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The Enchanting Cascade Neighborhood


The Cascade neighborhood is one of the most enchanting neighborhoods in Seattle. It’s a haven for those who love to be near the water, and it offers an opportunity for exploration that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. The small neighborhood has everything you could want, from a scenic waterfront park to picturesque views of Puget Sound.


About the Cascade Neighborhood


Cascade Neighborhood is a great place to live if you want convenient access to downtown and the University District. It’s also only about 15 minutes from Green Lake, one of Seattle’s most famous lakes. Cascade has quick access to I-90 for those who commute out of town on Fridays or need an easy route out of the city on Monday mornings. You can take public transit directly into both neighborhoods as well, which makes it even easier!


The homes in this area are several decades old, but they have all been updated recently, so everything looks fresh and modern inside these days – no more musty 1970s decorating here! Some new construction options are available now, too, for those looking to build their dream home, so there is something for everyone.


Cascade Neighborhood may not be the most well-known area in town, but it’s one of the best! Those who live here love that they don’t have to deal with downtown traffic or parking while still getting into both neighborhoods within minutes via public transit. Come and see what everyone is talking about – you won’t believe your eyes when you tour through this beautiful neighborhood today.


This secluded neighborhood community features homes built mainly in the 1940s and 1950s, which gives each residence a bit of historic charm alongside modern updates inside their living spaces. Many trees surround these residences, too, making it easy to feel like you’re in a forest when walking through the area. This is one of Seattle’s most scenic neighborhoods for sure!


Features in Cascade Neighborhood


Puget Sound

Beautiful views of Puget Sound

The beauty that the Cascade neighborhood has to offer is not just limited to its coastline. The community also offers some great views of the water, seen from various points along Magnolia Boulevard and Dravus Street. A walk through this area will make you feel like you are on top of the world.

A Haven for Water Lovers

The Cascade neighborhood is a haven for people who love water. Its lovely views of Puget Sound and centrally located marina offer excellent boating opportunities to residents of Seattle. The wide-open spaces make it easy to find peace in this beautiful community, which also happens to be very conveniently located near downtown Seattle!

Magnolia Boulevard and Dravus Street

Magnolia Boulevard & Dravus Street Scenic Views

If you are looking for some fantastic scenic views surrounding your new home or apartment rental in the Cascade area, then Magnolia Boulevard and Dravus Street are just what you need! A walk along these streets will feel like being on top of the world due to their high elevation above sea level, and they both offer great views of Puget Sound.

Cascade Marina and Boat Launch

Cascade Marina and Boat Launch Accessibility

One of the best benefits to living in Cascade is having easy access to a boat launch, with plenty of parking available for those who like water sports or want an excellent area to take their boats out on the weekends! The marina also offers many places for boaters and small craft owners alike and various docking options along its wide-open shoreline. Wading into this enchanting neighborhood will feel like you are entering an undiscovered paradise that cannot be found anywhere else on earth!


Facts about the Cascade Neighborhood


Cascade Neighborhood is a small and dense neighborhood that spans both north and south of Summit Parkway. It borders the areas: Bryant, Northgate, Maple Leaf, Roosevelt, and Ravenna/Bryant to the west; View Ridge on Capitol Hill to the east; Carkeek Park in Ballard to the north; Green Lake parkland (Greenlake) and Wallingford center (Wallingford) to south. Due to its proximity to popular places like Seattle University Campus, UW Medical Center & Harborview Hospital is ideal for medical professionals. Surrounded by several parks, including Magnuson Park, which includes boat launches onto Union Bay, make Cascade an excellent location for families or those looking into living near water! The energy of exciting restaurant and bar venues such as Mollusk, Poquitos & Tavern Law make this neighborhood a fun spot to get together with friends.


People come to Seattle for many reasons. Some visit the city because they have family there, while others are here on business or vacation. Many people who live here love being near Discovery Park and other historic sites. This neighborhood is a great place to raise a family and an atmospheric place where adults can relax at one of their many cafes. People are choosing Seattle as a place to retire, but it is also common for people in the 20’s and 30’s age groups to live there.


Activities in Cascade Neighborhood


Seattle has many activities that appeal to visitors of all ages. The city offers countless museums, galleries, theaters, and other attractions. There are lots of historic sites where one can learn about the history of Seattle and its surrounding areas. On a rainy day, people can relax at one of their many cafes or play board games with friends in a local coffee shop, where they also serve beer and wine.


There are many casual places where people can enjoy their meals, but high-end restaurants offer five-star dining experiences. There are many breweries, distilleries, and wineries in the area that people can visit. It is also common for friends to get together at one of their homes or go out on a picnic as there are some beautiful parks where they can do this.


The Cascade Neighborhood also has many good restaurants. The most notable are the Bistro Tournesol, Monte Carlo Italian Grill & Lounge, Blue Moon Burgers, and Cafe Turko-Istanbul for Turkish cuisine at affordable prices. If you want to buy groceries or cook on your own, then there is a local QFC supermarket that offers some excellent deals on their produce section and various international food items that can be found in its Ethnic Food aisle. Furthermore, if you feel like going out with friends one evening but do not want to travel too far from home, then within walking distance of this neighborhood, there are three bars: Moondogs Pub & Eatery (a sports bar), Enegren Brewing Company (brewpub) & Stoneburner (a microbrewery).


Visiting parks in Cascade Neighborhood is an excellent way to get out and enjoy the fresh air. There are many lovely places for hiking, running, or biking along Lake Washington’s shoreline. Hiking trails can be found throughout the neighborhood at Seward Park, Mount Baker Ridge Trailhead (the trail also connects to two other communities), Seward Park Loop Trail leading towards Lincoln Park in Rainier Beach; this park has a dog off-leash area with water fountains available all year round. The waterfront areas of Seward Park have beautiful views of Mt. Rainer, which makes it even more pleasant while walking through one of its five miles worth of trails that wind around ponds & small lakes where you are likely to see ducks and other birds.


Community Events in Cascade Neighborhood


The Cascade Seattle Community is a beautiful place to meet people and make new friends. The community has many events throughout the year, which are free or low-cost for everyone to enjoy! There are several different opportunities every month – from outdoor concerts during the summer months to holiday celebrations in December. In addition, there are also great shopping options, restaurants, and movie theaters to check out.


Plus, the Cascade Seattle Community offers several fitness activities for adults and children to enjoy. There are several different types of sports leagues to try, including basketball and volleyball. In addition, the community offers many great opportunities for adults looking for a fun way to exercise – such as yoga classes or various workshops on fitness topics.


There are also several historical sites throughout Seattle where those interested in history will have an enjoyable time. The Pike Place Market is a popular attraction where people can shop for fresh produce and other local products. It is home to many small businesses, but there are large chain stores here as well. If one wants to learn about the history of Seattle and its surrounding areas, one needs only to visit some of their historical sites, such as Pioneer Square, which was the original center of the settlement.

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