreational amenities, including hiking trails for all fitness levels, excellent schools with highly ranked teachers – plus an easy commute into Bellevue or Redmond, where you work. Rainier View, real estate prices, range widely depending on home size, view & location within the neighborhoods. Still, often some excellent bargains are waiting around every corner.


For entertainment, there are several theaters nearby that various host events. Many locals enjoy the annual food festival, which is held at Rainier View Neighborhood. Several fairs take place in the neighborhood throughout the year for community gatherings and fun. There is also a large store that is open 24 hours a day and many other great places to shop for those who like convenience. Along with the beautiful shops, several restaurants can satisfy anyone’s taste.


For the college crowd, Rainier View / Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood is surrounded by several colleges and universities. This is an excellent place for college students to live while they complete their studies or even start if you’re moving to the area. And for those who love to give back, there are several charities in the community that you can help out with if you’re looking for something to do on the weekends. So whether you’re looking for a place with great amenities or just somewhere that has all of your needs met, Rainier View Neighborhood is the perfect place for you.


Activities in Rainier View / Lakeridge Neighborhood


Green Lake Park

Rainier View / Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood offers many activities. One popular activity amongst children and adults alike is hiking through Green Lake Park or visiting Mount Si Trailhead to hike up more than 40 miles of trails. Both offer incredible views that are perfect for photographing during sunset hours and taking in nearby scenery visible from their peaks.

Moreover, there are numerous parks throughout the neighborhood’s borders that provide opportunities for people to get exercise by playing games like basketball or tennis with others on public courts or just shooting hoops alone on community hoops located around various street corners within the neighborhood itself. Additionally, biking families can enjoy riding along the Burke Gilman Trail, which runs from Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood to Bothell. In addition, the Burke Gilman trail connects with many other paths and trails throughout Lakeridge’s borders so that people can enjoy walking or biking long distances if they’d like.


Many families also choose to enroll their kids in the various after-school activities offered by many of Lakeridge’s public schools. These activities vary by school and might include sports such as basketball or soccer, art classes to learn how to paint or draw, music lessons for those who want to play an instrument like a trumpet or violin after school hours.


Various community organizations offer programs and activities targeted towards adults. These tend to be things like hiking groups where people can hike local trails with others; running clubs that meet up weekly at parks around Lakeridge’s borders to run together; book clubs where people gather monthly over food and drinks to read new literature every month together as well as discuss it amongst themselves afterward; cooking club gatherings where members come together each month over their signature dishes having made them beforehand to share with others; knitting groups where people come together over their needles and yarn to knit or crochet new projects, etc.


Additionally, suppose people are interested in learning more about the natural environment around them. In that case, they could try taking classes at the nearby Green Lake Community College, where they might learn about the local environment, ecology, and biology of Lakeridge’s surrounding areas.


Community Events in Rainier View / Lakeridge Neighborhood


Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood is a community of people who enjoy living at the edge of nature, just outside city limits. Rainier View / Lakeridge Seattle Neighborhood is located in the southeast corner of Duvall, Washington. 


Lakeridge Seattle hosts annual events like Spring Plant Sale in May / June, where residents buy plants to spruce up their gardens throughout the summer months ahead. There’s even an ice cream social event held every August, taking advantage of all the sweet treats available during hot weather! Residents love getting together with their neighbors to participate in these fun community events.


The community events in Rainier View are about nature and outdoor living. There are also plenty of social opportunities to meet your neighbors. The neighborhood hosts various events throughout the year, including hiking with friends, garden walks, or even watching movies at home! Many residents love taking advantage of the nearby trails within the Pacific Northwest forests for fitness activities like jogging or biking.


The community center also hosts activities throughout the year, such as movie night or holiday celebrations for kids during Halloween or Christmas. Nearby, there are several parks, including Gene Coulon Park, including picnic shelters, sports fields, boat launch ramps to Lake Washington, and trails that connect you all around town! 


Lakeridge Seattle has developed into an active neighborhood where you can get involved by becoming part of one of our many committees that plan these significant annual events for all ages, including children’s crafts, poetry readings, and family days out. Residents are amiable and welcome newcomers to the community.

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