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Clyde Hill Residential Cleaning

Your home is your haven, and we want to help you keep it as clean, peaceful and stress free as possible. That’s why our Pros provide reliable, thorough, and affordable flat rate cleaning services to keep your home looking beautiful, and you feeling great!


Clyde Hill Apartment Cleaning

Professional apartment cleaning services are perfect for those who do not have time to clean their homes themselves. Your NW Maids Pro will come to you at your convenience, creating more time for you to enjoy the life you love!


Clyde Hill Recurring Cleaning Services

Between work, family, extracurricular activities and a host of other distractions, it can be challenging to make time for house cleaning. Fear not! NW Maids can help! We’ll provide you and your family with the detailed, thorough, and reliable cleanings you need to stay healthy, happy, and engaged with the life you want to be living. We’ll strive to match you with the same great cleaner each visit in order to ensure the consistent and dedicated service you’ve come to expect from us. Even better, the more we clean, the more you save! Monthly clients enjoy 10% off, Biweekly clients enjoy 15% off, and Weekly clients enjoy a whooping 20% off each clean!


Clyde Hill Deep Cleaning

Life happens, life gets messy. When your house starts to feel a little out of control, try our cleansing deep cleaning package to get you back on track! We’ll get in all those rarely cleaned nooks and crannies, freshening up your space to bring back your peace of mind. Take a peek at our Cleaning Checklist a full list services included in this package.


Clyde Hill Move In / Out Cleanings

Moving is stressful enough. Let us handle the cleaning! Our experienced, professional cleaning staff will carefully prepare every inch of your new home’s interior - so all you have to focus on, is moving!

Why Choose Us

NW Maids provides flat rate, no-contract pricing residential cleaning services for your contemporary living.
Relax and make your place shine with our outstanding customer service and 200% satisfaction guarantee.


Simplifying your life

Why sacrifice your personal time when you can choose NW Maids to take care of all your cleaning needs? Your time is precious, choose us to take care of everything, so you can focus more on things that matter most.


Communication is key

Here at NW Maids, we believe successful communication is the key to success! That’s why we make it easy for you to contact us via phone, email, or your online account. All of the notes you send us are submitted to your cleaning team to ensure we’re following your instructions to a T!


Professional Maid Services

All NW Maids Pros are trustworthy, reliable cleaners with a proven track record of excellence. We require all of our cleaning teams to have great references and at least 3 years of professional residential cleaning experience to work with us, so you’ll receive a top notch clean every time!


Prefer a Green Cleaning? No Problem

Green cleaning products are available upon request at no additional charge.


200% Satisfaction

We’re confident you’ll love our service. However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll come back and re-clean the area in question for free.

If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money. Talk about a safe bet!


Bonded & Insured

NW Maids is bonded and insured to ensure that all our clients are provided the peace of mind they deserve. Rest easy, knowing your home is safe in our hands!

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NW Maids was founded because we wanted to upgrade the house cleaning experience. We take the stress out of the experience and simply offer peace of mind and happiness through a modern, technology-driven cleaning service.


NW Maids House Cleaning Service of Seattle

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Words From Our Clients

The ladies who came to clean were a mother-daughter team. They were so sweet, and cleaned my apartment like the bosses they are. It felt like a new apartment, and they spent a solid 3.5 hours on the place. So grateful and would hire them again.

-Amanda A.
Wallingford, WA
First Responder

- Amanda A. ~ Seattle, WA

Finally tried a cleaning service, and I'm in love with NW Maids. On-time, professional, brought all their own cleaning equipment and got my apartment back into shape! Highly recommended. #freetime #NWMaids 

-Xuyang N.
Edmonds, WA

- Xuyang N. ~ Seattle, WA

I was swamped with work and had little time to deal with cleaning or scheduling anything. Then a friend told me about NW Maids. Literally took me a minute to schedule a cleaning team to come over. Keep in mind, I am one of the most detail oriented people you can meet. I expect a lot out of a paid service, and you guys did an astounding job. Now I'm using that free time to unwind and watch some Netflix. 😉

-Gavin Clement
Bellevue, WA

- Gavin Clement ~ Shoreline, WA

Loved their cleaning. They showed up on time, worked really hard, and made the place look beautiful and like new. They did the baseboards, a meticulous job bathrooms, mopped the stairs, and much more. Will now set up a regular clean from NW Maids. I'd highly recommend.

-Nick S.
Shoreline, WA

- Nick S. ~ Seattle, WA

Stunning Clyde Hill

Clyde Hill City is a small city in the State of Washington. Despite its size, it offers many things for tourists and native sons alike. From hiking to skiing, this bustling little town has something for everyone!

Clyde Hill City is home to many different housing types with desirable great room concepts, ranging from small bungalows and cottages to large stately mansions. However, there are no trailer parks or apartment complexes in Clyde Hill City because they do not allow them.

