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Seattle Neighborhood – Magnolia

The Magnolia Neighborhood


Magnolia is a Seattle neighborhood that has long been the subject of urban legend. It’s an area where you can easily find artists, musicians, and other bohemian types. This neighborhood is known for its proximity to the Puget Sound waterfront, with beautiful views of Mount Rainier in the background. Magnolia is also home to many restaurants, stores, bookstores, and coffee shops frequented by locals and tourists looking for peace outside of busy downtown Seattle if you’re considering moving to Magnolia.


About the Magnolia Neighborhood


Magnolia Seattle is located to the west of downtown Seattle. Though it has proximity to the city, its natural beauty, and local businesses make it feel like an escape from your busy day-to-day life. The area features many unique shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, wineries/breweries, and parks for you to enjoy during all four seasons! Magnolias boundaries are Ballard at 13th Avenue West on the north side; Interbay at 15th Street East on the south side; Queen Anne Hill across Upper Fremont Ave N at about W Galer St on the east end with Discovery Park beyond that line in Northwest Side along California Avenue Southwest extending out towards Elliott Bay.


The neighborhood is named after the majestic magnolia trees dot its streets, parks, and public spaces. The area was once a temperate rainforest in pre-historic times when the land was submerged beneath seawater. Hundreds of years ago, during an earthquake, Puget Sound receded from this location, so now there are hills formed by the wind and waves over time! Magnolias Seattle enjoys mild weather throughout all seasons, with temperatures ranging from warm summers to snowy winters. Many locals enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding at nearby Mt Rainier or skiing/sledding at Hurricane Ridge on Olympic Peninsula within hours drive range westward across state lines up north! In between these two locations lies another popular outdoor attraction is known as The Seattle Great Wheel, which opened in 2012 and is a large, rotating Ferris wheel that gives riders incredible views of the city.


The neighborhood has many local businesses to suit everyone’s needs, including independent boutiques for buying gifts or unique clothing items from brands you can’t find anywhere else! Magnolias shopping district spans several blocks with about eighteen shops along. There are also plenty of places to grab coffee throughout the day at cafes such as Caffe Ladro, Starbucks Reserve Roastery, and Yellow Mug Cafe, among others! Were you tired after all that caffeine intake? Make your way to a local brewery for some great beer and laid-back vibes at breweries such as Reuben’s Brews, Populuxe, or Maritime Pacific Brewing Company.


In terms of dining options, one place that has been around since 1980 with lots of history from when Seattle was growing into its current self is The Pink Door which serves up Italian food in an eclectic atmosphere! Magnolias restaurants consist mainly of locally owned establishments, so many unique places are looking for authentic ethnic cuisine, whether Indian/Nepalese food at Himalayan Kitchen or Chinese dim sum brunch at Wann Asian Cafe.


Facts about the Magnolia Neighborhood


– The Magnolia neighborhood is considered to be the bohemian backyard of the city. It’s known for its art, music, and theater scene. There are lots of fun things to do in Magnolia!


– Magnolia Seattle is located on the westernmost part of Seattle. Puget Sound borders it to the west, Elliott Bay to the south, and Interbay/Queen Anne Hill to the north.


– The name ‘Magnolia’ comes from David Denny’s daughter, named after a flower in bloom at her birth in 1868.


– The population of the neighborhood is around 13,000 people living in about 5000 housing units. Magnolia Seattle has a low percentage of homeownership compared to other communities in Seattle.


– The main road through the center of Magnolia is Gilman Drive. It’s a central commercial district that runs alongside the Elliott Bay waterfront business area.

– Several main roads run through this area, including Elliott Ave W and 15th Ave W, which serve as significant arterials for traffic traveling north/south throughout the city.


– One popular destination in this neighborhood is Discovery Park, located at the northwestern end of the West Seattle peninsula. This park has lots to offer with beautiful views, bird watching and places for picnics or playing sports like soccer! There are trails throughout, including one leading down to beachfront cliffs to view Puget Sound waters below.


Activities in Magnolia Neighborhood


Seattle is a city that has many things to do and see. While there are probably hundreds of neighborhoods in Seattle, each with its personality, one neighborhood stands out as more bohemian than the others: Magnolia Neighborhood. If you enjoy exploring all different art forms, from music and theater performances to painting classes and poetry slams, this is the place for you! So what makes it so unique? Let’s take a closer look at some activities that can be found here.


Several outdoor concerts are held throughout the year at Abraxas Coffee Roasters, which always draw large crowds who come not only because they love live music but also because coffee lovers know it’s an experience unlike any other.


Live music is a massive part of the Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle culture, and you can find an abundance of it in numerous places. There are frequent concerts held at Abraxas Coffee Roasters, which always draw large crowds who come because they love live music, and coffee lovers know that this is an experience unlike any other!


In addition to their concert series, there’s another event here every year: The Annual Funk Fest. This three-day festival brings all musicians together, from funk-rock bands to soul singers, for one jam-packed weekend. And if you enjoy dancing or just listening to underground talent.


Towards the end of July, a unique event takes place at Abraxas Coffee Roasters. The Annual Funk Fest brings all musicians together, from funk-rock bands to soul singers, for one jam-packed weekend. If you enjoy dancing or just listening, this may be something worth checking out!


This neighborhood has many things to do and see, including an annual festival, outdoor concerts, art galleries, coffee shops & more. If you enjoy exploring all different art forms, from music and theater performances to painting classes and poetry slams, this is the place for you!


Things To Do in Magnolia Neighborhood


West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse: The West Point Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Discovery Park, Seattle. It was built after the city of Ballard lost its water supply, and most residents moved away.


Ella Bailey Park

Ella Bailey Park: This large Magnolia Seattle park offers a glorious view of the Puget Sound and lush forest. The play area is great for kids, with a big grassy field to run around on and cool playground equipment.


Daybreak Star Indian Cultural

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural: This Seattle landmark is a Native American artist studio and spiritual center. Art classes, lectures, drumming circles, and other events are held here regularly to help visitors learn about the culture of Northwest Indians.


Lowery C.

Lowery C. “Pop” Mounger Pool: This Magnolia Seattle pool is a former public bathhouse, now owned by the city of Seattle. It’s open all year round for lap swimmers and includes handicap access and locker rooms with showers.

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park: This park is perfect for toddlers and babies, with a jungle gym playset, open grassy area, and playground. It’s also near the Magnolia Library if your kids want to stop in afterward!


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