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The Downtown Neighborhood


Downtown Seattle is a must-see neighborhood on your next trip to Emerald City. This historic and vibrant district has so much to offer: great food, lively nightlife, and some of the most iconic architecture in North America. Whether you’re looking for art galleries, unique boutiques, or want to people-watch on one of Seattle’s many public squares, Downtown Seattle is sure to be an unforgettable experience!


About the Downtown Neighborhood


Downtown Seattle is an area in the city’s northwest section, bordered by Queen Anne to its north, Capitol Hill to its east, and South Lake Union to its south. It lies on primarily flat terrain that has several small lakes scattered throughout it. The neighborhood was initially established as a commercial district during the gold rush era when locals had no other options for shopping outside their immediate vicinity of the state of Washington. Early growth brought many people with money into this new community, looking for ways to make more profit off selling goods while still being able to continue trading with others who were making similar journeys at this period in history. Eventually, local communities began building around them, leading to today’s Downtown Neighborhoods, where there are over 600 businesses, 80,000 residents, and 20,000 jobs.


With its historic buildings and lively nightlife, Downtown Seattle is a top neighborhood on any traveler’s list. The Downtown Seattle Neighborhood is also known as the city center. The city center was founded as New York-Alki in 1851 and was incorporated as a town one year later. In the mid-20th century, downtown Seattle saw its first skyscrapers pop up along with an influx of new businesses and residents. Today, Downtown is home to iconic architecture like the Columbia Center and dozens of art galleries, boutique shops, and outdoor cafes catering to the over 65,000 people who live in the neighborhood.


Downtown is a great place to visit for tourists because it truly captures the essence of what makes Seattle so unique. Although many people may believe that Downtown isn’t worth visiting because it’s too crowded or noisy, nothing could be further from the truth. Downtown has something new to offer everyone with plenty of cultural activities such as museums, art galleries, and theaters/concert halls, along with fantastic restaurants and shops for food lovers alike. In addition to these things, visitors can also take a walk through Seattle’s history or experience nature by walking the city streets.


Tourists who visit the Downtown Neighborhood will quickly realize that this is an actual city with endless things to do. Whether you’re looking for something fun or want to learn more about the area’s history, Downtown has it all.


Facts about the Downtown Neighborhood


It has all that you would expect from a central metropolitan area, including art galleries, theaters, museums, and more. With both iconic landmarks like the Space Needle – built for 1962’s World’s Fair – as well as new cultural amenities on every corner, Downtown Seattle offers visitors plenty to explore after dark! A walk through Pike Place Market reveals some of our favorite places in town while allowing locals to shop at one of America’s oldest farmer’s markets. And with boutique shops lining streets throughout downtown Seattle, there’s sure to be something here for everyone – no matter what your budget may be. Whether it’s local or international fare, or a Seattle nightlife experience complete with music and dancing, you’re sure to find something that will suit your taste.


Downtown Seattle is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in all of Seattle. It offers a wide range of shopping venues and many highrise condos for people looking to live close to work or be near other amenities such as public transportation. The area also hosts some beautiful pieces by world-renowned artists like Alexander Calder’s “Eagle” sculpture at the Federal Courthouse building, along with massive murals painted on the exterior walls of buildings throughout the neighborhood. Downtown has an estimated population of over 43,000 people and is home to many upscale restaurants, shopping venues, and city parks that provide green space for residents.


Downtown Neighborhood is home to the Columbia Center, which is currently tied with Smith Tower as the 13th tallest building in the United States. It has 72 stories and an observation deck on top that provides 360° views of downtown Seattle and beyond.


The average household income for people living in this neighborhood is $64,365 a year. There are many high-end condos located here and upscale restaurants and shopping venues catering to those who live nearby or visit often.


There are several city parks in downtown Seattle that provide residents with green space and outdoor recreational activities. These include Waterfront Park, Freeway Park, Olympic Sculpture Garden, Westlake Plaza City Park, and more.


