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Smith Tower in Seattle WA

Smith Tower in Seattle is a gorgeous building that was built back in 1914. The Smith Tower has been the tallest building west of the Mississippi since construction and still stands majestically today. Here are ten reasons why you should visit this iconic landmark:

1) It’s an architectural wonder. The Smith Tower is modeled after the Campanile at St Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, and features a beautiful marble lobby with mosaic tile floors and ornate bronze chandeliers.

2) Apartments available for rent. This historic gem also houses some apartments on its upper floors, and they come fully furnished! Visitors can see what life was like during the 1920s by peaking these homes from another era.

3) Views from the observatory deck. The observation deck on the 35th floor offers a 360-degree view of Seattle and its surroundings, including Mount Rainier to the southeast and Puget Sound to the west.

4) The Smith Tower is open to the public, and you can enjoy a self-guided tour of its Art Deco architecture at no charge.

5) Gourmet restaurant and a speakeasy. The building has been transformed into a destination with multiple dining options. One of which is the famous Chinese Room serving traditional Cantonese cuisine in an ornate setting inspired by China’s Forbidden City.

6) The world’s first elevators. The Smith Tower was the first building west of the Mississippi River and second in America to have a high-speed elevator, putting it at the forefront of skyscraper construction technology.

7) Museum on the ground floor. The Tower is home to an authentic working Otis elevator built-in 1892, and it’s open for visitors to see every day from 12-12:30 pm.

8) Iconic neon sign. The iconic blue and green neon signs were installed in the 1940s and have become a point of pride for Seattleites, making them an essential photo op while visiting Smith Tower.

9) A hidden speakeasy. The 36th floor of Smith Tower is home to a secret bar called Upstairs, which serves handcrafted cocktails in the style of speak-easies from 1920s Prohibition times.

10) Free wifi. Visitors can enjoy free wifi while exploring the building.

History of Smith Tower in Seattle Smith Tower

Smith Tower in Seattle was completed in 1914 and remained one of only a small handful of buildings over 30 stories tall built before 1960. The installation takes its name from Lyman Cornelius Smith. He had humble beginnings as an orphaned farm boy in Ohio and found the L.C. Smith and Brothers Typewriter Company, which became a leading typewriter retailer in late 19th-century America.

Smith Tower is an iconic Seattle landmark, built when Seattle’s population had grown from 30,000 to over 300,000 people within two decades – mainly due to thriving local businesses like The Bon Marché and Nordstrom. It remained the tallest office tower on the West Coast for nearly 40 years until surpassed by another Northwesterner: Columbia Center penthouse tenant Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corporation (not coincidentally headquartered in Redmond).

Facts about the Smith Tower

The Smith Tower is a skyscraper in Lower Queen Anne that was completed in 1914. It stands 208 feet high and has 28 floors. Did you know it’s also one of the oldest skyscrapers on the West Coast?

Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle, WA. The tower was built for $350,000 and has been renovated since 1979-1980. Smith Tower was also the first building taller than 200 feet outside of New York City or Chicago. It had a postcard view from 1922 until 1962 when construction began on Space Needle, obscuring that view. There are two blacksmith shops still located inside Smith Tower which were moved there during World War II due to metal rationing by the US government (hence why it’s called Smith). Despite being known as “the world’s tallest unreinforced concrete structure,” you can find steel beams within its walls hidden behind brickwork; this is because the tower was initially designed to be an all-steel structure, but the cost and material shortages during World War I altered those plans. The first two observation decks were on the 35th and 36th floors; they’ve since been converted into offices.

The Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle, WA. It was initially completed on June 30th, 1914, and officially opened to the public on July 14th, 1914. The smith tower was built by Colonel Eli L. Brown, who named it after his father Lucien P. Smith (1845-1920) because he had passed away before its completion date of June 30th, 1914. Aside from being a place for business within Seattle, WA., it also served as an observation deck that provided views of Mt Rainier and Puget Sound. Initially, there were two chandeliers inside each elevator car; they are now located at different places throughout the building due to renovations, making them unsuitable for their original locations. The smith tower is the tallest building of all time in Seattle, WA., with its height at 42 floors and approximately 450 ft tall, which was considered an extreme novelty during that period. With so many renovations over time, it still holds on strong as one of the best places for business within Seattle but only has office space rather than the public observation deck anymore.

Attractions at Smith Tower

You can still see many features that made this skyscraper state-of-the-art 100 years ago, such as Otis elevators with their original hand cranks and brass door closures, decorative terra-cotta exterior, and an Italian Renaissance design complete with four corner towers. *Visiting Smith Tower in Seattle Today The Tower is home to a collection of shops and restaurants that reflect the style and elegance of the building’s history: Monorail Espresso (the city’s first espresso bar), Sky View Observatory, Noiselab Brewery & Taproom, Classico Enoteca Pizzeria, Heaven on Seven Southern Food Restaurant, etc.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Among other things, you can do nearby include visiting Pike Place Market or Pioneer Square. You can also take a walking tour around downtown Seattle’s many historic buildings, such as Washington State Convention Center, Showbox Sodo, Columbia Center Building, Alaska Way Viaduct, etc.

How to go to the Smith Tower

Smith Tower has located at 506 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, United States. It’s easily accessible via public transportation or even by foot if you are so inclined! The Smith Tower is open Wednesday through Sunday from 3 pm to 10 – 11 pm. There are five elevators in Smith Tower that can take you up to the 35th-floor observation deck (with a quick stop on each intervening floor). The elevator ride takes about 30 seconds! You’ll find restrooms on the second floor if you need them. The first two floors are open to the public for free; however, there is a fee that ranges from $16 – $19 for adults (ages 13 and up) who wish to visit the 35th-floor observation deck (and don’t forget your ID!). There may be additional fees associated with some special events held in the Tower, but this varies depending on what is happening.

Address: 506 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, United States
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 3–10pm
Thursday 3–10pm
Friday 3–11pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 3–10pm

Phone: +1 206-624-0414

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