Clyde Hill City has a police department that serves the surrounding community, including Bellevue and Seattle. It is located right next to Clyde Hill City Hall.

The public schools in Clyde Hill City are part of the Bellevue School District, including six elementary schools and two middle schools for students grades K-12. The city's central shopping mall is Lake Hills Village, with a few other small strip malls nearby and many restaurants.

Tourists are often attracted to Clyde Hill City for many reasons: its spectacular views. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides which offer beautiful sightseeing opportunities. Even a ski resort located not far from the city limits called Snoqualmie Summit!

For fun activities in and around Clyde Hill City, people can go hiking or biking in the many parks and trails near residential areas. There is also a small lake next to Clyde Hill City Hall where people can fish!

There are so many things to do for those who live in Clyde Hill and those visiting from out of town, and it is no wonder why this little city in Washington State is so famous! We provide the best House Cleaning in Clyde Hill.

History of Clyde Hill City

David and Louisa Boren originally owned the land where Clyde Hill City now stands as part of their Mercer Slough farm, which they had acquired on April 22, 1860, from Hannibal and Elizabeth Lykins, the second of three transactions in which they acquired what was to become Clyde Hill. At that time, the Boren's were living at their farm on Portage Bay just east of Seattle, but by 1862 had moved into town and built a house near downtown where Louisa could be closer to her husband, David. He was busy working as a postmaster, businessman, and political leader. The Boren house was located on the west side of Third Avenue between James Street to the south and Seneca Streets to the north in downtown Seattle (known as "Boren's Addition").

The farm had its dock, which still exists today at Clyde Park, now a home. The Clyde Park is an integral part of the city's history and was named after the farm that once stood there in honor of David Boren, who had gone by his middle name, "Clyde."

In 1938, just before World War II began, Clyde Hill City bought most of their land from Robert Moran. Moran had bought the land for between $500 and $700 an acre. Still, Clyde Hill City could repurchase it from him for around $50 an acre due to its strategic location near Boeing Field, which made it extremely valuable during World War II when they needed a place to build aircraft.


Facts about Clyde Hill City

- Modern and safe city in Washington State, USA.

- A small but growing community just to the east of Seattle offers residents an alternative lifestyle without giving up many modern conveniences.

- Its low crime rate and family atmosphere make it perfect for raising children, which has helped fuel its growth during recent years.

- It was home to many famous people since the early 1960s, including Bruce Lee and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft fame.

- The average cost of living is almost 20% higher than the national average, but its real estate costs are less than for Seattle proper due to the limited space available on the hill.

- The small town has a population of about 11,000 residents, and the average income is $165,000 per year for those who work there.

- The city is full of modern amenities, and its residents have a wide variety of entertainment options.

- Has been named one of the best places to live in Washington State by multiple sources, including the Seattle Times.

- Clyde Hill City's public transportation system was ranked as one of the best in 2015 by HighYa readers who posted their reviews online.


Attractions in Clyde Hill, WA

Clyde Hill City is home to many beautiful parks, including Clyde Park, which has a dock once part of David Boren's original farm. The city also has two public golf courses where you can go for an afternoon round while visiting Washington State!

The city is the perfect place for people who love hiking and skiing because it has many beautiful trails winding through various parts of town!

If you want to move away from Seattle but do not want to sacrifice all the amenities this major city offers in terms of easy access to great restaurants and entertainment venues, this city might be a perfect fit for you!


Transportation in Clyde Hill, WA

Clyde Hill City is next to Seattle, making for an easy commute via car or public transportation. The city also has its bus line that runs through the town and can take you downtown Seattle in less than 30 minutes!

For those who love sports, one of the largest stadiums in Washington State is just a short drive away from Clyde Hill City.

The city is also only a short drive away from Boeing Field and Sea-Tac Airport, making it easy to fly in and out of the area.

It also offers easy access to downtown Seattle so you can take advantage of all the great restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping centers without having to spend hours getting there!


Clyde Hill, WA Neighborhoods

Clyde Hill City has many neighborhoods that offer a wide range of affordable housing for those interested. Some of these include:

Lake Hills Estates – located in the southern area of Clyde Hill, this quaint community is perfect for those looking to settle down and start a family! It also offers stunning views if you want to live next to a golf course!

Clyde Gardens – located near the city center of Clyde Hill, this Community is ideal for those who are more interested in living close to stores and restaurants. It also has excellent views if you are looking for waterfront properties!

Glen Acres Estates– situated right off I-405, this neighborhood is ideal for commuters living in a quiet area but still have easy access to major highways. It also has excellent views of the mountains!

The city offers many different housing types at affordable prices for people with all sorts of budgets!

If you are looking to relocate to Washington State, Clyde Hill City should be one of the first places you look into. It offers many amenities for people of all income levels and has excellent schools known for their excellent resources!

