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Seattle Neighborhood – Interbay

The Interbay Neighborhood


The Interbay neighborhood is a growing urban district in the city of Seattle. The community has been developing and change over time, with new people and new buildings coming to the area. We will explore some of the histories behind this development and what’s being done now to improve it for future generations.


About the Interbay Neighborhood


Interbay is located between Queen Anne and Magnolia. It was named after the area’s main waterway, Interbay Boulevard. This neighborhood offers some of the best views in town on top of its excellent access to local shops, restaurants, public transportation options, and entertainment features.


The Interbay neighborhood is home to some of the most remarkable views in town. It offers good access to many shops, restaurants and entertainment options. The primary arterials are Elliott Ave W and 15th Avenue West. There are various parks within proximity, including Schmitz Park, Blythe Bailey Playfield, Magnolia Bluff, and a few marinas on Puget Sound. In addition, the Burke Gilman Trail runs through this area, and part of it being a future segment for Highline Community College’s light rail line extension from downtown Seattle to Ballard via Interbay. Several businesses have been thriving in this area, the most recent being Seattle-based online retailer, Zulily.


History of Interbay Neighborhood


This neighborhood was once the home of Seattle’s industrial base but now has transformed into a vibrant community district. Here you will find parks, trails for biking and walking, art galleries like Columbia City Gallery or Ballard Art Walk, restaurants that offer local cuisine in an outdoor setting (like Bitterroot BBQ), coffee shops with great views (Caffee Vita), and more! The Interbay Park provides spectacular views of Puget Sound while also providing residents with fishing areas fitting their needs. With so many things happening around here, it is easy to see why this area is overgrowing.


Until recently, Seattle’s industrial sector occupied this area, but it has transformed into a vibrant community district. The Interbay Park offers spectacular views of Puget Sound while providing residents with fishing areas suited to their needs. It is easy to see why this area is growing so fast.


Interbay Neighborhood is an urban district located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. It was originally a separate city but became part of Seattle during its amalgamation by annexation in 1907. The northern boundary of Interbay today is defined by Smith Cove and Elliott Bay. To the east, it’s bordered by Myrtle Edwards Park, to the south Interstate-90 separates Downtown from Interbay, while BNSF Railway tracks are on its west side between 15th Ave W & 16th Ave W with Edgar Martinez Drive South running alongside them before becoming East Marginal Way S at 26th Ave SW. Today you can find many things within this area including parks, schools, restaurants/bars and more!


Facts about the Interbay Neighborhood


This is a growing district with many attractions and new developments. There are several parks in the area, including some waterfront views of Puget Sound. Public transportation options abound, from bus routes to Link Light Rail at Fishermen’s Terminal Station. The Seattle Great Wheel provides stunning aerial views. And there are always plenty of things to do for food lovers too! This is an excellent place that has been overlooked for years due to its location out of Downtown. Still, it deserves consideration by anyone looking into living in neighborhoods near Downtown or on beautiful Puget Sound water frontage. Interbay real estate offers renters and buyers access to all the amenities of the city without being right next door to Downtown, where prices have soared through 2018 so far.


The Interbay Neighborhood offers many parks and trails for biking or walking, art galleries like Ballard Art Walk, restaurants that offer local cuisine in an outdoor setting (like Bitterroot BBQ), coffee shops with great views (Caffe Vita), among many others.


Activities in Interbay Neighborhood


Interbay has a lot to offer in terms of activities for both young and adults. The district offers various sporting activities, music lessons, art classes, among other things. Throughout the year, many events take place where people gather at local parks or restaurants to participate in these enjoyable community-based gatherings. For example, there is an annual outdoor celebration called “Music on Elliott,” which takes place every September during Labor Day weekend which attracts more than 15000 attendees each day who come together to enjoy live bands play different genres of music as well as food stalls serving delicious snacks from around the world. This event helps bring unity between residents living within this area while encouraging them to interact socially through sports, arts, and fun.


The Interbay district also has a great sporting scene; it is home to the Bainbridge Soccer Club and many adult and youth soccer leagues. There are also places where people can enjoy kayaking, rowing, or even taking art classes like pilates, among other things depending on their interest. Interbay houses several schools, including Cascadia Elementary School, which was awarded an ‘Excellent’ rating by Washington State’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2010 while being recognized for having one of the highest student achievement ratings within this area. Students attending this school have access to full-day kindergarten and computer labs that feature both Macintosh computers and iMacs equipped with educational software programs making learning fun for kids from all walks of life.


Interbay houses both public and private schools; there are various activities for students to participate in throughout their school life here while they learn how to resolve conflict, communicate effectively with one another as well as other skills that will help them excel academically within this district’s competitive environment making it an ideal place for young people all over Washington State to attend especially those who want a successful career ahead of them once leaving high school behind among other things.


People can also enjoy sports like basketball, swimming, and soccer besides taking art classes that include music lessons or acting workshops, depending on their interests. They have access to facilities like basketball courts, football fields, and even local parks to relax or play with their friends. Interbay also has well-maintained streets that are regularly cleared of leaves during autumn or snow during winter to ensure that roads remain safe for everyone who lives within this area, making commuting easy for people living here and those coming in from other parts of the city.


Community Events in Interbay Neighborhood


The Interbay Neighborhood celebrates the community spirit with concerts, art shows, and family-friendly activities held every month. The neighborhood is home to three parks that host many special gatherings: By Kracke Park hosts an annual Fourth of July celebration, MacMillian Bloedel Park features jazz in the summertime, and Myrtle Edwards Park draws musicians from all over for its annual summer concert series. If you’re looking for some friendly competition, stop by one of several bowling alleys or head down to Gas Works Park, where soccer games are played year round!


Some Things to do Near Interbay Neighborhood


Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91: Cruise ships dock at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, and passengers can walk the pier to shops, restaurants, and activities.


Fishermen's Terminal

Fishermen’s Terminal: The city’s busiest marina, Fishermen’s Terminal is home to 320 commercial fishing vessels and seafood processing plants.


Smith Cove Park

Smith Cove Park: Smith Cove Park is a waterfront park that offers stunning views of the Puget Sound and mountains.


Elliot Bay Trail: The Elliot Bay Trail follows the waterfront to Smith Cove Park, offering views of Puget Sound.

Chihuly Garden

Chihuly Garden: The Chihuly Garden and Glass offer visitors a chance to view glass sculptures in an outdoor setting.


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