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The Belltown Neighborhood


Belltown is a lively and vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Seattle. The area began as an exclusive, high-end residential district but is home to a wide range of residents and businesses today. While it offers some of the city’s most expensive real estate, Belltown also has plenty of affordable housing options for renters and buyers alike. This is a neighborhood where you will find everything from high-end boutiques and chic restaurants to art galleries, live music venues, and more.


About the Belltown Neighborhood


Belltown is a great place to live, work, and play. This Seattle neighborhood has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to enjoy the nightlife or get an early morning workout in before starting your day! Belltown, named after William Nathaniel Bell, who bought land here in 1853 and built a cabin on top of Denny Hill, was a primarily industrial area in the early 1900s. Now, Belltown is one of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods and continues to grow as more people discover its charm.


This historic neighborhood is located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. It’s also known as “Lower Queen Anne” and was once an industrial area. However, that history has been overtaken by a vibrant nightlife and culture scene thanks to its proximity to downtown Seattle as well as great local amenities like cafes, restaurants, galleries, and shops. In addition, buyers looking for homes for sale in Belltown should note the neighborhood’s central location – it’s roughly between South Lake Union (home to the famous Space Needle) and Magnolia.


Belltown Seattle is home to a wide variety of condos for sale, single-family homes (both new construction and resale), townhouses, lofts, and apartments with different price points depending on your needs. There are also great deals in this neighborhood since supply typically exceeds demand; buyers can use this to their advantage when making an offer on a property.


There are many reasons why people love living here! First off, it’s close to downtown Seattle which means you can get around more accessible without dealing with traffic or finding parking. It also has beautiful views of Elliott Bay and Puget Sound, along with an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, bars, and fun nightlife spots that draw crowds from all over town! One thing about this neighborhood is there is something for everyone, whether you want a quiet place where your family can enjoy spending time together or if you have grown kids who live on their own but still want to stay close and visit often, Belltown is an ideal place!


Another reason why people love living in this neighborhood is how easy it makes reaching the downtown Seattle area. The central location of Belltown means that you can quickly get to all your favorite destinations, whether they are within walking distance or not. In addition, many of these places have free parking, which also makes them an excellent option for those who don’t want to deal with expensive parking fees or traffic jams. You could spend hours shopping at one of the nearby malls on First Avenue, such as Pacific Place Shopping Center, where there are tons of shops, including Nordstroms and Macy’s department store!


Lastly, there are several great places to eat and drink in this neighborhood! If you’re looking for a home with a fun atmosphere that serves up tasty food, then check out the Belltown Pub. This local favorite is open from 11 am-11 pm every day, so it works well if you want dinner before or after going to a show; you can also order take-out if you’re going to eat in the comfort of your own home.


Facts about the Belltown Neighborhood:


Belltown is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. It was named after William Nathaniel Bell, who ran the Duwamish/Black River lumber mill on Harbor Island from 1866 until 1886. In 1870 he moved across to Puget Sound. He established himself at the southern foot of Queen Anne Hill, where he began construction of a large brick building for his company headquarters, which still stands there today as part of a senior living community called The Abbey Apartments. Most of the land around this area originally belonged to Arthur Denny (1822-1899), who also owned most of downtown Seattle. Still, it remained largely undeveloped during his lifetime due to its steep hillsides that were better suited than building houses or businesses. By the time of his death, Denny’s estate still held title to most of this area.


The first settler in the area was an ex-soldier named John Moore. He settled there with his wife Eliza Jane and their son Joseph on two lots he purchased from Denny’s estate in 1853. By 1855 they were joined by David Denny (1832-1903), who would later become one of Seattle’s founders along with Arthur A. Denny, Cady Barlow, William N. Bell, and Doc Maynard, to name a few founders that took residence here before it became part of King County. At this time, much if not all of this land belonged to what is now known as Square, which was then called Duwamps or Seattle’s Townsite.


Belltown became part of the City of Seattle in 1891 and was primarily built up by 1900 except for a few vacant lots along Elliott Bay, where businesses like canneries would later be located. The area remained very quiet until after World War II, when the Boeing Company began hiring many new workers to staff their aircraft assembly plant just south of downtown, which also brought an influx into this neighborhood due to its proximity. After WWII, it mainly returned to being quiet with most people employed at a local business that kept them busy during the day, such as shipyards, sawmills, restaurants, theaters, and other manufacturers who contributed much money making Belltown one of the better off neighborhoods near downtown even through the 1960s.


By the 1970s, Belltown began to decline mainly due to changes in the industry that brought about corporate restructuring and layoffs, which affected many people who lived here, making it more difficult for small businesses located within this neighborhood to stay open. As a result of these problems with unemployment came an increase in crime rates which led most merchants living there to begin moving out, leaving behind primarily vacant buildings by 1980. This trend only continued over time as developers bought up land and properties where they built new shopping centers, office buildings, and condominium complexes while also converting old warehouses into lofts or artists studios along lower Queen Anne Avenue North between Lander Street & Republican Street facing Puget Sound where restaurants were added on top of them later in the 1990s.


By 2000, Belltown’s downtown population was more than 18,000 and has since continued to grow even more rapidly with a current estimated at 24,900 as of 2015, which is primarily due to an influx of new residents who have moved here from parts east because it offers many amenities not available elsewhere such as high rise condos located directly on Elliott Bay facing the Olympic Mountains along with the Canadian Gulf Islands while also having easy access to Interstate-Five. 


By 2005 the City Council rezoned several blocks within these districts allowing developers to build taller buildings with higher densities than previously allowed before while also allocating land for public parks such as Waterfront Park facing Puget Sound on Alaskan Way West.


Today it remains one of the more exciting parts of town due primarily to its waterfront location, which makes it an ideal place for residents who enjoy views from their condos or lofts, and also because of its location near downtown, which is convenient for people who like to be able to walk places rather than always having to drive.


Activities in Belltown Neighborhood


Seattle’s Belltown is an active and vibrant neighborhood in the Northwest section of Seattle. This area has a rich history, with many people taking advantage of its energetic vibe today. There are plenty of activities to choose from for both residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for something specific or want to explore this lively part of town, there are things that everyone will enjoy doing when they come here. If you’re visiting, make sure to take some time out for yourself during your trip; otherwise, if you live nearby, it might be time to plan another outing! Here are all the best places nearby where you can spend your free time:


Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park: This park is an excellent place for anyone who loves the outdoors. Located near the water, you can take a relaxing walk and enjoy some of nature’s beauty. Some sculptures will catch your eye along the way.


Washington's National Park Fund

Washington’s National Park Fund: This organization is dedicated to helping fund our nation’s parks. They do this through events and donations, so if you’re feeling generous, be sure to check them out!


The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy: This organization is a nonprofit that helps preserve the environment. If you’re interested in doing your part for our planet, they are something to look into


Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Seattle Glassblowing Studio: This is a great place to see art in action. There are classes and workshops here, so you can learn a new skill while enjoying an activity with friends or family. Bring your kids when they’re in town, and they’ll surely want to come back!


Bell Street Park

Bell Street Park: This park is a great place to spend time with family and friends. If you happen to be near the water, it’s also an ideal area for pets. Just make sure to clean up after them!


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