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"A clean home is a happy home." Here's how to prepare for our visit to help us make your home happy:

Please secure any pets in a separate room. While we adore most dogs and kitties, we are concerned for them chewing on some trash or cleaning solution, being stepped on, or running away once the door is open. (This has never happened, but your pets' and other family members' safety is our #1 priority). Also, if your dog's size approximates a horse, some of our cleaners will be nervous, even if he is the friendliest and sweetest dog ever.

Please ensure that you specified your home size and the type of cleaning correctly. To provide a high quality service, our Pros prepare for each visit thoroughly, including allocating sufficient manpower and supplies. If the house size is incorrectly specified as two-bedrooms, but the team has to clean a five-bedroom home (including typical 3-4 bathrooms) or prepared for general cleaning instead of move-out, they will be severely understaffed and unable to do a great job you deserve.

Related to #2, if your home needs extra-extra help, please let us know ahead of time. We always rise to a challenge. But, if your home had been neglected for a while, there are broken sinks or toilets, animal waste and spoiled food, mold or grease on the walls, or large amount of clutter covering most surfaces, we may refuse service upon inspection. Alternatively, you should select our "Deep Cleaning" extra to give us a heads up and if possible, we will send specific Pros with stronger stomachs, extra compensation, and special equipment who can tackle the problem better. More importantly, we will allocate a set amount of extra hours to ensure great result. If we were not prepared for heavy duty situation, we cannot guarantee that we can complete it the same day. Not sure if you need extra-extra help or not? Feel free to e-mail us some photos to [email protected]

Please ensure that your credit card/ debit card has available funds on the day of service and the day prior. We place all cards on hold the day before the service day. And we charge all the cards once the service started. If you have a debit card, your bank may show our "hold" as a charge. If the service is cancelled, we release the hold, but it may take your bank a few days to clear it on your end. If it causes a severe inconvenience, please contact us. We go out of our way to minimize any problems for our clients.

For move-out/ move-in service, please empty all cabinets and appliances. This type of work is more labor- and time-intensive. And having to carefully empty each drawer, clean the inside, and put it back together, doubles the time required for the service.


Please allow us some flexibility in arrival time. While we are virtually never late and arrive at the top of the arrival window, but sometimes the traffic, or unanticipated scope of work of the prior appointment, require a later arrival, so to be safe, we designated the arrival windows. If it's too inconvenient for you and you prefer a specific time, please let us know and we will accommodate it.

Please secure any weapons and ammunition in a safe place.

Please be explicit if you have strong preferences for how you want your home cleaned. Our sole purpose for the visit is to make you happy and comfortable. We specifically work with Pros who have empathy and than can prioritize your preferences. Some clients show us specific supplies/ tools they want us to use, or provide detailed instructions.

Please clear floor and other surfaces of large amounts of dishes, clothes, and litter. While we love organizing as much as we love cleaning, it can be very time-consuming, as we would have to make multiple judgments about whether the items are sufficiently clean to be put away v. laundered, where they are normally stored, etc. This process can be stressful for our Pros and also takes them away from performing the actual deep cleaning of surfaces.

If there is a particular area of concern, please let us know ahead of time. We are here to help. If you describe any problem ahead of time, we can prepare better, bring special supplies or even experts with us. We partnered up with great local providers: eco-carpet cleaning company and stone care/ restoration expert who can be brought in to serve your needs.

Please try to be present when the service is completed, especially if it's the first visit. Every person's standard is different and our first visit is usually more complex, so there maybe a few things you prefer re-cleaned, cleaned differently, or something cleaned that we normally wouldn't, but would be happy to. We want to make you happy and it's easier to do when you and we are already on location.

Please provide your feedback after a visit. We go farther than most other companies in ensuring our clients' happiness. If there is any problem or concern, or even any suggestion for improvement, we will be grateful to hear it. Our e-mail is [email protected] or simply respond to the post-service survey.

Please save our number in your phone - you can call or text us any time: (206) 508-5850

Thanks again and let us know if we can help in any way. Looking forward to seeing you soon! NW Maids Customer Happiness Team


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