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The Holly Park / New Holly Neighborhood


Holly Park is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, that was created through residential development. The area was initially called New Holly because it was built on what had been part of an old, abandoned holly farm. But when people started to move in, they complained about how confusing it would be for mail carriers and other delivery services to find them if their address said “New Holly.” So the developers changed the name to Holly Park instead.


The Low Income Housing Institute built the housing development in this area. This group is a non-profit that has been providing affordable housing throughout Seattle for more than 50 years. The organization works to give people access to safe, secure places to live within their budget range without sacrificing anything else significant in their lives, such as spending time with friends and family or going out on weekends. They also work very hard to create communities where neighbors get along well with one another and enjoy living together with no matter who they are or what background they come from.


About the Holly Park / NewHolly Neighborhood


The city where this community is located was initially called “Newholly” because it had been built on what used to be an old holly farm. But when people started moving in, they found that having a street address as “NewHolly” was confusing for mail carriers and delivery services. Hence, developers changed the name from new holly to holly park instead. There are several housing developments here, including many townhouses with garages or carports available and some apartments if those work better for your needs. At least one-third of any building’s units must have at least two bedrooms each, though, since many families live here too who need enough space to accommodate their kids. There are also lots of different play areas with playground equipment and some open grassy spaces for children to run around during the summertime when it’s nice outside without having to worry about cars passing by close enough that a kid might dart out into traffic unexpectedly.


If you are looking for a safe, family-oriented community in which to purchase your next home, this is one of the best options available. This area is close enough to downtown that you might be able to walk or bike there if desired instead of driving each day but has plenty of green space and fresh air surrounding it as well, so you won’t feel closed in by concrete buildings everywhere around you either.


Holly Park / NewHolly Neighborhood is a community located in a part of the city that used to be known as North Beacon Hill. It has been recently redeveloped by the Liberty Bank Foundation, which provides resources for low-income families and individuals who have no other source of credit or financial assistance. The new Holly Park / Newholly neighborhood was designed with help from architects at NBBJ, specifically with an effort towards keeping it affordable housing while simultaneously providing more options than were available before. This post will discuss some of these changes and how they affect both current residents and future ones looking into making this their home.


History of Holly Park / NewHolly Neighborhood


The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) and its partners, including Seattle, broke ground on Holly Park in October 2013. Construction began in 2014 as part of SHA’s “Reinventing Public Housing” program. More than $17 million was invested in rebuilding NewHolly as a mixed-income community with 204 housing units for low-income residents and 209 rental homes that will be leased at market rate prices.” NewHolly is now home to over 400 people,” said Mayor Ed Murray during his grand opening remarks last year. “Before we were building 200 or 300 units at a time, we’re going up to 800 here today.” “We’ve seen communities like this work throughout the country,” he added.


The area surrounding the NewHolly development is rich with natural beauty and history. The location was first named “New Holly” because its public transportation system connected it to Seattle’s original settlement, which was itself dubbed “New York-Alki.” The community center in NewHolly Park honors noted local poet Walt Curtis (1940 – 1999), author of the novel Mule’s Foal. His work also appeared regularly on Counterpoint, a weekly radio program produced by Jefferson County Community Radio (KPOV 88.)


Holly Park is a neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington. Lake Union borders it on the north, Interstate 5 to the west and south, and 23rd Avenue E to the east. The name “Holly Park” was given because of its hilly terrain. At one point, it had been considered for an airport site but now houses many single-family homes that are mostly populated with families with children or retirees. It’s also the location of NewHolly, a mixed-income community that the Seattle Housing Authority redeveloped. The area surrounding it is rich with natural beauty and history.


Activities in Holly Park Neighborhood


There are also many other activities to choose from, including yoga classes and boot camps at nearby facilities such as the YMCA’s Northwest Branch or Northshore Athletic Club. If you prefer to cook your meals, several grocery stores are available for shopping within a short drive away. Other popular amenities include Starbucks, MOD Pizza, PCC Natural Market Co-op, among others.


Seattle Public Library

There is a community garden, with an orchard and herb gardens; the first Seattle Public Library branch built from recycled shipping containers; a playground designed by artist Angela Danadjieva features a giant steel web of ladders, slides, and climbing towers for children to play on. It also has seven acres of the restored natural area where native plants have been reintroduced, including salmonberry bushes, red osier dogwood trees, and elderberries.; Holly Park Community Center offers after-school programs for kids and classes in dance, art & crafts, martial arts, and cooking – plus it has meeting rooms available for public use.; A farmers market every Friday at the community center during the summer months.


Northgate Park

Outdoor activities are also available for people of all ages, including sports fields, playgrounds, and trails. An off-leash area located at Northgate Park offers a dog park, basketball courts, tennis courts, and picnic areas.


Other popular attractions include the Northgate Mall, which features a 16 screen movie theater and several restaurants. The area is also near many well-known shopping centers such as Thornton Place Shopping Center, Lake City Shopping Center.

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