Seattle Neighborhood – Pike-Pine Corridor / Pike/Pine

Pike-Pine Corridor / Pike/Pine Neighborhood


In Seattle, a rapidly changing and growing city, one of the more noticeable changes has been in the Pike-Pine Corridor. In recent years, there have been numerous new businesses moving into this area, bringing new energy and vitality to what was once a desolate part of town.


This neighborhood is full of history, diverse cultures, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Whether you are looking for someplace to relax with a cup of coffee or want an alternative nightlife experience, Pike/Pine has something for everyone! Seattle’s Pike/Pine Corridor / Neighborhood is the perfect destination for any traveler.


About the Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood


The Pike-Pine Corridor neighborhood is located in Seattle, Washington. It is also known as the “East Village” and runs through Capitol Hill between downtown Seattle and First Hill. This city area has a unique history with regards to its development due to several factors, including streetcar lines, architecture, transportation access points for drivers, and a large population of artists.


Today the neighborhood is known for its unique stores on Pike Street from 12th Avenue to Melrose Avenue, including antique shops, high-end clothing boutiques, coffee houses, and bars. There are also many restaurants in this area that range from fast food to five-star dining experiences with prices at every level. This Capitol Hill section of Seattle has been trendy since it was initially developed due to its walkability (the ability to go out without needing transportation) and access points for drivers, making getting around much more accessible than other neighborhoods in Capitol Hill or even downtown Seattle itself.


Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood is an excellent example of the many dynamic and diverse neighborhoods in Capitol Hill. The community attracts artists, musicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs who contribute to its unique character and a strong sense of place. Pike/Pine is a neighborhood where art and the creative spirit are celebrated, nurtured, and integrated into everyday life.


This neighborhood is a great place to find unique shops, restaurants, and bars. There are many one-of-a-kind cafes with characters you won’t soon forget. One perfect example is the Elliott Bay Cafe, which has perfected that “Seattle Coffee Shop” feel.


Facts about the Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood:


Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood is also home to the world-famous Museum of Flight, which houses more than 150 historic aircraft and spacecraft. The museum offers tours, film presentations, IMAX movies, lectures by leading experts in aviation history, and much more! For sports enthusiasts, Century Link Field (home of the Seattle Seahawks) is located close to downtown, so it’s easy for residents living near Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood to attend essential games throughout the year. This neighborhood truly has something for everyone—and there’s no other place like it in Washington State!


The Pike-Pine Corridor is a thriving community full of life and energy. Forbes has recognized it as one of five up-and-coming neighborhoods in America. Though it’s still going through some growing pains (like most areas around here), there are great things to come for this neighborhood shortly!


The heart of this vibrant district has long been its music scene: Nirvana made their first record at Reciprocal Recording Studios along with bands like Soundgarden and Tad; Jimi Hendrix lived around here as a teenager; Mookie Blaylock was formed right down on E Pine St.; Green River also recorded an album nearby before becoming Mudhoney; Pearl Jam got their start at the OK Hotel on Broadway, and many others have been part of this unique scene.


The Pike-Pine Corridor is a popular area for young professionals, students/interns who attend nearby universities (University of Washington, Seattle University), and families with children. Many new housing developments are being built to accommodate the growing number of residents calling this neighborhood home!


Activities in Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood


When you finally reach the Pike-Pine Corridor / Neighborhood, there is no shortage of things to do! For an afternoon or evening adventure, stop in at Savor Wine Boutique & Bottle Shop for some tasty wine from around the world or Refuge Urban Art for an art gallery that is unlike any other. If you are looking to continue your night out on the town, try the Saint John’s Bar and Eatery, which has a great menu of food along with tasty drinks, or Big Mario’s New York Style Pizza & Tap Room; for some pizza slices!


In addition to being one of Seattle’s most walkable neighborhoods, Pike-Pine Corridor is also an excellent place for biking. Many trails and bike lanes make it easy and fun to cruise through the neighborhood on two wheels. The best time of year to go cycling in the Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood is summer when the weather is warm and dry.


Pike-Pine Corridor is also a hotspot for nightlife and gallery hopping. The best way to experience the galleries in Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood is by attending First Thursday events from around six pm until ten pm on the first Thursday of every month. In addition to art, there are many bars and restaurants with live music venues within walking distance of each other, so it’s easy to spend an evening listening to some tunes while enjoying tasty food or drinks. It can be hard not to have a good time here!


There are tons of things going on all year round. For example, the Capitol Hill Block Party is a huge outdoor music festival in late July every year. It draws tens of thousands of people to enjoy diverse musical acts on seven stages throughout Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood. And for those interested in local history, there are several active historical societies within this district, with one whose purpose is solely dedicated to preserving the culture of Scandinavian immigrants.


One of the most popular is attending a concert at Showbox Sodo or The Crocodile. In addition to concerts and comedy shows, movie buffs can catch their favorite film at Cinerama, while sports fans head to see a Sounders FC match in Pioneer Square. History lovers will find plenty of sites from Washington’s past, including Occidental Park, which has been transformed into a public square for dignitaries that once visited Seattle during the early 1900s. There are also several art galleries throughout this area, such as SAM Gallery and Roq la Rue Art Gallery, along with many restaurants serving unique creations. Travelers should stop by Tippe & Drague for a beer or two and some grub.


Attractions in Pike-Pine Corridor Neighborhood:


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Belltown: Belltown is a key Seattle neighborhood. It’s centrally located, just south of the central business district and north of Elliott Bay Marina.

Novelty Hill: Novelty Hill’s main thoroughfare is Front Street. Some of the many businesses along this street are upscale restaurants, boutiques, and a wine bar.

Januik Winery

Januik Winery: Januik Winery is a family-owned and operated winery that produces some of Washington State’s finest wines. They began in 1986 and had been growing ever since.

DeLille Cellars

DeLille Cellars: DeLille Cellars is Washington State’s largest winery. They produce over 40 different wines and are known for their Bordeaux-style red blends. The winery is located in Woodinville, Washington, and was founded in 1991 by Ted DeLille.

Betz Family Winery

Betz Family Winery: The Betz Family Winery is a family-owned and operated vineyard producing some of Washington State’s finest wines. They use organic farming practices and are committed to the environment.


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