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Seattle Neighborhood – Green Lake

The Green Lake Neighborhood


Green Lake is a neighborhood in Seattle, WA. It’s one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, and it’s easy to see why. Green Lake has something for everyone with its wooded areas, trails, lakefront park, and award-winning public golf course. The site is a serene oasis from urban living with abundant wildlife and foliage that many people find refreshing.


The Green Lake Neighborhood Association strives to maintain this quality by working closely with individual residents and various organizations who share their passion for our community. The Association works to maintain the parks, green spaces, and lakeshore trail. They also work to keep Green Lake a clean neighborhood with an unwavering commitment to recycling and composting.


About the Green Lake Neighborhood


The Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood was established in 1901. It saw rapid growth from the 1940s to 1960s, becoming one of the central shopping districts outside Downtown Seattle. More current forms of transportation have resulted in some changes as well as new construction and renovation projects. There is now a small neighborhood community center on NW 83rd Street built within an old synagogue! While many people still refer to this area as “Greenlake,” it has been renamed North Greenwood since its inception. The name change occurred sometime after 1972 when the City Council voted unanimously for the specific designation because residents wanted their own identity separate from that which encompassed all of Green Lake – another nearby residential district northeast of Fremont/ Wallingford.


Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood is one of the most desirable places to live in the city. It has a lot going on – good schools, access to the lake and mountains, a pretty good bus system for commuting around Seattle.


Green Lake is one of our most popular neighborhoods in Seattle! It has excellent access to the trails at Green Lake Park and an incredible neighborhood park adjacent to it (Lincoln Park). This area feels like what you think of when you picture living near the water – there are sailboats docked on either side of this very long lake (and can be rented!), people windsurfing or kayaking, divers swimming with their flippers offshore… it’s incredibly picturesque. Many homes were built back in that classic “waterfront style” – towering over the sidewalk so that every room would have a view out onto the lake.


This Seattle neighborhood is full of walkable, family-friendly neighborhoods and the Pacific Northwest’s very best offers! Green Lake offers a short commute into Downtown Seattle where you can work in tech or finance or enjoy all the amenities that such an urban location provides. Many homes for sale here are older but well taken care of – many will have been updated with great kitchens and bathrooms over recent years. The neighborhood still holds onto its historic charm, so there are lots to appreciate about this gem in North Seattle. People who love living near water tend to flock to this area because it feels like vacationing at home all year round! Top real estate agents: What makes me unique? I am genuinely passionate about the neighborhood I live in, and it shows when clients are looking for a home.


Facts about the Green Lake Neighborhood


The Greenlake neighborhood is named after the adjacent body of water on which it was developed.-Established in 1901; this community experienced rapid growth from the 1940s to 1960s, becoming one of the central shopping districts outside Downtown Seattle.-Currently known as North Greenwood but changed its name sometime after 1972 when the City Council voted unanimously for specific designation because residents wanted their own identity separate from that encompassing all of Green Lake another nearby residential district northeast Fremont/ Wallingford.


After WWII ended & due to an influx of new employment opportunities, people began moving into this area&it became very densely populated with many houses being built close together. This led to police patrols having to be increased to deal with the rise in juvenile delinquency, particularly in regards to vandalism.


People who live here tend to walk more than other Americans and are very active in their community, they like participating in local events such as socials & potlucks at the summer farmer’s market. They also enjoy using public spaces for these activities, which is great because there aren’t many parks or open areas where people can gather together due mainly to high population density& thus this area has become an alternative place of entertainment/fun/ relaxation.


Today Greenlake Seattle Neighborhood is home to many small businesses, shops & restaurants, it’s popular with the younger population. Still, some families choose to live here because of its proximity to schools.


Community Events in Green Lake 


Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood is full of community events. From the Greenlake Shakespeare Festival to the Fete de Lumiere, there are countless opportunities for locals to enjoy themselves. The Greenlake Shakespeare Festival is an excellent example of the community’s incredible spirit and creativity. The event lasts for two weeks every year in the summer. Residents perform Shakespearean plays at various venues around Green Lake, and it’s an excellent opportunity to see some of Seattle’s best acting talent. The Fete de Lumiere is Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood’s annual fundraiser for the arts, and it occurs every November. This free event attracts hundreds of people each year who come together to celebrate all that local artists have accomplished over the past year. It includes an art exhibition at various venues around Greenlake and lives music performances by talented musicians from Seattle Arts Academy and other schools in the area.


Visitors are encouraged to bring their friends and families, enjoy the art on display, listen to live music performances, eat delicious food from local restaurants around Greenlake, and purchase crafts from talented artists. The event is entirely free to attend. Arts enthusiasts in Greenlake should check it out at least once.


Groups of all ages can enjoy themselves at Greenlake Seattle Neighborhood’s many community events. There are family activities, like the ones mentioned above, and events for adults and young people. There is a free concert performed by talented musicians from Seattle Arts Academy every December for the kids. It is located at the Seattle Conservatory of Music, a beautiful building that everyone should check out. For adults, there are several art galleries and music nights in Greenlake every month where people can mingle with other culture-loving locals while enjoying some excellent entertainment.


GreenLake offers countless opportunities for residents to get involved and meet new friends within their community through numerous events throughout the year. These events help strengthen local ties and encourage artistic expression among all Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood community members.


Things To Do Near Green Lake Neighborhood


Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood is a community with many exciting things to do. This includes visiting the various attractions, shopping at malls and boutiques, enjoying local bars & restaurants, or just lying on the beach, which you can find around Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood. The following are some of the activities that you will enjoy when you visit the Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood:


MOHAI (Museum Of History And Industry)

MOHAI (Museum Of History And Industry): This museum provides interactive exhibits and learning activities for both adults and children.


Aurora Avenue North: This street has an eclectic mix of restaurants, boutiques, and other businesses that will keep you busy all day long! Gas Works Park: If you want to enjoy views of the Seattle skyline with Mount Rainier in the background, then this park is where you should head towards next time when visiting Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood.


Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park: This beautiful lake surrounded by recreational facilities, playgrounds, and walking paths will make your day! Woodland Park Zoo (Located in Phinney Ridge): The zoo has over 100 species of animals, including gorillas, orangutans, tigers, penguins, and koalas, to name a few.


Woodland Park

Woodland Park: If you are looking for the best place to view cherry blossoms in Seattle, then this is it!


Lower Woodland Off-Leash Area

Lower Woodland Off-Leash Area: This is the place where your dog can run free and socialize with other dogs.


Duck Island

Duck Island: This is the place where you will find secluded beaches and getaways.

Green Lake Park Wading Pool

Green Lake Park Wading Pool: This is the place where your kids will love splashing around during summertime.


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