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Seattle Neighborhood – Queen Anne

The Queen Anne Neighborhood


Queen Anne is a fun, quiet neighborhood that offers residents an eclectic mix of residential homes and commercial establishments. This historic neighborhood features Victorian-style mansions, quaint bungalows, and post-war apartments. It has a diverse population with many different cultures represented. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Queen Anne, as well as other amenities you will need for living life comfortably.


Queen Anne is a neighborhood located just north of Downtown. The topography and location have made Queen Anne surrounded by many hills, which gives the area its name. However, there are also several large bodies of water, including both Lake Union and Green Lake. Because of this, Queen Anne homes for sale range from modern luxury high-rises to quaint older homes. This makes it an ideal place for all types of buyers looking for homes in Seattle.


About the Queen Anne Neighborhood


Queen Anne is a Seattle, Washington neighborhood located on the highest named hill in the city. Queen Anne features historic architecture and homes with expansive views of Downtown Seattle to Puget Sound. Visitors enjoy boutique shopping, cafes and restaurants, and an active nightlife scene supported by locals and students from nearby the University of Washington’s main campus. The historical landmark Kerry View House offers visitors panoramic views from the top of Queen Anne Hill. 


Queen Anne neighborhood provides all the advantages associated with living within a small yet vibrant community where you can spend more time doing what you love rather than spending your days commuting between work or school and errands or social engagements. It’s worth putting this unique place on your list of potential neighborhoods to consider once ready to make a move from renting out to own, which will allow you full access into Downtown via a freeway or public transportation while providing quick day trips out; of town when time permits! It’s possible to find a beautiful single-family detached home perched high atop historic Queen Anne Hill starting.


Queen Anne also features homes in all price ranges, from affordable condos and apartments for rent near the University of Washington campus or Downtown Seattle to beautiful single-family detached homes on larger lots perched high atop Queen Anne Hill. The commute into Downtown either by car or via public transportation is quick due to its central location within the city, which makes it an excellent choice for those working Downtown without having to live right in that crowded neighborhood but still being able to enjoy almost everything that makes a living in Seattle great! Day trips out of town are easy, too, as there’s direct freeway access both north and south, making day trips very convenient when time permits. Queen Anne has a very small-town feel while at the same time being just minutes from Seattle’s vibrant downtown core.


This neighborhood offers residents and visitors alike a great place to enjoy outdoor activities or relax while taking in some of the best views available anywhere within this picturesque Pacific Northwest City. After all, “Life moves pretty fast – if you don’t stop once in a while and look around, I think that may be why we have speeding tickets.” (Ferris Bueller).


Facts about the Queen Anne Neighborhood


Queen Anne is located in the center of Seattle. It borders Elliott Bay to the north, Interbay, Magnolia to the east, Lake Union on its western border, Myrtle Edwards Park on Puget Sound to the south. The area was settled by David Denny, who named it after his wife’s maiden name, “Queen” Anne Elizabeth Lloyd Meany (1867–1934). They arrived with four children in 1852 at Alki Point aboard a schooner which they had built themselves before sailing from Portland, Oregon. With their combined three families totaling thirteen people plus supplies for members left behind who would follow later. Their first residence was underneath an old abandoned cabin where they had lived together as a family. They later moved to a small rented house on Puget Sound, where they were joined by the rest of their families who arrived in 1853 aboard another schooner, the “Cleveland.”


Historians have described the area now known as Queen Anne as an undeveloped village until the arrival of Edmund Thomas Black, David Denny’s brother-in-law. He purchased a tract of land on top of what was then called “Garden Hill,” overlooking Puget Sound and Elliott Bay in 1887. Having acquired all but 500 acres from his other family members, including David Denny, he began to market it for development under “Seattle Heights.” However, he would later rename it after Queen Anne, who had not yet ascended her British throne. There were only three houses along First Avenue West at Madison Street: those owned by Erastus Brainerd, Charles Brown, and James Colman. 


Their farms had earlier been platted into Queen Anne Lots by Arthur Denny and Carson Boren. Once the lots began selling, Black constructed his own home on Market Street, which he opened bed and breakfast named “The Prospector” in 1888. His residence was quickly followed by the house of Judge Thomas Burke and a hotel in 1891. The neighborhood multiplied after this, although it would be 1905 before a streetcar line down Queen Anne Avenue. This led to the construction of several magnificent homes in the neighborhood along First Avenue West, including that of Governor John McGraw, which was later moved to 12th Avenue West and then in 1959 donated to the University of Washington, where it became one of two buildings forming the University’s Museum of History and Industry.


In 1907 a small amusement park was built at Queen Anne Avenue North and Roy Street, including a trolley, dance hall, ballroom, and roller coaster. Queen Anne Park was later reduced to allow construction of the Seattle Center grounds, which now occupy the entire neighborhood. The current Queen Anne Park is located to the southeast on Crown Hil.


Activities in Queen Anne Neighborhood

Queen Anne is a beautiful neighborhood with many things to do! There are several great parks, some great restaurants, and even the Seattle Center Monorail for a quick ride downtown. Other amenities in this neighborhood include a great view from the Seattle Center and plenty of shops & restaurants along Queen Anne Ave.


Some parks and trails provide excellent running opportunities year-round, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy course running while enjoying some of the best scenery available anywhere within this incredible Pacific Northwest City! Queen Anne neighborhood is home to great shopping & recreation options with its numerous parks, trails, and outdoor activities, making a living in Seattle a truly unique experience not found everywhere else! It’s an ideal place to spend more time doing what you love rather than spending all your days commuting between work or school along with errands or social engagements.


Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is a great place to watch the Space Needle, take in some live music or see an incredible piece of artwork. Just north of Queen Anne is Fremont and Ballard, two wonderful neighborhoods with lots going on. Great restaurants abound throughout this city! Pioneer Square has plenty of cool bars & pubs for adults, while Capitol Hill offers fun locales that attract younger crowds.


Kerry Park

Kerry Park is another popular destination for those visiting or living in Queen Anne. It provides panoramic views of Downtown, Elliott Bay, and Puget Sound, with Downtown’s iconic skyline as its backdrop. In addition to excellent sunrises and sunsets from this location, it has become famous, mainly because photographers frequently try to capture the perfect photo here! There’s even a tiny area with a bench dedicated to the many photographers who have captured this view.


Mount Rainier National Park

Day trip destinations include Mount Rainier National Park, which has numerous running trails in the summertime for those who enjoy course running while being able to experience some of the most beautiful scenery available anywhere within this incredible Pacific Northwest City! 


Community Events in Queen Anne Neighborhood


Queen Anne Neighborhood is a fun, quiet neighborhood with great views and important community events. People who live in this historic district love it for its charm, elegance, and close-knit feel. Residents come together each year to celebrate the holidays at their annual holiday parade and host many other events throughout the year, including Summer Concert Series, Seafair Torchlight Parade, and Kid’s Fishing Day. There are also movie nights under the stars every summer where people can enjoy free family entertainment while watching movies outdoors after dusk.


In addition, Queen Anne hosts a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning during the summer months at Mercer Slough Park, featuring local produce, flowers, and handmade items for sale.


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