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The Columbia City Neighborhood


Columbia City is a neighborhood in the north-central part of Seattle, Washington. It has been called one of the “most diverse neighborhoods” in Seattle by those who live there and outsiders looking to move to the area. The history behind Columbia City is rich and varied – from its beginnings as an enclave for Japanese immigrants escaping discrimination to its evolution into a multicultural community that has welcomed people from all over the world. The modern-day Columbia City is home to many different cultures and ethnicities, each adding its flavor and flair to what makes this such a special place!


About the Columbia City Neighborhood


Columbia City is located in the far south-east part of Seattle. This neighborhood has access to Lake Washington via Seward Park, and it borders Rainier Beach to its east. Four other Seattle neighborhoods border Columbia City: Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, Rainier Valley, Othello/Mansfield Jackson, Graham West Seattle Junction, and Leschi. There are many reasons why this location makes for an ideal home – from parks that provide outdoor recreation within walking distance of your house or apartment building to public transportation that takes you downtown or out toward SeaTac Airport in minutes. The majority of people who live in Columbia City are renters, but there are also homeowners living here. With its proximity to the airport and downtown Seattle, housing prices tend to be on the more expensive side – making it a perfect location for those that want easy access to these essential parts of our city!


The history behind this area dates back many years before modern-day residents moved into the neighborhood. The first known inhabitants were members of two separate Native American tribes: The Suquamish Tribe, which occupied lands along Puget Sound, including the land where present-day Seward Park is located; and members of what was then called Duwamps Community (after whom present-day Pioneer Square is named) that lived near Lake Washington at the Seattle waterfront.


The first Europeans to explore the area were members of an expedition headed by Spanish Captain Don Bruno de Heceta in 1775, although it is unclear whether they ever set foot on land here or not. The earliest documented visit came in 1851 when settler David Denny led a party from the mouth of the Duwamish River up to Lake Washington and landed at what is now modern-day Columbia Park, where he carved his initials into one of the trees there. In 1889, early settler Arthur A. Denny (son of Dave) and other landowners donated some 270 acres that would become Seward Park to honor Ulysses S Grant’s birthday; another donation later increased this from Charles Lander and James Moore to 666 acres.


Real estate developer Ole Hanson came into the picture in 1916 when he purchased land here and began developing it for homes, stores, schools, etc., catering primarily to Scandinavian immigrants who had settled on farms around Seward Park after arriving at Seattle’s port. He named this community Columbia City because of its location near what was once called Columbia Street (today’s Martin Luther King Jr Way). The first school opened in 1917 and was a general store that would later evolve into today’s Thriftway grocery store. Although development slowed during World War I due to labor shortages caused by men leaving for a battle overseas, things picked up again afterward but then halted abruptly with the start of the Great Depression. However, this pause gave rise to a movement in the 1930s to create a park in Seward Park, which was achieved by 1938 after purchasing an additional 100 acres of land. Columbia City’s population continued to grow during World War II due to its proximity to Boeing and other defense industry jobs that became available here. Still, once these industries began closing down or moving elsewhere, this contributed significantly towards crime rates increasing at such a rapid pace that some people called for it to become part of Seattle instead.


Today, Columbia City is home to many different ethnicities and cultures – including American Indians, Caucasians, and African Americans – and members from various socioeconomic classes as well: residents living on fixed incomes can be found side-by-side with more affluent renters and homeowners. People living in Columbia City primarily work inside the city limits of Seattle, but some choose to commute out towards SeaTac Airport or Bellevue instead.


Facts about the Columbia City Neighborhood


The Columbia City neighborhood is truly one of a kind. This city has so much to offer residents, especially those who work in the downtown area and want easy access to public transportation or downtown businesses. The historic Hillman City building used to be home to many African Americans starting back in the early 1900’s.

