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Seattle Neighborhood – Ballard

The Ballard Neighborhood


The Ballard neighborhood of Seattle is a charming and authentic place to explore. The community has an old-fashioned feel with its diverse blend of small businesses, artisans, and restaurants. You’ll find it’s easy to get lost in the winding streets and alleyways that make up this vibrant area.


Seattle is one of America’s most exciting cities for those who enjoy exploring new places. It offers plenty of unique neighborhoods from which you can choose your adventure! Ballard is just one of many beautiful places to visit in Emerald City.


About the Ballard Neighborhood


Ballard is one of the most popular and authentic neighborhoods in Seattle. It’s also very trendy right now, which makes it a great place to live if you like your neighborhood with an edge. Ballard has been called “hipster central” by some people because there are so many eclectic bars and restaurants here – not to mention old-school butcher shops and other small business owners who don’t fit into any mold at all! There’s no doubt that Ballard is diverse and unique – but still maintains its historic character as well.


Ballard is also home to many great museums and galleries, which are well worth visiting when exploring this Seattle area! The Nordic Heritage Museum tells the stories of Scandinavian immigrants who came to America during the 19th century; it’s located in an old schoolhouse building, so you’ll feel transported back in time as soon as you step inside. You can learn more about local history at one of two historical societies that also call Ballard home ̶ these include the Hiram Chittenden Locks & Visitor Center or Fort Nisqually Living History Museum if your interests lie with marine life. Suppose fine art sounds like something for you, then head over to nearby Kirkland to see the Olympic Sculpture Park before heading back home.


There are a lot of reasons why people love to live in the Ballard. One reason is the close-knit community feeling, which some would argue isn’t present in other neighborhoods around town. This is especially important for families with small children who want tight bonds within their community, but it’s great for all ages too! Another perk of living here? The proximity to downtown and surrounding areas like Wallingford and Phinney Ridge. It might seem far away at first glance, but it doesn’t take that long to get into the city if you’re commuting via car or public transportation (which most people do). So even though Ballard feels somewhat removed from everything else when you’re there, don’t forget how easy it will be to get back and forth if you do need to head into the city for work or other reasons.


What is Ballard Seattle Neighborhood Like?


Many people think that living in Ballard means having a ton of expensive boutiques and restaurants at your fingertips – which isn’t true! Sure, there are more upscale places, but they aren’t everywhere like many newcomers may expect. What’s excellent about Ballard is the mix between old and new: you can grab dinner at a fantastic spot one night, then sit on a bench by the water while watching boats pass by only feet away from where you’re sitting, all without spending too much money!


This neighborhood has been around since the 1800s, which means that even with the influx of new people coming in all the time, there are still some great pieces of history here. Some notable landmarks include The Nordic Heritage Museum, an absolute angel on the water known as the Locks Fountain (with a few stories to tell), and plenty more! Ballard has also been home to many famous musicians over the years – including Jimi Hendrix, who was born here – so if you’re into music history, it might be worth looking around for places related to your favorite artists.


What are some facts about the Ballard Neighborhood?


  • Ballard, Seattle was founded in the 1850s.


  • The population of Ballard is about 66,000 people).


  • Ballard Seattle is an excellent place to live if you want a safe, friendly neighborhood with quick access to the main attractions in Seattle. There are many great restaurants and bars here too!


  • Ballard has been named one of America’s best neighborhoods by CNN Magazine.


  • Ballard Seattle is also the home of Starbucks Coffee, Nordstrom, and Alaska Airlines.


  • Ballard is located in Seattle’s Northwest quadrant, west of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.


  • It shares a border with northwest Seattle to its north and east, West Seattle to its south, and Shilshole Bay of Puget Sound to its southwest.