Clyde Hill, WA, is a beautiful city with much to offer visitors and residents alike. Whether you are looking for parks, golf courses, or the perfect home with views of mountains and water, Clyde Hill might be just what you have been searching for!


The climate in Clyde Hill, WA

One of the best things about Clyde Hill City is its moderate climate, ideal for people who prefer living somewhere with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and dry, while winters can get very cold but not frigid due to their proximity to water! The city also gets over 100 inches of snow every year, so be sure to check the weather before you plan any outdoor activities.

Thanks to the excellent climate and stunning views, Clyde Hill, WA, has become a popular place to live among those who want an easy lifestyle without cutting back on luxury or space. See why so many people are flocking here for their future homes!

Clyde Hill is a city filled with beautiful sights with a lot to offer its residents. The area offers an array of entertainment options and several high-end shopping opportunities.

Residents are also treated to excellent outdoor spaces and recreational activities with easy access to major highways or bus routes throughout the city.

Clyde Hill City in Washington State is a prime location for those seeking a high quality of life. It offers something to everyone, and its local economy continues to grow with an abundance of new business opportunities, jobs options within the area, and many educational choices. There are many things about Clyde Hill City that make it an attractive place to live, work, play, and more! It is a perfect location for those looking forward to settling down.


Clyde Hill, WA Economy

The city is home to several high-income families. In 2013, the median household income was $137,801 per year by Census data. This compares favorably with neighboring Bellevue's median family income, which stood at almost $122,000 in 2014, and Seattle's median household income of just under $69,000.

This income level in Clyde Hill, WA, is supported by the high percentage of people who hold at least a bachelor's degree (84%) and the relatively low unemployment rate, which stood at just over three percent for 2015 This data also showed an average family size higher than that of the state and neighboring Bellevue.

The public schools in Clyde Hill are said to be some of the best around, with several families choosing to live there precisely because of them (or their children's ability/desire to attend). Highly rated, they regularly show up on educational performance listings such as those provided by, which ranks schools on several factors.

There are no known dangerous places to live in Clyde Hill, and the city reports that crime rates have been dropping over recent years, although there is little data available for 2015 or 2016 as yet. This may be due, at least in part, to the fact that police services are contracted out rather than provided directly by the city.

The one downside to living in Clyde Hill may be that it is an expensive place with high housing costs due to such issues as limited availability and proximity to desirable amenities such as those on offer at Bellevue Square Mall (the largest mall in the state).


Education and Job Opportunities in Clyde Hill, WA

Clyde Hill, WA, is a great place to work and live due to the economic opportunities that exist in the area. In 2015, Amazon sought 150 new employees as part of its continued expansion.

In addition, many other job openings are available from companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Expedia Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., and Blue Nile Inc.

The numerous companies that are open to hiring have significant benefits for their employees, including competitive salaries, generous perks, health insurance coverage, retirement plans like 401(k)s or 403(b)s, paid time off (PTO), tuition reimbursement programs, childcare services, wellness initiatives, on-site wellness centers, and fitness facilities, and more.

Clyde Hill City is home to many great schools, including the private school Lakeside School. It also has two major public universities, so students interested in attending college have many options available! Even several elementary and middle schools can choose from if you plan on having children any time soon!


Is Clyde Hill, WA safe?

Location plays a massive role in determining where you want to live. The Clyde Hill neighborhood is one of the most sought-after in Washington. The homes are friendly, the schools are good, and it is just a 15-minute commute to downtown Seattle. But what about safety? 

It is located just outside Seattle with beautiful views and many amenities nearby, such as parks, trails, golf courses, and more. Clyde Hill is located in Washington State, USA, and has been ranked as one of the safest cities for its size and population demographics.

The Clyde Hill Police Department has reported no homicides, robberies, or sex offenses in the past two years. While there was a single case of theft involving more than 500 dollars but less than $25,000 over this period, as well as several cases of vandalism/property damage and some drug possession charges, it is essential to consider that this is an exceptional crime rate for a city of this size.

The Clyde Hill Police Department provides law enforcement services to the city. The department employs 24 people, including 19 sworn officers and five non-sworn personnel such as dispatchers and records clerks. There are two precincts in Clyde Hill but only one police station where all units operate from. Officers patrol the streets on foot, by car, and on bikes.

Crime rates in Clyde Hill, WA, have dropped over the past few years. In 2015, there were just under 21 violent crimes reported to police, including one homicide case, two cases of aggravated assault, and one case of rape. There were just over 50 reported property crimes, with the most common ones being theft and vandalism/property damage.

Crime rates in Clyde Hill are meager due to its affluent population, which is educated, hardworking and law-abiding. Many residents in Clyde Hill are settled families who have lived there for decades. As a result, they are close-knit, and there is little tolerance for criminal activity.

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