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Seattle Neighborhood – Crown Hill

The Crown Hill Neighborhood


Crown Hill is a Seattle community on the rise. The neighborhood is well known for its proximity to green space, including parks and trails perfect for running, biking, or exploring nature. In recent years, Crown Hill’s growth has seen an influx of new residents, with many families moving into the area due to its safe environment and convenient access to major highways like Interstate 5.


In recent years, Crown Hill’s growth has seen an influx of new residents, with many families moving into the area due to its safe environment and convenient access to major highways like I-90/I-405. Crown Hill Neighborhood is a community on the rise. With many stores, restaurants, and things to do in Crown Hill, you are sure to find something that interests you! Whether it’s enjoying all of your favorite restaurants or finding jobs with some excellent local employers, there is so much for people to discover about this great neighborhood.


About the Crown Hill 


Crown Hill is a small and thriving neighborhood in north-central Seattle. It has an excellent location which makes it highly desirable to both home buyers and renters alike. It is located between Green Lake and Greenwood, south of Ballard. In recent years it has been rezoned to allow for more density in the area, making future expansion easier.


The neighborhood feels like a small town with many friends who have grown up together over the years. It’s a highly tight-knit community that holds strong through thick or thin times. Whether you are looking for a quiet single-family home on one of the beautiful tree-lined streets or a loft apartment downtown, there is something affordable here just waiting for you! There are also lovely restaurants within walking distance from anywhere in this area, so whether your tastes run towards Italian cuisine or comfort food, you can find it here.


What You Need To Know about the Crown Hill 


There is plenty of housing options available throughout Crown Hill through rentals or other living arrangements with several schools nearby, including Holy Rosary School, which offers preschool programs as well as private education up to eighth grade along with a variety of after-school activities too! For those who prefer something closer to the city, there are various condo buildings, and apartments are all reasonably priced.


The neighborhood is located in the heart of Seattle, and not only does it have easy access to local businesses, but there are plenty of shopping destinations nearby too. There are a variety of quality restaurants and bars within the neighborhood and those that provide some great nightlife and plenty of transportation options, including bus lines. There is an abundance of community events available throughout the year, including everything from live music to movie nights at local parks!


Crown Hill is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the entire city, with housing costs well below $500,000. There are multiple grocery stores nearby, including Top Foods, that offer an organic produce section and various other products. You can enjoy local shops and restaurants within walking distance, or you can catch the bus to get around much more accessible.


Things To Do Nearby Crown Hill


Crown Hill offers many wonderful activities, such as hiking along Discovery Park Loop Trail or biking around Denny Creek Trail. If outdoors isn’t your favorite place, there are still plenty more things to do in Crown Hill Neighborhood, like expanding your arts and culture horizons at local venues such as Northwest African American Museum or checking out one of the many local restaurants.


Throughout all seasons, there will always be an event going on at any given time here, from festivals focusing on art and culture to farmer markets overflowing with fresh produce. Moving can feel overwhelming, but moving doesn’t have to be stressful when considering Crown Hill Neighborhood! Here’s a list of things to do nearby:


Crown Hill Cemetery

Visit the Crown Hill Cemetery:

Crown Hill also has a small but fascinating cemetery. It is an old and haunted cemetery where many famous people were buried, including Bruce Lee’s son Brandon and the founder of Nordstrom department stores, John W. Nordstrom.

Seattle University

Visit the Seattle University:

Crown Hill is home to one of the top-ranked universities in Washington State, Seattle University. It has a beautiful campus that you can visit and see for yourself all of the fantastic art installations they have on display outside. If you are lucky, you might even be able to attend an open class or two!

Take part in outdoor activities:

Ballard (Hiram M. Chittenden) Locks

Enjoy one of the many events that take place in Ballard’s Chittenden Locks, including boating season-opening day festivities held on Friday nights from May through September during which you can watch boats navigate locks; summer parties hosted by local yacht clubs, or even go down to watch the salmon swimming upstream each fall.