Activities in Ballard Neighborhood


Ballard isn’t just about great beer though there are plenty of other things on offer too! This Seattle area is also home to unique coffee shops and cafes, which will be your perfect pit stop when exploring this neighborhood. Don’t forget that this is an artistic hub, so it’s no surprise that Ballard has its own theatre company among all these fantastic amenities. Want something else fun to do with friends or family? Here’s a list of activities you can attend:


Attend events such as The Last Thursday Art Walk, where participants enjoy art in different locations every month, from galleries and museums to bars and restaurants. The festival season in spring brings even more activities like the Ballard SeafoodFest, where you can enjoy all kinds of seafood dishes. Add to this exciting event like the Ballard Jazz Walk, and you’ll see that there’s no shortage of fun things to do!


Attend festivals, farmers markets, and parades and even if you don’t live in Ballard! If they’re happening, it’s an excellent chance to see what makes this community so unique. Try new foods at different restaurants or the Ballard Farmers Market; there are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Explore local microbreweries, art galleries, music venues, boutiques, or your neighborhood library to learn more about this community’s character.


Festivals: Ballard hosts many festivals throughout the year, so there’s always an excuse for some merrymaking in this Seattle area! – Farmers Markets: During spring and summer, check out community events like The Sunday Market, which takes place every weekend from May through September. Most importantly, though? Just wander around enjoying your time; take it all in with locals who can tell you about their own experiences living in Ballard. Everyone should do one thing when visiting Ballard during any season is hit up one (or all) of the many microbreweries in this Seattle area.


The Nordic Heritage Museum: This museum in Ballard is dedicated to Scandinavian immigrants who moved to Seattle during the 19th century ̶ you can find it inside a 100-year-old schoolhouse building!


Historical Societies: Explore local history at either of these two historical societies located just outside downtown Ballard, such as Fort Nisqually Living History Museum or Hiram Chittenden Locks & Visitor Center.


Art Galleries and Cinemas: There’s plenty more art on offer here, too, with galleries like Gregg Fleishman Studio, the David B Smith Gallery, and many others dotted around this part of town. Learn about new exhibits and events through sites like and for a genuinely authentic Seattle experience during your stay!


SeafoodFest: This annual event in spring brings together all kinds of seafood dishes from local restaurants to try out; you can also enjoy live entertainment while the kids get involved with fun activities!


The Sunday Market: This community event is located at Ballard Commons Park; it’s a popular spot for locals to gather on weekends from May through September!


Microbreweries: There are plenty to choose from in this Seattle area, such as Maritime Pacific, Peddler Brewing Company, Seapine Brewing Company, Reuben’s Brews, or Populuxe Brewery. You can find some top-quality craft beers here that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.


Things To Do Near Ballard Neighborhood


Ballard Locks and Salmon Ladder

Ballard Locks and Salmon Ladder: Ballard’s most popular tourist destination is the fish ladder at the Hiram H. Chittenden Locks on Shilshole Bay, near Golden Gardens Park (a Seattle beach). The locks allow boats to go between Puget Sound and waterways connected to it like Lake Union and Salmon Bay; they are also where salmon swim up from the vast Pacific Ocean into smaller bodies of water after their one-way spawning journeys.


The Ballard Historical Society: Visit this excellent museum dedicated to preserving memories of old Ballard while supporting its new businesses—it offers guided walking tours by enthusiastic volunteers, too!


Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park: Ballard is one of Seattle’s most beautiful neighborhoods. Golden Gardens Park on Shilshole Bay has a beautiful beach that instantly makes you forget the urban cauldron surrounding it.


Ballard Farmers Market

Ballard Farmers Market: Ballard’s Saturday farmers market is a wonderland of fresh produce, flowers, and seafood. It features regular cooking demonstrations with samples for sale from local chefs and is a popular event that many Seattleites attend.


The Ballard Sunday Farmers Market: This market takes place on Sundays at the Ballard Commons Park on the more local and less touristy side of Ballard. It has more neighborhood feel than its Saturday counterpart and is especially popular with Seattle’s young families.


Shilsole Bay Marina

Shilsole Bay Marina: If you’re interested in boats and boating, spend some time at this marina that offers boat tours on the locks.

Nordic Heritage Museum

Nordic Heritage Museum: Ballard has an extensive Nordic heritage celebrated at this museum, whose exhibits include an old Norwegian schoolhouse, church, and more.


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