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The Magical Quest that Begins with a Boat Ride to the Lake Union Park

This blog post will discuss a magical quest that begins with a boat ride to Lake Union Park. The Park is located in Seattle and stretches along the shoreline of Lake Union. It was created as an urban oasis for everyone to enjoy.

Lake Union Park, Seattle, is one of the most beautiful parks in the area. The Park has many activities for everyone to enjoy so you will never get bored during your stay here! There are several great things to do at Lake Union Park that can be enjoyed by all ages and anyone interested in getting out into nature or just wanting a little peace time away from home.

The Park has activities that people of all ages can enjoy while visiting Seattle. Some things that younger kids might enjoy include taking boat rides aboard classic wooden yachts or participating in local community events held by organizations such as The Rotary Club, which hosts their annual Seafood Festival every September bringing together music and food tasting from many local restaurants and bars.

History of Lake Union Park

The Park that we know today was first envisioned back in 1911 by the Olmsted Brothers. It was designed to offer residents of Seattle a space where they could gather and enjoy nature in an urban area. It was initially called the Lake Union Waterway Park, but in 1977 it was renamed to its current title of Lake Union Park.

Now, you’re probably wondering why it’s called Lake Union Park. Well, that has to do with the fact that this area is all located on a peninsula of land jutting out into south-central Seattle, which was once known as Portage Bay and later renamed after the lake itself, despite there being no actual bodies of water present here.

Activities and Events in Lake Union Park

Renting traditional kayaks allows visitors to explore the lake on their terms.

Biking around the Park! It has dedicated bike paths throughout its four miles making this easy and fun while visiting Seattle. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to see many points of interest at the Park.

Taking boat rides aboard classic wooden yachts with Captain Jack’s Cruise Excursions allowing both tourists and locals alike to take part in this slice of historic charm! Visitors can also take advantage of the Park’s many family-friendly activities such as picnicking with a group, playing on one of their playground areas, and participating in local community events! There is always something fun at Lake Union Park where people can come together to enjoy themselves.

You also have access to all waterfront trails that will lead up north towards downtown making this place very accessible, especially when using public transportation.

If you are looking for something more active, there are always free yoga classes being held three times per week by local instructors from various studios all over Seattle. There are also several events hosted every month featuring live music performances as well as dance parties, so check their calendar frequently to see what’s happening next!

Things to expect on your tour:

It takes around 20 minutes to walk from Westlake Center to the boat dock, where you start your magical journey.

There are two types of boat tours – a 50 minute or 90-minute tour that includes Lake Union’s history, the waterfront views, and houseboats.

If you want to go on both tours, then buy them as one ticket for $18 at the kiosk just before boarding your vessel. This saves time waiting in line.

There are more than 30 magical landings during your tour where you can disembark to explore or take a photo.

You’ll see Seattle’s iconic floating homes, the South Lake Union Trolley on Westlake Avenue, and Gas Works Park on North Lake Union – an old gas plant that was converted into a public park with its famous art installation of a steel plant.

When the boat docks at Lake Union Locks, you’ll walk past historic ships, enjoy fantastic views, and explore narrow winding corridors that lead to an interactive museum about how boats have been lifted from sea level to lake level since 1915.

There are many opportunities to feed the ducks or swans that frequent this area of Seattle.

The Magical Quest begins with a Boat Ride! The journey starts onboard one of Seattle’s privately owned vessels, taking us through different locks as we discover our city by water for 50 minutes or 90-minute tours. From there, you can say goodbye or disembark onto land whenever your heart desires! During this tour, stop at any magical places such as Gas Works Park, where art installations now occupy what once was an industrial site. There are 30+ stops during your trip, so be sure to bring your camera and enjoy the views of Seattle’s iconic floating homes!

There are so many things you can do at Lake Union Park! There always seems to be something going on, depending on what time of year. Some events include bicycle rodeos for kids during the summer months, wine tasting every Thursday from May until October, featuring local wineries and breweries.

What not to do in Lake Union Park:

Don’t feed the birds (it is illegal).

Don’t let your children play on top of boats without supervision! There are steep drop-offs and no lifeguards on duty. Always stay within arms’ reach, even if you think they can swim well.

Don’t start fires.

Don’t smoke any substances (including cigarettes).

Don’t leave your trash; this is a park, and we all need to look out for it.

Don’t start bonfires! They are illegal without a permit. If you plan on having one, check with the ranger station first before starting any large fires!

This list could go on and on, but these were just some of our most important ones at Lake Union Park in Seattle. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy their visit as much as they can! Always remember that if there is an issue or something wrong, please let someone know so we can help make sure this lovely place stays open for those who wish to use it often!

How to go to the Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park is located at 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States.

Lake Union Park is a great place to visit in Seattle. It’s located near the downtown area. It is located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The easiest way to get to downtown would be by public transportation, which takes about 20 minutes on average. It’s open daily, starting from dawn until dusk, and there are always rangers on duty who will help you get the most out of your visit!

Monday 4am–11:30pm
Tuesday 4am–11:30pm
Wednesday 4am–11:30pm
Thursday 4am–11:30pm
Friday 4am–11:30pm
Saturday 4am–11:30pm
Sunday 4am–11:30pm

Phone: +1 206-684-4075

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