Green Lake Park

Visit the Green Lake Park:

Wander through Green Lake Park on your next day off from work or school to enjoy all that it has to offer visitors just like you! Also, visit Golden Gardens Park, another excellent place to take some time off during your down days! Whether you are looking for an easy hike along trails accompanied by scenic views or even more challenging routes up steep hills, this park will suit anyone’s needs perfectly while offering jaw-dropping scenery throughout its path.

So whether your interests lie in shopping, dining, or just a good cup of coffee, then Crown Hill is the place for you! There’s no reason not to visit this neighborhood with so many great places to spend time in and explore.


Facts about the Crown Hill 


It is an area located in the northwestern part of Seattle. It was named after a hill that rises to about 320 feet above sea level and has long been known as Crown Hill. The first homesteaders were attracted by plentiful springs, which provided water for their gardens. However, they quickly found themselves living on steep slopes with little room left for farming or grazing. Most early settlers were not non-disabled men looking for farmland but people who had fallen on hard times back east. The earliest inhabitants fished around Puget Sound and harvested berries along 15th Avenue NW (the road closest to the bottom of the hill). Later, from the 1860s through the 1880s, orchardists planted fruit trees and built a road along 15th Avenue NW to bring their harvest into Seattle.


Crown Hill Neighborhood is a community within the city of Seattle. As a popular area for new residents, there are plenty of amenities and opportunities available to you when living in the Crown Hill neighborhood that will enhance your lifestyle. Here are just some details on what it takes to live successfully here:


The first thing you should know about Crown Hill Neighborhood before moving is its location. This part of the city has easy access to many different aspects of the town, including transit and major highways such as I-405, which can take you up north or south depending on where your destination may be. Its very close proximity also makes this an ideal spot since most errands can efficiently be run without having too much travel time involved.


The second thing you should know about Crown Hill Neighborhood before moving is its history. The neighborhood’s land used to be a part of Fort Lawton, an army base that operated from 1899 until it closed in the early 1950s. Afterward, much of this area was designated for development, and soon many homes were built on what had been military housing.


The third thing you should know about Crown Hill Neighborhood is that it’s close to the University District; Crown Hill has many student tenants who are usually around for just four years. And with many single-family homes that have since been converted into apartments or duplexes, there are plenty of affordable living options available in this community.


The fourth thing you should know about the Crown Hill neighborhood is there are so many significant areas within walking distance where you can find everything from home goods, groceries, and even clothing stores! Many businesses also offer their wares online, which means if your new place lacks storage space, then order what you need right away without having to worry about fitting oversized items inside your new home.


The last thing you should know about Crown Hill Neighborhood is there are many parks in the area that range from small to large-sized, each offering its little amenities for residents who want a place to relax or take their pets out for an afternoon stroll. From Thornton Creek Trail, which offers stunning views of Lakeview Cemetery and Gas Works Park, all while being surrounded by tall old-growth cedar trees along with grassy meadows perfect for picnics! And since it’s so close to Discovery Park, visitors can even enjoy some time at the beach if they choose to without having to travel far away from where they live.


Favorite Spots on Crown Hill:


The Ballard Locks – this spot brings in thousands of visitors to see the salmon caught here each year. This is just one way you can get out and enjoy your community!

Crown Hill Park – there are twelve parks within the Crown Hill neighborhood, so it’s easy to find a nice park when you want some outdoor time with family or friends!

Crown Hill Playfield – another excellent location for families looking to connect outdoors near their homes.

Seattle Children’s Museum – children will love exploring all of the fun opportunities this museum has to offer!

Queen Anne Farmer’s Market – one market each week near the Crown Hill neighborhood. This provides an excellent opportunity for anyone living in your community to get out and enjoy their surroundings while getting fresh produce or items from local businesses!

University Village Shopping Mall – if you’re looking for an upscale shopping experience with plenty of options available, then head over here today!

Crown Hill Food Carts (seasonally) – during warmer months, these food carts are set up on Thursday nights along Holman Road NW. You’ll be able to grab dinner here after work before heading home for the night! 

The Crown Hill Cemetery – is a beautiful landmark where locals and visitors alike enjoy the expansive grounds, explore the tombstones, or take in one of many events hosted there.


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