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Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts in Seattle, WA

Have you been to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts? If not, then I highly recommend that you go. This museum has a great collection of artwork from the Northwest region and beyond! The variety in subject matter is fantastic, so there will be something for everyone! We have paintings by famous Seattle artists like Kenneth Callahan and Mark Tobey and work by many other talented artists.

The island itself has a rich history, including its role during WWII when shipyards ran 24 hours per day to build ships for war efforts. One can experience some aspects of this at both Fort Ward Park and Eagle Harbor aboard the USS Turner Joy, which was part of an important naval event: The Battle of Midway, where US forces defeated Japanese battleships. Today there is a small, free museum that allows you to learn more about this.

History of Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts is located near downtown Seattle. The museum was founded in 1985 and opened to the public on May 19, 1996. It features over 11,000 square feet of exhibit space dedicated to art exhibits that change monthly or quarterly depending on the artist’s availability for displaying their work. Other options include traveling exhibitions from other museums around the world and educational classes for adults and children during school breaks throughout the year.

About the Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts

The Museum of Arts is located in Winslow on Bainbridge Island. This museum features artworks by local artists, including ceramics, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more. With over 250 pieces displayed throughout the museum, you’ll find yourself enjoying each piece.

The Museum of Arts also hosts events, including the free monthly Artful Afternoons for families with children 18 and under to enjoy together. These are fun-themed art activities that encourage learning through play! This museum offers exhibits with a focus on works by local artists.  The galleries feature paintings, photography, and ceramics from these artists and nationally known ones. The museum also hosts rotating exhibits with up-and-coming regional artists. There are also rotating special exhibitions that highlight the work of other regional or national artists.

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts has monthly events for all ages. These include hands-on art projects, family workshops, and lectures by artists or educators on various topics related to the arts. There are also film screenings that feature documentaries about local artists and international ones who have ties to the community. Every first Sunday of each month is a free day at this museum, so people can explore it without paying admission fees! The next time you’re in Seattle, be sure to stop by Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts; you’ll love what they offer here!

Facts about Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts

It is one of the oldest non-profit art museums in Washington state. The collection includes contemporary and modern works created by artists from around the world, along with artwork made locally. Many pieces highlight local history, such as Native Americans who lived on or near Bainbridge Island.

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has a great gift shop and cafe with outdoor seating and two large exhibition halls, and many smaller galleries for rotating exhibits throughout the year. It’s also worth noting that it is one of three museums on Bainbridge, all within walking distance from each other; perfect if you want to make a day out of exploring local history!

The Museum houses over 12,000 works of art. The collection includes pieces by well-known artists such as Jeff Oliphant and Howard Brodey. The museum also features rotating exhibits that are free to the public every month.

New exhibitions are always being added, so there’s always something new to see at
Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts. In addition to the rotating exhibits, there are also permanent installations that depict life on Bainbridge Island throughout history.

Free Membership for Seattle residents. This will give you free admission every day. Private tours of the museum. These can include guided tours, art workshops, and more. Famous People Who Have Visited The Bainbridge Island Museum Of Arts: Mark Twain (Author), Will Rogers (Entertainer), Henry Fonda (Actor). Other celebrities include Bob Hope, Jack Benny & Ginger Rodgers. Today, President Barack Obama has also visited this museum.

Activities in Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts.

See art made by local artists.

Watch artwork be created in the studio on site.

Shop for unique handmade gifts at the gift shop.

Educational programs for children and adults.

Exhibitions that change every month or quarter.

List of Things You Shouldn’t do in Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts:

Do not forget your camera

Do not eat food

Do not touch the artwork

Do not run in the gallery spaces

Don’t forget to bring your ID!

Don’t forget your membership card if you’re a member!

Don’t wear dirty shoes. Please bring extra clothes to change into too so that you don’t ruin the artwork.

Locations and Admission

Bainbridge Island Museum is located at 550 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, United States.

Bus: – Take Bus #115 (runs along Madison Ave.) or 1050 (stops at Winslow Way & Ericksen Ave NE) both contain right in front of the museum – get off near the brick walls surrounding its entrance. Similarly, we will be writing some additional sentences here.

Car: – Drive on I-90 W until you get to Exit #15 (Madison St. NE).

Island Ferry Terminal and walk towards Ericksen Ave. NW, then turn left onto Winslow Way, which will lead you straight into museum grounds. During this time, we were writing some additional sentences here as well!

Admission prices are free for SAM members, ticket ranges from $12.99 – $19.99 (depending on age) per adult ticket, with discounts available if you purchase multiple keys at once. Children under 14 can also enter free! Additionally, there is always a docent stationed inside who can answer any questions about upcoming exhibits even talk more generally about what to expect if you’re thinking about attending for the first time.

Monday 10am–5pm
Tuesday 10am–5pm
Wednesday 10am–5pm
Thursday 10am–5pm
Friday 10am–5pm
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday 10am–5pm

Phone: +1 206-842-4451


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Bainbridge Island Museum of Arts in Seattle WA



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