Saint Edward State Park in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park in Seattle, WA

Saint Edward State Park is one of the few parks in Seattle that offers various trails for hikers and nature lovers. Whether you want to explore on foot or bike, there’s something here for everyone. This state park is full of natural beauty, from its many lakes and streams to its wooded areas and open meadows. Here are ten things we love about Saint Edward State Park:

1) The challenging Eagle Creek Trail provides an exhilarating hike through lush forest with dramatic views at every turn.

2) The more moderate Interlaken Trail winds along a scenic lakeshore with plenty of opportunities to stop by the water’s edge.

3) Kids can enjoy playing in Enchanted Forest, which features giant wooden play structures and a network of trails for biking and walking.

4.) The park’s many trails are open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders, so there’s something for everyone.

5) The expansive picnic area is perfect for a family gathering.

6.) There are plenty of trails to hike with different difficulty levels, including an easy trail that’s good for beginners and families with children. The lakeside view along the trail makes it even more worthwhile!

7.) There are also picnic areas if you want to have a little rest from walking before continuing your journey on one of the many trails. You will feel completely rejuvenated after spending some time outdoors here!

8.) The Black Nugget Rock Formations on the west shore of Lake Washington.

9.) A great place to learn about native plants and animals (open year-round)

10.) The Saint Edward State Park has various trails perfect for hiking, biking, and more!

History of Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park has a long history. It was home to an orphanage and boarding school that began to help children out of poverty at the end of the 19th century. This beautiful green space is now open for hikers looking to take advantage of its many trails located near downtown. Saint Edwards’ famous stone chapel serves as one of its ten favorite things for any hiker visiting this park just south of Lake Washington.

Saint Edward State Park in Seattle, WA, is home to more than 80 acres and offers plenty for hikers looking to take advantage of its many trails located near downtown. The historic campus features several buildings from the early 1900s, including a sizeable cathedral-style church with stained glass windows along with a private boardwalk overlooking Portage Bay that’s great for views on clear days! After exploring Saint Edwards’ grounds by foot or boat on Lake Washington during summertime, there’s no better way to end your visit than with an outdoor adventure at one of Seattle’s best waterfront parks.

In addition to the main campus, Saint Edward State Park is home to a natural area that features wetlands and upland forests! The park’s trails make it easy to access these spaces for birdwatching or picnics along the water. After exploring the grounds on foot, there’s no better way to end your visit than with an outdoor adventure at one of Seattle’s best waterfront parks in Washington state! Whether you’re here during summertime for boating on Lake Washington or wintertime, ideal for snowshoeing among evergreens, this place has something special just waiting around every corner. For visitors who love hiking through stunning views year-round, sunshine awaits within Edwards’ lush green spaces filled with various wildlife!

When To Visit:

In general, spring and summer make great times to visit as these seasons provide beautiful views but aren’t too crowded either. However, winter also has its perks, as it’s a great time to see the trees and lakes covered in snow!

Here are some more tips for when you should visit:

Spring: What can be better than taking a walk around one of Seattle’s most beautiful parks while enjoying the blooming flowers? The park is perfect during spring thanks to its many green areas full of life. There will also be an annual tulip festival in May where visitors get free tulips if they bring any children with them.

Summer: As summer goes by quickly, so you don’t want to miss out on sunny days at Saint Edward State Park! There’s nothing like going hiking early in the morning or late afternoon after work before it gets too dark outside – you’ll be able to see the sun setting over Lake Washington while still enjoying a fresh breeze.

Fall: Autumn is also a fantastic time at this park because of its colorful leaves and all the different shades that will surround you! If you’re lucky, there might even be a pumpkin patch open during fall, so make sure to check it out if you have kids who would love seeing this.
Winter: In wintertime, Saint Edward State Park gets very quiet as only a few visitors come here – which means more peace for those who do visit! You can walk along trails without being pushed by other people or worrying about getting lost in a crowd. And don’t forget to bring your camera with you because everything looks better when covered in white snow!

What To Bring:

If you’re going to visit the park outside of spring, summer, or fall, then it’s a good idea to bring some warm clothes with you as there is no heat source at this park. You can also find restrooms and food stands on site, so all your basic needs will be met here. – In addition, don’t forget sunscreen as well as sunglasses because those are two things that might come in handy during your time outdoors! And make sure not to leave any valuables inside your car when visiting Saint Edward State Park, as break-ins do happen from time to time…so keep all essential items on yourself instead!

Don’t forget bug spray either if you want to avoid being bothered by insects while enjoying nature around you!

If you want to bring your dog, then make sure that it’s leashed, and keep in mind that dogs aren’t allowed on beaches or trails – they can only walk along roads.

Don’t forget to bring a doggy bag with you so your pet can pick up its poop after going to the bathroom.

Finally, make sure that you have enough water and snacks with you because it’s not recommended to go hiking without eating anything beforehand – especially if this is your first time visiting Saint Edward State Park! You don’t want to get tired or dizzy while walking around outdoors in Seattle, as that could be dangerous for both yourself and others who might be nearby.

Where to find the Saint Edward State Park

Saint Edward State Park is located at 14445 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028, United States.

From Seattle, take I-405 north and exit at N.E. 85th St., following signs to Bothell/Kingsgate (Highway 104). Turn right onto 164th Avenue and then turn left on Avondale Road (there’s a sign for the park here), which turns into North Shorewood Drive as you near Saint Edward State Park. At the stop sign, go straight ahead on Lake Washington Blvd E; follow it about two miles to where it ends in front of the park’s main entrance.

Monday 7am–9pm
Tuesday 7am–9pm
Wednesday 7am–9pm
Thursday 7am–9pm
Friday 7am–9pm
Saturday 7am–9pm
Sunday 7am–9pm

Phone: +1 425-823-2992

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Saint Edward State Park in Seattle WA



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