Waterfront Park in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park in Seattle WA

The early morning hours are always the best time to visit Waterfront Park. The water is still, and the trees provide shade from the sun. A cool breeze blows through your hair as you take in all of this serenity.

Waterfront Park is one of Seattle’s most popular parks for locals and tourists alike. It is one of the most visited parks in Seattle, with over four million people visiting each year. It has become a symbol for what makes a living in Seattle so excellent – close access to outdoor space that feels like it was taken straight out of the woods but without actually being deep into wilderness territory!

About the Waterfront Park

It may be small, but that is what makes it even more special because you get to know your neighbors: birds, ducks, squirrels (watch out for those little buggers), and humans too! It’s the perfect place to relax after work, meet friends for a walk, or go on an early morning run.

Suppose nature isn’t your thing though this area also has lots of great shops and some exciting architecture housing downtown offices. The best part is only spending about five minutes getting here by car; if you’re coming from anywhere downtown, it’s also about a five-minute walk.

History of Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park in Seattle, WA, is a peaceful escape from the busy city. The park was named after Dr. David Denny, who purchased the land in 1864 and then donated it to a public space in 1901.

Waterfront Park was built in 1971 and has been a popular attraction since it opened to the public. In 2009, Seattle voters passed a bond measure for new waterfront improvements, including developing this nine-acre park into a premier waterfront destination.

Facts about Waterfront Park

It was created by voters who approved the levy for its construction in 1971. In 1982, people discovered old pilings with artifacts left behind by Native Americans and items dropped there by early white settlers. It is a nine-acre park located in the heart of downtown Seattle.

The waterway running through the middle of the park separates it into two sides: North and South. The dividing line is a result of the construction of Harborview Medical Center’s helipad, which was built before the park opened to the public.

It has been named one of 15 finalists in America’s Favorite Places contest on ABC TV’s “Good Morning America” show. The park also boasts a theater and a performance stage. The Seattle waterfront used to be industrial but now is home to many shops and restaurants.

What makes Waterfront Park special?

It is one of the most popular parks for tourists visiting downtown Seattle because it provides spectacular views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond. People can walk or bicycle along paths that run alongside Elliot Bay (the bay downtown sits) from Pioneer Square to Myrtle Edwards Park at Pier 66a. The pilings were left behind by the development of Harbor Island and turned out to be part of a Uyak ferry, over 100 years old. The Waterfront Park was built in 1971 and has been a popular attraction since it opened to the public.

Not only is it beautiful all year long with many different plants and flowers, but it also serves as an important refuge for birds migrating from Canada to Mexico during the winter months. There are eight public access staircases along Alaskan that lead down to the park. It is one of the most visited parks in Seattle, with over four million people visiting each year.

Things to do at Waterfront Park

Visitors can walk next to or paddle boats down an urban waterway that bisects this nine-acre waterfront park between Western and University avenues

The area around it features unique shops along with downtown city offices housed within some exciting architecture. The view of Lake Union and all those ferries are going back and forth as well as boat people kayaking, playing paddle boats, etc.

Bring a picnic basket! There are plenty of benches with tables. Pack your lunch so you can enjoy it while also enjoying one of Seattle’s most beautiful parks.

You’ll find yourself sitting by Lake Union watching all kinds of ferries go back and forth (it is such an exciting view), boat people kayaking, playing paddle boats; there’s truly something for everyone here at this park.

When you visit Waterfront Park, please remember to pick up your trash when you leave so no one else has to.

Things not to do in Waterfront Park

Do not feed the grass

Do not step on the plants

Do not stand in one spot and block the path for other people trying to enjoy this beautiful park.

Do not bring your unleashed pet into Waterfront Park as it is a no-dog zone except for on-leash dogs.

Do not litter; there are plenty of garbage cans located throughout Waterfront Park. You can recycle at many places within this park as well.

What to bring?

Layers of clothing because the weather changes rapidly and there is no cover over any part of Waterfront Park (there are places nearby you can go if it starts raining, however)

Sunscreen because there is no shelter from the sun

Cameras or other means of capturing moments, whether for memories or to post on social media

Good walking shoes if you plan to walk around a lot and want your feet comfortable.

What not to bring?

Any food or drink.

Pets, except for service animals.

Skateboards/bicycles because there are no designated areas to ride them in this park. This is a trendy spot, so make sure you keep your eyes open while walking around!

Location and Admission

The park is located at 1401 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101, United States. There is NO entry fee for this small but beautiful park. It is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the week.

Phone: +1 206-684-4075

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Waterfront Park in Seattle WA



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