There are several public transportation options such as buses or the Seattle Streetcar located throughout Downtown. It also has two different light rail stations which can take you all over King County, including other neighborhoods in Seattle like Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, and West Seattle. Downtown offers proximity to amenities such as food trucks, dining venues, bars, clubs, etc., making it an ideal place to live if one works or often visits here.


The city was named after Native American Chief Sealth, who helped an Englishman find his way home! Nowadays, over 310 restaurants in this area serve everything from Thai food to oysters on half-shell. Downtown Seattle is a neighborhood composed of multiple skyscrapers, art museums, theaters, and performing arts groups between Puget Sound and Lake Washington with a temperate climate that saw an increase in population during World War II thanks to Boeing producing warplanes. 


Thirty-three buildings within the Downtown Neighborhood were built after 1985, making up 41% of all structures here! This Northwest hub has plenty of culture with three major art museums, 30 live theaters, 38 music venues, and 14 theater groups for entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy local performances.


The population of this neighborhood grew incredibly quickly during World War II when Boeing started producing warplanes near the area. There’s also plenty of culture throughout this Northwest hub with three major art museums, 30 live theaters, 38 music venues, and 14 performing arts groups for theater enthusiasts to enjoy local performances.


Things To Do Near Downtown Neighborhood


Downtown Neighborhood is a great place to visit, particularly if you’re looking for some fun activities. The area has been home to many popular events throughout the years, and there are plenty of things that people can do during their time here. With several shopping centers scattered around this part of town, it’s no surprise why so many individuals want to come down and check out all these great establishments. Whether you live in Washington or not does matter at all! This neighborhood should be on everyone’s bucket list because it truly offers something for everyone who wants an exciting experience visiting Downtown Seattle. Even though there are tons of cool things happening near downtown Seattle apartment buildings, we will only cover a few notable ones below:


Pike Place Market

The first thing you should do is stop at Pike Place Market, which has been around since 1907 and set it up as an open-air market that sells fresh produce from local farmers’ stalls. You can also pick up some souvenirs here if you’re looking for something unique to bring back home.


Seattle Art Museum

The next thing to check out is the Seattle Art Museum, home to the most extensive art collection in Washington. The museum has over 40,000 pieces on display with exhibitions that change throughout the year, so you can always see new things when you visit.


Space Needle

The Space Needle is a must-see attraction in the Downtown Neighborhood. This structure has been around for quite some time, and it’s truly an iconic landmark. It was built back in 1962, so there have been plenty of people who have seen this tower become a part of the skyline over the years.


Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is located on the waterfront and features marine life exhibits from around Puget Sound. There are plenty of different fish and marine animals here for visitors to check out, making it a fun place if you’re bringing children along.


Frye Art Museum

The Frye Art Museum is a free museum that showcases paintings and drawings from American artists, European Masters, and contemporary pieces. This museum is a great place to see some of the most delicate art from throughout history and learn more about what’s going on in the modern art scene.


Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library may not seem like much at first, but it’s exciting. This structure was built back in 2004 and is stunning to see because of its unique design that includes a bridge-like walkway leading into the building.


Seattle Public Market

Seattle Public Market provides plenty of fun things for people living nearby Seattle homes for sale. It features food stalls where you can buy all types of items, including flowers, baked goods, fruits/vegetables (including organic selections), meat sources (e.g., seafood or beef), cheese products, honey options, etc. Talk about having anything your heart desires! One thing worth mentioning about this market, though: they’re only open on Saturdays, so keep that in mind if you plan to check them out!


Gum Wall

The Gum Wall is a bizarre attraction, but you should stop by and see it while visiting the Downtown Neighborhood. This is a quirky tourist attraction that’s off the beaten path and worth seeing. It began in 1993 when people used to stick their chewing gum on a wall in Post Alley, and the tradition continues today, with new gum being added all the time. It’s a wall that has been covered in chewed gum from people who have come here over time.


Henry Art Gallery

Finally, plenty of other stuff is going on near downtown Seattle apartments for rent, including many nightlife venues, galleries/art studios (e.g., Henry Art Gallery), etc. There are so many things happening around this area, so if you’re looking for an exciting place to visit when coming down to Washington, then your best bet would be to check out all these beautiful shops and establishments!

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