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Seattle Neighborhood – North Beach / Blue Ridge

The North Beach / Blue Ridge Neighborhood


North Beach is a neighborhood that has been carefully planned to offer the best in urban living. It offers abundant natural light, beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier and easy access to transportation with bus routes nearby. The homes are well-designed for modern lifestyles with an open floor plan, luxurious kitchens with top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, and large walk-in closets. This area will provide anyone who moves here the opportunity to live in one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods!


North Beach is a family neighborhood that offers something for everyone. It has excellent schools with award-winning teachers, fun play areas, and parks where you can have a picnic or enjoy the outdoors, and it is close to Downtown for anyone who wants more excitement. It has an excellent mix of large and small homes so that you can find the right place for your family, 

whether they are big or just starting.


About the North Beach / Blue Ridge Neighborhood


The Seattle neighborhoods of North Beach and Blue Ridge are located in West Seattle, just south of Downtown. These areas have remained primarily residential since they were established for homes around 1905. The site is mainly single-family residences with some multi-unit buildings built after World War II to accommodate returning veterans who wanted to start their families near downtown employment opportunities. A few commercial centers exist along 35th Avenue SW, providing local shopping options within walking distance from home or quick bus access via Route 50 that runs through this neighborhood every 15 minutes during peak hours. This transit line also connects riders to several other routes, including Belltown, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and Golden Gardens Park, where visitors can enjoy one mile of sandy beachfront.


North Beach / Blue Ridge is a popular area for walkers, cyclists, and runners with its scenic views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains to the west, and Downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier to the southeast. The Alki Trail along West Seattle’s coastline has been voted as one of America’s top ten running trails by Running Times Magazine. This trail links up with other biking routes in this neighborhood, including Admiral Way, which runs through Lincoln Park, offering an off-road course from Fauntleroy Cove north into Northgate Mall on NE 103rd Street near I-405 or south towards SeaTac Airport via International Boulevard SE.


Facts about the North Beach / Blue Ridge Neighborhood


The North Beach / Blue Ridge neighborhood is in the north of Queen Anne. The area extends from Warren Avenue N to Galer Street and Elliott Bay (waterfront) on the west to Cambridge street at its eastern border with lower Fremont. It also includes what most people think of as “upper” Queen Anne Hill or simply Upper Queen Anne – that part of Jackson St between Denny Way & Boston St, which appears like a separate hill when viewed from downtown Seattle. This can be confusing because Google Maps refers to this entire region by one name: North Beach/Blue Ridge. There are three Seattle neighborhoods called ‘Northgate,’ so it becomes necessary to distinguish them using their respective geographic features; thus, we added the city name in parentheses at the top of this article.


Matt Fox and Katherine Mackinnon met with three other neighborhood residents: Christine Estelle Lee-George and Joseph Caffery, established Seattle Northgate Neighborhood Association (North Beach/Blue Ridge) on March 15, 2013, and Thomas Ransford. This small group believed that there was a need for an organization to fill the void left when the former community organizations were no longer available or active. The vast majority of Seattle’s neighborhoods have one such organization, so it seemed reasonable to assume the same could be said for our locale as well. So they took steps to form their civic association, which would support existing businesses while attracting new ones; work together with both private and public entities to keep the neighborhood safe and clean; advocate for improved transit facilities, sidewalks/bike paths, and parks.


Seattle Northgate Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization with no paid staff or board members: it has existed since its formation in March 2013 through books of minutes kept by Matt Fox (Secretary), Katherine Mackinnon (Treasurer), and Joseph Caffery, who serve as webmaster. The group includes people from every corner of this community, including Queen Anne Avenue N / Boston Street on the east border at Galer St – all residential streets between these borders are included within our geographical area, which also encompasses the Seattle Center campus but excludes McCaw Hall where there already exists an excellent organizational support system via ArtsFund whose offices are located both inside McCaw Hall and in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Center at 301 Mercer Street.


Seattle Northgate Neighborhood Association is open to all residents of our community with a focus on bringing together people from every corner, ethnicity, age group, or other demographic who want to make this neighborhood an even better place than it already is; for those looking for volunteer opportunities as well as businesses hoping to make connections within their industry (examples: restaurants can connect w/ nearby caterers). It’s also about working toward one common goal which benefits everyone – improved public transit, including light rail system because it will help reduce congestion that exists now; sidewalks & bike paths should be safe for pedestrians & bicyclists alike; establishing more park space whether via new construction or renovation of existing vacant lots.


Things To Do in North Beach / Blue Ridge:


Visit the North Beach / Blue Ridge Public Library: This library is a great place to learn and explore. Children can attend story time, enjoy arts and crafts during fun holiday celebrations, or join art classes for all ages. The library also offers free access to Lynda online courses, perfect for learning new software skills. There are regular programs at the library, including chess nights, book clubs, science lectures, ESL lessons, and community meetings about local issues.

Blue Ridge Community Festival: This neighborhood festival happens every summer with lots of fun booths & events happening all day long while locals enjoy delicious food from local restaurants.

Hoh River Trail: A great trail to walk with your dog, kids, or friends where you can see the mountains and river on foot!

Hoh River Trail

The North Beach Festival: A yearly event where you can see live music, food vendors, and more!

Waterfront Park: A great place to walk your dog or go for a run. The trail is about 12 miles long and goes by the water with beautiful views of mountains on one side and Puget Sound on the other side.

Seattle Air & Space Museum: This museum has over 25 aircraft, space capsules, and interactive exhibits, so kids have fun learning!

North Beach Park: Offers a playground, basketball court & picnic area that is perfect for families on sunny days! You’re also close to Green Lake, which has many more fun things to do like boat rentals, mini-golfing, and paddle boarding in the summertime.

North Beach Park


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