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The Pike-Market Neighborhood


Pike-Market Neighborhood is a historic district that has seen many changes over the years. It was originally settled by Native Americans, then later became home to settlers and immigrants from Europe. Now it’s one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Seattle, with plenty of restaurants, shops, hotels, and other attractions for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re in town on business or just looking for great food and drink, Pike-Market Neighborhood is an excellent place to spend your time!


About the Pike-Market Neighborhood


The Pike-Market Neighborhood is one of the most historic neighborhoods in all of Seattle. The neighborhood has a rich history that can be traced back to before it was founded, starting with Native Americans. When King County became its county and later when Seattle itself became its city, things began to change rapidly for this area. The Pike-Market Neighborhood is a special place for many reasons, but the main one is its history.


The neighborhood is located near downtown and along the waterfront of Puget Sound in between Belltown and Queen Anne Hill. The area has been around since 1852, when it was settled by David Denny’s family that later grew into an actual town called “Duwamps.” In 1870, this then became known as “Pikesville,” which came from James A Pike, who named it after himself because he thought there were too many Dennys already living there at the time! It wasn’t until 1907 did something happened to make Pikesville what we know today as Pike-Market Neighborhood – a fire destroyed most of the buildings and homes, so they were rebuilt with brick instead. The neighborhood has since been known for being one of the oldest in all of Seattle, but it continues to grow.


The neighborhood has a rich history that can be traced back to before it was founded, starting with Native Americans. When King County became its county and later when Seattle itself became its city, things began to change rapidly for this area. The Pike-Market Neighborhood is a special place for many reasons, but the main one is its history. There are some great benefits of living in this neighborhood, including transportation, local bars/restaurants, shopping, etc. It’s also close to other cool neighborhoods like Belltown, which makes both enjoyable places to live while still being able to experience everything else nearby – just like the Pike-Market Neighborhood.


Facts about the Pike-Market Neighborhood:


This neighborhood has a very diverse population that includes: young adults, seniors. There’s also an equally good mix of single residents, families with children, married couples who live in this area together. These people all share one commonality, though; they love living here! It’s such a great place to call home because there are so many things right at their fingertips! The Pike Market does indeed have quite the historical value, which makes it even more appealing for those looking for something different from what any old ‘neighborhood’ would offer them.


The Pike Market Neighborhood is famous for its unique location, boasting a beautiful view of Puget Sound. The real estate market in this area offers people some very breathtaking homes that are all within walking distance to downtown Seattle’s most popular attractions, restaurants, and businesses. It’s no wonder so many young professionals want to move here! There is always something new with events being held year-round at the numerous venues around town, including art shows, concerts & festivals. You can even take part in yoga classes or workout sessions if you feel like getting your zen on outdoors amongst beautiful nature! This does have it all! And yes, food lovers rejoice because there are over 100 different international cuisines to choose from, along with a few of the best seafood restaurants around.


The Pike Market Neighborhood has an excellent public transportation system with multiple bus lines and rail systems to quickly get people everywhere they need! It’s so easy to go out of town for fun day trips too because there are countless places nearby like: Lake Union, Gasworks Park & Kerry Park, which offer fantastic panoramic views for photos opportunities, as well as trails where you can hit the hiking trail if desired.


Activities in Pike-Market Neighborhood


Pike Market Seattle is one great neighborhood in this city; it does have something extraordinary to offer everyone who lives here, no matter what age group or lifestyle preference these folks may be looking for.


Pike-Market Neighborhood is a popular restaurant neighborhood to grab dinner and drinks with friends or family. Visitors can choose from over 40 restaurants located along the Pike Market streets of Western Avenue and Post Alley, including Italian cuisine, seafood dishes, French pastries, or traditional American fare. This historic urban neighborhood also features many local art galleries and shops for visitors to explore while they enjoy an afternoon stroll along this famous stretch of waterfront land. Pike-Market Neighborhood is also home to the famous Pike Place Market, known for its fresh produce and flowers.


This market has been in operation since 1907 and offers over 200 specialty shops offering local goods such as handcrafted jewelry or handmade soaps. The neighborhood itself is a historic one featuring cobblestone streets with storied architecture dating back nearly 100 years ago when it was part of an industrial district along Puget Sound’s waterfront. Visitors to the area can grab a quick tour of this historic district by riding the vintage-style trolley that runs through Pike Market.


Things to do in Pike-Market Neighborhood


Rachel's Ginger Beer

There are so many great things to do in the Pike-Market neighborhood. You can start by heading down to Pike Place Market and enjoying all that it has to offer! The market is filled with local vendors who sell fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, flowers, bread, and maple syrup. There are also specialty stores like Rachel’s Ginger Beer. You can get their unique ginger beer made right on the premises using natural ingredients like fruit juices and pure cane sugar instead of chemicals or preservatives. For an experience unlike any other, head over to Beecher’s Cheese for a taste of delicious cheeses accompanied by delectable freshly baked bread (which they happen to make daily). If you want something lighter, try picking up some fresh bagels at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company and stop by Beecher’s for their famous Mac & Cheese.


Tasting Room

Another excellent option for those looking to try something new is The Tasting Room. This restaurant has some of the best food in all of Seattle and specializes in wine tasting! When you visit this place, they will pair your meal with a specific kind of wine so that you can fully enjoy and experience both together, which isn’t common at other restaurants. If this sounds like it might be up your alley, then we recommend giving them a shot! You won’t regret it!


Bacco Ristorante

Take a visit to restaurants in Pike-Market Seattle like California Pizza Kitchen and Bacco Ristorante for Italian food cravings or Pok Pok Thai Restaurant when you want something different from your standard fare. In addition, there are also various cafes such as Miro Tea Room, where you can sit down and relax while enjoying a great cup of coffee. There’s even an Irish pub if that fits what you’re looking for! The nightlife scene ranges from smaller bars like Ozzie’s on First Avenue to larger dance clubs at Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room & Bar. Whether it be small pubs or large nightclubs, this neighborhood has everything you need.


Currently, there are so many new construction projects in Pike-Market Neighborhood. The Two Twenty One Second Avenue Condominiums is an excellent example of what’s to come for this district! This condominium will have its own rooftop living space with views of downtown and the waterfront and conveniently located retail on the ground floor level. With all these great amenities being offered, it’s no wonder that they’re selling out quickly!


Gum Wall

People from around Seattle make Pike-Market Neighborhood their home because of its proximity to downtown as well as being within walking distance or less than a five-minute drive away from some fantastic attractions such as the famous Gum Wall that you have; no doubt heard about! Not only can you visit this exciting attraction but there’s also a huge park just across the street where people enjoy playing sports, picnicking or even taking walks throughout when they want something new.


Cafe Allegro

Another popular place is Café Allegro, which was once voted best café by The Stranger magazine many years ago, so if coffee is what you’re looking for, then try visiting them! In addition, there are even places where you can get together with friends and enjoy some great food or drinks, like at The George & Dragon Pub, which is located on Eastlake near the University of Washington.

Pike-Market Neighborhood has something for everyone, no matter what your interests may be! With all that this area offers, it’s no wonder why so many people love living in Pike-Market Seattle. Not only do they have plenty to see and do while visiting, but also a wide range of amenities nearby, such as shopping centers, grocery stores, or even pharmacies if needed, while being within proximity to other areas around town. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to live, then look no further than Pike-Market Neighborhood because once you visit here, you’ll never want to leave.

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