Bridle Trails State Park in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Bridle Trails State Park

Bridle Trails State Park in Seattle, WA

Bridle Trails State Park is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a great place to hike and horseback ride. The park has 900 acres of diverse terrain that will challenge hikers and horseback riders alike. On the east side of the park, rolling hills provide a good workout for those who decide to explore them on foot or by horse; if you need more excitement, head west, where cliffs await!

History of the Bridle Trails State Park

The park was created in 1968 when the state legislature authorized a land swap that enabled King County to build an expressway. However, the property’s original owners had stipulated that if they were ever unable to continue maintaining their roads on this section of highway, then ownership would revert to them or their heirs. To ensure public access continued after construction began, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission took over management duties for these roads (and about 900 acres) pending completion of complete ownership transfer upon retirement by either party; this occurred in 1979 with final conveyance granted 1984. The Bridle Trails State Park provides scenic trails throughout its nearly 800-acre forested landscape, home to many native plants and wildlife. The park contains over 28 miles of trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Things to know about the Bridle Trails State Park:

Bridle Trails is a vast park that you can spend all day in. There are several trails and many different sights to see, so wear comfortable shoes and plan on being outside for a while. The North trailhead has off-leash dog walking, making it the perfect place if you have your puppy! If not, there’s still plenty of hiking options without dogs allowed on them too. Many people love this area because it feels like an escape from Seattle even though it isn’t far away. The trails are well maintained, and there is so much to do you could spend all day here.

It’s important to note that dogs are not allowed in Bridle Trails State Park at all. There is no water access either; however, there are several trails that are wheelchair accessible.

There is a large variety of plant life, including many types of trees and wildflowers (over 500 species), along with wildlife like river otters, lizards, deer, coyotes, and more.

The park has three central trail systems: – The Overlake Loop Trail is about two miles long and is accessible from the 148th Ave SE entrance. – The East Lake Sammamish Trail system has over six miles of trails and can be accessed by two entrances, NE 70th St or 74th St.

The Bridle Trails Loop trail starts at West Lake Sammamish Parkway NW, once a popular wagon route to Issaquah and other communities east of Seattle.

Several gravel roads allow you to drive through the park, but be aware that these routes can become very crowded with cars on weekends.

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, horseback riding is also at Bridle Trails State Park! You can bring your horse, or you can rent one. Several routes range from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty (and varying distances).

Things to do in Bridle Trails State Park

Hiking trails take you through forests, wetlands, and grasslands. The park offers miles of hiking trails to explore on foot or by bicycle – equestrian activities including horseback riding (bring your horse).

Picnicking areas with tables, grills, and restrooms are located throughout the park

Wildlife activities include birding in season, viewing beaver ponds, and trout fishing in the lake

Mountain bike activities include 13 miles of trails for beginner to advanced riders, including a skills course

Horseback riding activities include horse trails for beginner to advanced riders, including a skills course.

Horseback riding activities are available year-round (you can bring your horse or rent one).

Bridle Trails State Park activities are open year-round (weather permitting).

Hiking trails take you through forests, wetlands, and grasslands.

Mountain bike activities for beginner to advanced riders on 13 miles of trails, including a skills course.

Things not to do in Bridle Trails State Park

Cameras are allowed on the site is held by hand or tripod (no cameras on helmets), but no pets, smoking, or alcohol is permitted in the park.

Avoid the trails after it rains as they will be muddy and slippery.

Bridges are for foot traffic only, no bikes or horses, so keep this in mind when exploring the trails.

Location and Admission of Bridle Trails State Park

The Bridle Trails State Park is located at 5300 116th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033, United States.

Admission to the Bridle Trails State Park

It is fee-based. Visitors can pay to use the park for hiking and horseback riding purposes, which are two of the many activities available at this nature preserve. Most people hike on Bridle Trails State Park trails because they offer a wide range of spectacular views that visitors cannot find anywhere else in Seattle or even Washington state!

The Bridle Trails State Park has two main trailheads for hikers and horseback riders:

The Bridle Trails State Park Trailhead and the other main park entrance is the Lynnwood Road Trailhead for hikers and horseback riders. It provides access to a network of trails that cross the Bridle Trails, State Park.

Hours of Operation

Sunrise to Sunset daily, year-round. Day use only; activities must cease 30 minutes before Sunset.

Phone: +1 425-452-6885

Website: Bridle Trails State Park

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Bridle Trails State Park in Seattle WA



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