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Seattle Neighborhood – Haller Lake

The Haller Lake Neighborhood


Haller Lake is a residential neighborhood in Seattle with a strong sense of community and plenty of desirable features. The homes here are more significant than most, which means you’ll have more room to spread out when friends and family come over. Haller Lake also offers the perfect balance between city life and nature. You can walk through miles of trails or go for a stroll on one of the many lakes in the area without ever leaving your neighborhood. With this much space, there’s no need to be cramped up in an apartment building!


Haller Lake is more than just a place to live; it’s an experience! Nestled in the Shoreline area of North Seattle, many things make this neighborhood stand out. For one thing, it has its lake and park accessible by boat or car (or you could always hike through Woodland Park). Living here will be like having your private escape when you need some time away from work with all these amenities within reach. Plus, with how close everything else in the city is, commuting shouldn’t be much trouble either. Not only does this neighborhood offer convenient access to shopping centers but also top-notch schools, including Woodland Park Elementary, Shorewood High School, and the University of Washington.


This neighborhood is perfect for those who like to explore all that Seattle has to offer. You will find it hard not to find anything near Haller Lake, as everything you could need or want is just a short drive away! With so much convenience available right at your doorstep, you’ll always have plenty of time left over for yourself and family members after work each day. 


This is a great neighborhood to consider if you are looking for peacefulness but still want all that city life offers. It’s also perfect for those who love being outdoors as there are plenty of hiking trails just outside your front door, not to mention it’s right next entrance to Woodland Park, which offers even more outdoor recreation opportunities. It’s also perfect for those who love being outdoors as there are plenty of hiking trails just outside your front door, not to mention it’s right next entrance to Woodland Park, which offers even more outdoor recreation opportunities.


About the Haller Lake Seattle Neighborhood


Haller Lake Seattle Neighborhood is a great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors as it’s home to some of Seattle’s most beautiful natural features. It offers everything from snow-capped mountains and evergreen forests, lakes, and lush parks. Haller Lake Seattle neighborhood also has its fair share of urban charm with cosmopolitan dining options, contemporary art museums, and boutique shops reflecting its vibrant culture. You can then end your day by going for a night out or watching sports games at one of the many bars nearby! Whatever your idea for fun, maybe this location will not disappoint; the Haller Lake Seattle neighborhood truly is perfect for those who love the outdoors in every way possible.


The Location: While there are plenty of great features to Haller Lake, the location tops everyone’s list when they think about what makes it so unique. Located just north of Interstate 90 between Greenlake and Wedgewood Ravine, residents can enjoy easy access to Downtown and quick connections for those who need into Shoreline or Northgate Mall, which is just a few minutes away.


The Homes: With an average home price of $450,000, it’s the perfect area for those looking to invest in real estate or upgrade from their current property, depending on your needs. There are plenty of homes available with more than one floor and garage parking, which is excellent if you need space or tend to have guests over often! Plus, there has been a recent surge in high-end luxury properties making this neighborhood even better value for money.


The Benefits: When moving into Haller Lake Seattle Neighborhood, residents enjoy access to some lovely parks, including Greenlake Park, where they can go running, biking, or sit down and relax while enjoying all that nature provides them with. In addition, schools such as Wedgwood Elementary and Hartman Middle School are nearby, and the Minnehaha Creek Trail is great for those who enjoy hiking or biking.


Facts about the Haller Lake


Haller Lake has many terrific amenities; for example, it is surrounded by many parks with green spaces and playgrounds for kids to enjoy. There are even walking trails towards Gas Works Park that provides spectacular views of downtown Seattle through its old gas plant functionalities, which now serve as an excellent place to take some time off from your busy schedule. If you love sports, Haller Lake is also home to Northgate Mall, where you can find basketball courts or ice hockey rinks available for use during specific hours on weekdays or weekends, depending on their schedules, so be sure not to miss out on those! For outdoor enthusiasts who like fishing, Green Lake is located next to the park with a pier where you can get your rod and do some fishing.


Seattle is a city that has seen some significant changes in the last 25 years, and while many of its neighborhoods have benefitted from this growth, Haller Lake remains one of our most popular. The majority of homes are single-family houses, but duplexes and apartments are available for rent or sale.


The real estate market in this area is thriving. You’ll be able to find a wonderful home at a great price! Houses for sale include everything from condos and townhouses, all with easy access to downtown Seattle. This location has something for everyone who’s looking for the perfect place to live!


Activities and Attractions


Haller Lake Area offers plenty of activities and attractions that residents can enjoy in their spare time. One example would be the PCC Natural Market. The store has everything from groceries to household supplies at affordable prices! It also hosts various events throughout the year, such as cooking classes where participants learn how to cook delicious meals with ingredients bought at the same market! Another potential activity could be out of Greenlake Community Center – just across Fountain Lawn Park! They offer different types of sports, including basketball, football, racquetball, sand volleyball, and more! If all these things aren’t enough, you could also join the community center. They offer many activities for kids and adults to get involved in, including cooking classes, art workshops, music lessons, and even dance classes!

The neighborhood is home to several parks, lakes, and trails that you can explore. There are also nearby restaurants where you will be able to try the local dishes at their best! You’ll never run out of things to do in Haller Lake Seattle Neighborhood, so don’t miss your chance at living here!


When someone lives in this part of town, they get easy access to Northgate Mall and shopping centers like Crossroads Shopping Center, which is very close by. It’s essential for people who live here to have quick access because there are plenty around them when it comes time for errands or last-minute purchases! Not having enough grocery stores near could cause some problems if someone is running low on food.


Things to do in Haller Lake 


Haller Lake is also within walking distance of the Northgate Mall, which has various shops and restaurants for your convenience. You can also enjoy great weekly deals at retailers like Target or Macy’s with their “friends & family” sales every year! Haller Lake Seattle residents are not only close to major attractions, but they’re also an easy commute away from Downtown. If you enjoy a very active lifestyle, there are many opportunities to get outside and exercise in the Haller Lake Seattle neighborhood! The Northgate Mall offers everything from tennis courts inside BECU Fitness Club to an outdoor ice rink for hockey fans during the winter months. It’s also within walking distance of Greenlake Park – home to rowing clubs, pedal boat rentals, and exclusive beach access on sunny days, along with hundreds of acres that allow residents to walk their dogs or play sports like soccer & frisbee golf. Residents also have easy access via Interstate-90 directly into Downtown, where they can spend their free time shopping at Nordstrom Rack (just minutes away), eating out at any one of numerous restaurants, or simply watching movies at CenturyLink Field Event Center! Haller Lake Seattle has something for everyone and is the perfect location for your next home.


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