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The Broadview Neighborhood


The Broadview Seattle neighborhood is a residential area located in the north part of the city. It has been ranked as one of the top neighborhoods for people to purchase homes because it offers many benefits that other areas don’t have, such as lower crime rates and better schools. The neighborhood is also very close to many of the city’s major attractions, such as Gas Works Park and Lake Union.


The Broadview Seattle neighborhood has a lot going for it, making it one of the best neighborhoods in all of Washington State. This post discusses why so many people love living here and what makes this area stand out from other parts of town.


Facts about the Broadview


Broadview Seattle has about 13,000 people and 0.58 square miles (about 0.15 sq km). Nearly 2300 households, with 35% housing single-family homes while 25% lived in apartments or condos. The average household income for this community was above $77K annually, whereas the median age stood at 39 years old among residents who live here full-time. Broadview Park, Broad View Community Center, Castle Hill Elementary School are some popular spots found within this neighborhood to visit when exploring what it’s all about.


The area was annexed into Seattle in 1911, but it wasn’t until 1932 that a bridge opened across Ballard Bay to connect this community with North Seattle. It made home buying much more accessible for people interested in living on this side of town. Today’s residents are drawn by the many family-friendly amenities and the small-town feel that can be found here, and easy access to major highways leading out of town. If you’re looking for homes or real estate properties within walking distance from parks, schools, and other public facilities – look no further! We will happily help you find your ideal place here at HomeStreet Bank, where we understand how important good customer service and a highly professional team is for our clients.


Broadview Guide


This area extends from Elliott Bay to Puget Sound, with the west side facing Magnolia Bluff and East facing Lake Washington. There are many great reasons to live here, such as beautiful views! Not only do you get an idea of Mount Rainier but also stunning views overlooking the South Central Waterfront District, including Pier 70 that has an old-time feel, nearby Olympic Sculpture Park, or even Downtown Seattle’s skyline! This area offers some great amenities like parks (e.g., Carkeek Park), trails (e.g., Interlaken Trail), and public transportation (e.g., bus stops).


Broadview Seattle’s surrounding areas include Ballard, Fremont, Magnolia, and Queen Anne! Another great thing about Broadview is that it borders the Burke Gilman Trail, making for fantastic biking trails if you desire to bike around town or even thru-hike! The houses in this area are mostly built before 1940, with some newer homes available too. Some of these homes offer views of Puget Sound, while others have views overlooking Carkeek Park on top of gorgeous sunsets over Mount Rainier during the summer months.


What does Broadview Seattle look like?


Broadview Seattle is a quiet, residential community. You will find single-family homes and apartment complexes in the area. There are also some small businesses on Greenwood Avenue North. The landscape of Broadview features rolling hills, parks for recreation activities like hiking or biking, and views of the Puget Sound to the west.


There is plenty of green space available in Broadview Seattle! You’ll find small playgrounds scattered throughout the neighborhood with play structures that kids love – perfect for a quick stop while out walking your dog or exploring on foot during a sunny day. The most famous park you will want to check out is Thornton Creek Park which features trails along the creek where you might see ducks swimming.


You also have easy access to other park spaces, including Hawthorne Hills Park, Thornton Creek Natural Area, and Meridian Playfield.


Things To Do in Broadview


Broadview Seattle Neighborhood is a great place to live, work, and play. There are many things to do in the area that will not take up all of your free time!


Seattle is home to many significant landmarks and attractions for you to visit. The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Chihuly Gardens, and the Seattle Aquarium are just some of these places that will provide an unforgettable experience! Each one offers something unique, so be sure to do your research before heading out!


Broadview Seattle Neighborhood also has a thriving arts district which gives our community character. There are art galleries in Broadview that feature local work from talented artists who live in this area. This allows visitors to take home pieces of fine artwork with them without having to travel far away or wait until it’s shipped at their doorsteps! Do not miss out on shopping here, as well as there are several boutiques nearby where you can find unique items that will make your friends and family envious!


Broadview Seattle has a school system with high ratings. The schools offer opportunities for parents to get involved by volunteering in the classroom or attending field trips that connect families. There is also an option through our local community center, where you can take part in dance classes, soccer games, and many other things outside of academics!


Some Great Places to visit near Broadview


Broadview Seattle Neighborhood is located in the center of this city. It has many great places to visit near it, including:

Museum of Pop Culture – This museum is home to work from musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana!

Museum of Pop Culture

Seattle Aquarium – Watch fish swim around exhibits that include a shipwreck scene!

Seattle Aquarium

Space Needle– Get amazing views of the skyline at 500 feet above street level!

Space Needle

Klondike Gold Rush Museum– Learn about how people lived during an era where gold was discovered nearby!

Klondike Gold Rush Museum

Lake View Cemetery Visit gravesites are belonging to history makers such as Bruce Lee and Kurt Cobain!

Lake View Cemetery

There are so many other places you can go within Broadview Seattle Neighborhood. Make sure to keep it in mind when deciding what you want to do on a day off!


Activities People Enjoy Doing in Broadview


There are many outdoor recreation opportunities in Broadview, Seattle. People like to hike, bike, and go fishing near the lakefront. If you want a more active day, choose from one of our excellent athletic centers or indoor gyms that offer classes for all ages. You’ll be sure to find something fun!


One of the best ways to see Seattle is by taking advantage of the beautiful parks and trails easy to access from this location, like Gas Works Park or Interlaken Trail. There are also great views into downtown Seattle if you decide to explore Fremont Troll! Waterfront activities like kayaking and fishing are popular here too. You might even spot some seaplanes flying overhead as they come in for landings at Boeing Field (BFI). This neighborhood has something for everyone! What kind of homes do people live in? Broadview offers several different housing options, including apartments, duplexes, townhomes, etc., so there should be something for everyone! You can find a home here on any budget. If you’re looking to live in the downtown area, Broadview might be just what you are looking for with relatively inexpensive homes that offer easy access into central Seattle or north Ballard.


People living in this neighborhood enjoy biking and walking around town because of its proximity to other significant areas like North Queen Anne or Fremont. People also take advantage of all the places they can get out on Lake Union. There is no shortage of kayaks, paddleboards, rowboats, etc., available to rent at several different waterfront locations, making it fun for everyone!


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