Seattle Neighborhood – Central Business District

The Central Business District Neighborhood


Seattle’s Central Business District is a hub of business and commerce. It has been called the “Wall Street West” of Seattle because of its connection to banking and finance. It isn’t just about investment bankers, though; this neighborhood also features several restaurants, parks, art galleries, and theaters that create a thriving environment for work or play.


About the Central Business District Neighborhood


The Central Business District is home to the second tallest building in Seattle. The Columbia Center stands at 76 stories above street level and includes:

  • A hotel.
  • Conference center.
  • Office space for rent.
  • Restaurants on the top floor.
  • Condominiums to buy or rent out.


Many of the tallest buildings in Seattle are located within the Central Business District, including Harborview Tower and Wells Fargo Center, which is home to some of our city’s best restaurants on its top floor, such as Anthony’s Bell Street Diner The Georgian restaurant. It also hosts several office spaces for rent in addition to luxury condos that are available to buy or rent out. This neighborhood has become one of the most popular places in Seattle due to the great selection it offers people looking at apartments near downtown Seattle.


After exploring these fantastic options around town, you should think about moving! These neighborhoods offer an excellent range of housing opportunities, with high-rises offering apartments for sale or rent not far from here. Some of these buildings offer studio apartments, one-bedroom units, and large penthouses. Several rental options are available in the area, such as family homes or condos with onsite parking.


The Central Business District is located between two great bodies of water: Lake Union to the north and Elliott Bay to the south. It borders several other neighborhoods, including Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and Belltown, that combine for a total population of just under 70,000 people over 15 square miles! This neighborhood’s location means it is within easy reach of downtown Seattle jobs and all-around town attractions like Pike Place Market or Pioneer Square. There are so many fantastic things nearby you will have no idea how much time you spend commuting to work!


The Central Business District is one of the most popular neighborhoods for people looking at apartments near downtown Seattle; It has an incredible selection of places to eat, drink and play. There are also excellent jobs in Downtown Seattle that you can commute to on foot or by train! This neighborhood offers some fantastic amenities like impressive skyscrapers with modern condos available for sale or rent, plus unique restaurants like Intrigue Chocolate & Coffeehouse, which serves specialty drinks inspired by chocolate bars in addition to tasty treats. Everyone should check it out once they’ve moved into their new place here in this neighborhood!


Facts about the Central Business District Neighborhood


Seattle Central Business District (CBD) is in the center of Seattle and was the city’s traditional downtown. Many high-rise buildings are located here, housing offices for major companies with headquarters or regional offices in Seattle such as, Microsoft, and Starbucks. It also has several shopping centers that offer more than just tourist shops but boutique stores offering designer goods from clothing to jewelry at more affordable prices. In addition, several art galleries feature local artists’ work and some impressive public sculpture pieces on display throughout the neighborhood, making it an ideal photo opportunity location for both visitors and locals alike.


The population of this area has grown significantly over the past few years and continues to grow. According to a study by Puget Sound Regional Council, it was estimated that there will be an increase of 75% more people living in the Central Business District between 2000 and 2025.


It is a predominantly commercial neighborhood with many retail shops, restaurants, and bars. There are also several office buildings located within the Central Business District for those who work in Downtown Seattle and other companies that have satellite offices here.


This neighborhood is immediately adjacent to Pioneer Square, the oldest part of Seattle, and home to many art galleries and other cultural attractions. It also borders Pike Place Market, a significant tourist attraction since its initial opening in 1907.


The Central Business District is home to the tallest skyscraper in Seattle, known as Columbia Center. It stood at the height of 76 stories and was completed in 1985. This building has become an iconic landmark for not only Downtown Seattle but also the entire city itself.


Seattle Central Business District is considered the wealthiest neighborhood in Seattle. It holds around 17,000 people and has an average income level that hovers at $100,000 annually. These factors make it one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live-in in Washington state.



Central Business District houses many nationally recognized businesses such as Amazon headquarters and Expedia, which are located close by to each other on Terry Avenue near CenturyLink Field stadium, where you can find Starbucks HQ too! The number of companies housed within this district accounts for over 100,000 jobs alone! That’s quite a bit considering only 16,500 residents live there full time! You’ll also find plenty more notables, including professional sports teams, international corporations, and financial institutions.



Central Business District houses apartments that are luxury living at their finest! With plenty of restaurants nearby, you’ll never have to worry about cooking your meals or where to go for groceries. Several grocery stores within the district, including QFC, which was voted Best Grocery Store in Seattle by “Seattle Magazine.” You can find other places like Trader Joe’s not too far away either; if this is more up your alley, though, it tends to be a bit pricier than others around town, so keep that in mind when budgeting how much groceries will cost each week. Try State Street Oyster Bar located on Virginia St just north of Pike Place Market near Westlake Center for some of the best seafood in town!


Amenities Nearby:

Central Business District also has several other great amenities nearby, including Starbucks HQ, Seattle Aquarium, and Pike Place Market. Just crossing Westlake Ave into South Lake Union will land you at KEXP, where you can take free community classes and enjoy their events from time to time which is open to all members of the public regardless if they’re taking one of those classes or not. In addition, there’s always plenty going on down at Qwest Field for Seahawks games, so be sure to check out their schedule when planning your trip over.


Some Things To Do Nearby Central Business District Neighborhood

Waterfall Garden

Waterfall Garden:  One of the best things about visiting the Central Business District Seattle Neighborhood is so many great parks nearby. The Waterfall Garden has a large waterfall and several smaller cascades and ponds. It’s a great place to visit for tourists or locals alike, and it is always well maintained.


Waterfall Garden

Amazon Spheres: The Amazon Spheres are a unique attraction in Central Business District Seattle Neighborhood. These three spheres are made up of over 40,000 plants worldwide and are a great place to visit and take pictures. The spheres were built in part by Amazon employees, giving them an exciting look into its inner workings.


Sky View Observatory

Sky View Observatory: The Sky View Observatory is a great place to visit and take in the Central Business District Seattle Neighborhood views. From the 70th floor, guests can see pictures of the emerald city and many other significant landmarks. When it’s not cloudy, guests can also see Mount Rainier in the distance.


Seattle Selfie Museum

Seattle Selfie Museum: The Seattle Selfie Museum is a popular place for tourists and locals to visit in Central Business District Seattle Neighborhood. It features over 30 exhibits with interesting selfie-related artifacts and displays and a large section of famous selfies. The museum is also home to Seattle’s first-ever selfie stick, where selfies are expected to be taken.

The Laser Dome: The Laser Dome at Central Business District Seattle Neighborhood is famous for concerts and shows. It consists of an inflatable dome, which often hosts shows involving laser tag and other various activities. The Laser Dome is perfect for fun events, especially with children.


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