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The Pioneer Square Neighborhood


The Pioneer Square neighborhood in Seattle is the first official neighborhood of Seattle. It was settled by pioneers moving westward on the Oregon Trail and claims to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, with many historic buildings still standing today. The city’s newest expansion project, a light rail station connecting to downtown, will soon open up near the heart of this historic district.


About the Pioneer Square Neighborhood


The Pioneer Square Neighborhood is the city’s oldest neighborhood. It sits on the waterfront of the central business district, bordered by Main Street to the north and South King Street to the south. This historic area has several attractions for visitors, including restaurants, galleries, museums, and theaters. The most notable feature in this Seattle community is its Victorian architecture that still exists today through many buildings constructed during its early years as an essential seaport town before it became part of modern-day Seattle City Proper.


Pioneer Square Neighborhood first official neighborhood in 1852 and has been continuously developed ever since. The area was once an important center of trade during the Klondike Gold Rush. There are many historical attractions throughout this neighborhood, including Colman School Museum, Underground Tour, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tours, and more! It is centrally located, making it an easy commute from other parts of town such as Queen Anne or Belltown neighborhoods. Several excellent restaurants to choose from their menu with all these entertainment opportunities, including El Gaucho Grill Steakhouse & Bar or Ivar’s Acres Of Clams. You will find plenty of apartment rentals in this area with different price ranges depending on your preference. Pioneer Square Neighborhood is the perfect location for an apartment rental if you are close to downtown.


The neighborhood was given its present name in 1853 by David Swinson Maynard, who settled there with his family after arriving from Boston, Massachusetts. Pioneer Square Neighborhood is well known for having been the busiest place in Seattle during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 when gold-seekers from all over the world flocked to Seattle, which served as a major transportation center.


Pioneer Place Park runs along Alaskan Way, where you can enjoy views across Puget Sound towards Mount Baker (visible when conditions are correct). A new addition called Waterfront Park was created after a massive renovation project in the early 2000s. This park gives visitors a direct waterfront connection from Pioneer Square to Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium, and Olympic Sculpture Park.


Facts about the Pioneer Square Neighborhood


Pioneer Square is among Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods for tourists visiting, with an estimated one million annual visitors each year. It has been ranked as #20 on USA Today’s list of top 25 best places to live in America by NeighborhoodScout .com after considering crime rates, public schools, cost of living, and amenities such as restaurants and bars per square mile. The neighborhood was named after the pioneers that came from all over America during Washington State’s formative years when it was still a territory to become a US state.


Pioneer Square Neighborhood is a nationally registered historic district initially founded as “New York Alki,” the first permanent American settlement in what would become the state of Washington. The neighborhood takes its modern name from an earlier naming contest won by New York native William Renton who named his new land after John W. Marshall, a contemporary judge and local landowner.


The Pioneer Square Neighborhood is the oldest in Seattle. It was named after the founders of the city, who were explorers that followed Christopher Columbus to America. The new generations have changed its name from New York Alki into just Alki and then finally shortened it to simply “Alki” before settling on Pioneer Square.


The neighborhood is also well known for its role in Seattle’s history of vice and illicit activities with the infamous red-light district “Skid Row,” now Pioneer Square Park. This area was home to many brothels, saloons, gambling halls, and opium dens that operated in the neighborhood from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.


Activities in Pioneer Square Neighborhood


Pioneer Square Neighborhood is centrally located in the city, making it an easy commute to most downtown areas. The neighborhood hosts various events throughout the year, including the famous Seafair Pirates Landing Festival, which brings pirates and their ships into town. Pioneer Square also offers many historical attractions such as Occidental Park, Colman School Museum, Underground Tour, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tours.


With all these options for entertainment, there are several excellent restaurants to choose from their menu, including El Gaucho Grill Steakhouse & Bar or Ivar’s Acres Of Clams. There are plenty of apartment rentals available in this area with different price ranges depending on your preference. If you are looking for a great place to live close to downtown Pioneer Square Neighborhood is the perfect location.


The neighborhood is home to the world-famous Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, which guides visitors through a series of underground tunnels and cellars carved out during Pioneer Square Neighborhood’s early days and some modern-day utility tunnels such as those belonging to City Light, the city electric company.


Many activities are happening in this area, including sports events, theater shows, music concerts, festivals, and food tastings which attract tourists from all over around West Coast region visit every year, making it a popular tourist destination for visitors coming through nearby cruise ships in Elliott Bay or arriving at King Street station by Amtrak train or Sounder commuter rail service lines.


Community Events in Pioneer Neighborhood


Pioneer Square Neighborhood is located in the heart of downtown, just over a mile south of the city’s iconic Space Needle and less than two miles north of Tacoma. The neighborhood’s rich history makes it one of Seattle’s most popular tourist destinations, while its charm and beauty make it an ideal place to live or work. Here are some community events in Pioneer Square Neighborhood:


Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF): This annual film festival brings the best international cinema to Seattle, highlighting over 200 films from more than 50 countries.


Pioneer Square Art Walk: This event takes place every second Saturday of the month and offers visitors a chance to experience various works by local artists.


Pioneer Square Wooden Boat Festival: This event celebrates the heritage of wooden boats with demonstrations, hands-on activities, and opportunities to tour some historical vessels.


Seattle PrideFest: This annual event is held in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and celebrates the LGBTQ community.


Seattle Hempfest: The largest cannabis reform rally globally, Hempfest is a three-day event that brings together tens of thousands to advocate for legalization.


First Thursday Art Walk Seattle’s Underground Tour is a guided tour of the city’s oldest neighborhoods featuring tales of its most infamous residents, including prostitutes, gamblers, and bootleggers. Tours are conducted by local actors dressed in period costumes who enlighten patrons on Pioneer Square Neighborhood’s history and Seattle’s.


Annual Festival of Balloons: This is a yearly event organized by the Museum of Flight that pays tribute to Seattle’s aviation history, featuring hot air balloon launches.


Torchlight Parade: the nighttime parade begins at Gas Works Park and ends in front of the Seattle Aquarium, where participants light torches representing their respective countries, states, or organizations.


Things to do Near Pioneer Square Neighborhood


Smith Tower

Smith Tower: A Neo-Gothic tower built-in 1914. The building was the tallest in Seattle, and between its completion and the Space Needle’s construction, it held many records.


Klondike Gold Rush National Historical

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical: The first national park in Washington State. It tells the story of Seattle’s role as a gateway to Alaska and Canada during the Klondike Gold Rush.


UPS Waterfall Garden Park

UPS Waterfall Garden Park: A water feature in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. It has a waterfall, reflecting pool, and benches where visitors can read or relax.


Foster/White Gallery

Foster/White Gallery: A gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. It is known for its art exhibits of local artists, including Dale Chihuly and Kenneth Callahan.


Occidental Square

Occidental Square: A public square in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Historic brick buildings surround it, and it hosts an annual summer solstice celebration with art, music, and lots of people.


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