This led it to be named as such because there are only two other neighborhoods with this original name left standing today, Baltimore & Cleveland, Ohio being the others. Columbia City houses some excellent shops, including PCC Natural Grocers, which provides organic produce at great prices along with their deli/coffee bar offering healthy food options perfect for your lunch break or a quick coffee run. If you’re a sushi lover, then the Columbia City Fish Market should be at the top of your list. This restaurant provides fresh fish along with a fun atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more.


Columbia City neighborhood has so much more to offer for residents than just what’s mentioned above. This city truly has something for everyone and provides a historic feel with modern conveniences. If you’re looking for apartments in the downtown area, look no further than Columbia City, where all your needs from work can be met while being able to enjoy fun activities after work as well.


Activities in Columbia City Neighborhood


The Columbia City Neighborhood is a great place to be. There are so many things that you can do in the neighborhood, making for an exciting community. If there were one word to describe this neighborhood, it would have to be diversity. And not just diverse because of race or ethnicity, but also mixed with different cultures within the same ethnic group and housing options available throughout the area. The people here are incredibly welcoming because they know how much better life will become when everyone gets along harmoniously together!


Some activities in this beautiful city include: visiting local restaurants & pubs, taking long walks on green space trails, checking out farmers’ markets around town, going to festivals and fairs, and just taking in the scenery of this unique and gorgeous city. There never seems to be a shortage of something fun and exciting happening in this beautiful neighborhood. It’s an ideal place for anyone looking for apartments for rent who enjoys the nightlife as well!


The Columbia City Neighborhood has so much more than what is listed above, but these are just some of the highlights that make it a fantastic place to live. Whether you love fine dining or grabbing a quick bite at some hole-in-the-wall places, it’s all here in this beautiful neighborhood, and there is truly something for everyone!


Little Uncle

This city has such an incredible culture that makes a living here that much better. Some great places to visit in this neighborhood include Little Uncle, Pho Bac Sup Shop, Pecado Bueno Taco Truck, and many more! There are so many different things to do here sit’s hard not to want to stay forever!

Pecado Bueno Taco Truck


Community Events in Columbia City Neighborhood


Community events in Columbia City Neighborhood include a variety of festivals, concerts, and other events. The street fairs attract thousands of people each year with multiple stages for music throughout the day and booths from local businesses along Rainier Avenue South. Festivals such as the Ethiopian Day festival have been around since 1987 and celebrate traditional dances, food, and crafts unique to residents who immigrated from Ethiopia.


Other community events included an annual summer concert series on top of one of the neighborhood garages, which serves free popcorn & lemonade at their concession stand while providing live entertainment on a stage overlooking downtown Seattle! This is an excellent event for families to enjoy together from the start starting June through August.


Another family-friendly event includes a Halloween Parade & Costume Contest, which takes place along Columbia City’s main street. This event is a fun way for kids to celebrate Halloween and the community by dressing up in their best costumes! If you are looking to learn about the local history of the Columbia City Neighborhood, consider attending one of the annual heritage festivals throughout the year.


The annual Seafair Summer Fourth Celebration is also held here each July, which includes an airshow featuring aerobatic stunts by pilots from across all walks of life and groups – including members from the Blue Angels squadron based at nearby Naval Air Station Whidbey Island who sometimes comes up for this event as well.


There are also plenty of other activities, such as parades, festivals, music concerts, and more throughout the year that draw people into this community. As can be expected, there are also plenty of restaurants to choose from in Columbia City, with some being longtime Chinese eateries whose owners are second- or third-generation Americans. The neighborhood is also well known for its numerous antique shops that line the streets (particularly on Rainier Avenue S), many of which specialize in furniture dating back to colonial America; this has led to residents being called “Antique Row” and others who live nearby.


Community events include multiple stages for music, including live entertainment on a stage overlooking downtown Seattle. Annual summer concerts feature free popcorn & lemonade while providing family-friendly entertainment every Saturday starting June through August under the stars! The Ethiopian Day festival has been around since 1987, celebrating traditional dances, food, and crafts unique to residents who immigrated from Ethiopia.

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