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Sellwood - Moreland Portland Oregon

Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon


The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, is a neighborhood that has been growing and evolving over the last few decades. Initially, this neighborhood was one of many suburban developments built on former farmland outside Portland’s city limits. As the population grew, so did the need for public services like schools and fire stations. The school district boundaries were redrawn to include more students from Sellwood-Moreland – leading to overcrowding at some schools. Nowadays, many different types of people live in this diverse community: young professionals with families; longtime residents who have seen their neighborhoods change around them; artists looking for affordable housing near downtown – all contributing to a rich culture and a thriving area!


One of the great things about Sellwood-Moreland is its proximity to downtown Portland. It’s easy to walk, bike, or take public transportation to all the different areas that make our city so great. There are also several parks and green spaces in the neighborhood, which are perfect for a weekend picnic or an after-work stroll. And if you’re looking for something more active, there are plenty of options nearby, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses!


There are always new businesses opening up in Sellwood-Moreland, so you can find pretty much anything you need right in your neighborhood. From a quick bite at the local sandwich shop to a whole night out on the town, there’s something for everyone here. And don’t forget about the fantastic views of Mt. Hood and the Willamette River – they’re hard to beat! If you’re looking for a great place to call home, make sure to check out Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. You won’t be disappointed!


About Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood


The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood is located in Southeast Portland, Oregon. It is a historic and walkable neighborhood that offers residents easy access to downtown Portland, the Willamette River waterfront, and area parks. The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood has a mix of homes, businesses, and churches that create a unique character.


Is Sellwood a good neighborhood?


The crime rate is significantly lower than most neighborhoods in Portland. It’s reported that only around two crimes per week are committed here. This low crime statistic can be contributed to the tight-knit community feel and the many neighborhood watch groups that have been established over the years. Additionally, Sellwood has a very active police precinct that patrols frequently and creates a sense of safety for residents and visitors alike.


Is Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood an expensive place to live?


The cost of living is relatively high. Grocery costs are the highest compared to other neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. Renting an apartment can also be very expensive. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is around $1100. However, many people can save money by eating at home, significantly decreasing their grocery costs.


What is the weather like?


The weather in Sellwood is typically mild. The summers are warm, and the winters are mild with very little snowfall. The average temperature ranges from the mid-30s to the low 50s. This makes Sellwood a great place to live because the weather is not too hot or cold.


Can people find parking easily?


Finding parking spaces can be difficult because of the number of residents who live here and their cars. Additionally, some streets have permit-only parking signs during certain weekdays, making it more challenging for visitors or guests trying to park there. However, most areas do not require permits at all times, so you might get lucky enough to find free street parking spots instead of paying extra money for garage/lot options nearby.


What is the atmosphere like in Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood?


Sellwood has an abundance of unique small businesses – about one business for every 250 residents! From restaurants to boutiques to hardware stores – there’s something for everyone. Because of this, the neighborhood has a very eclectic and charming feel to it. And since the Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood is located on the east side of Portland, residents have easy access to downtown and Mt. Hood without dealing with city traffic.


Facts About Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood


The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood in southeast Portland is an excellent option for families looking to relocate. A family-friendly community, this area has many amenities and resources available to make life easier. This post covers some of the unique characteristics of both Sellwood and Moreland neighborhoods, along with things to know when relocating there from another state or country.


The Sellwood neighborhood was once an independent town before being annexed into Portland in 1893. The Moreland district, part of the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood, was initially platted in 1891. These days, the two neighborhoods have merged and shared community identity.


Sellwood-Moreland is located on the banks of the Willamette River and has gorgeous views of Mount Hood and downtown Portland. Because of its location, this area experiences all four seasons with beautiful fall colors, winter snowfalls, springtime flowers, and hot summer days.


One great thing about living in Sellwood-Moreland is that it’s close to everything! There are plenty of shops and restaurants along SE McLoughlin Boulevard, the main thoroughfare in the area. The Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood is also served by TriMet, Portland’s public transportation system, with easy access to downtown and other parts of the city.


Families will appreciate the amount of green space in Sellwood-Moreland. There are numerous parks in the area, including Sellwood Riverfront Park, Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and Eastmoreland Golf Course. These parks offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, biking, fishing, and bird watching.


Activities and Events in Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood


There are plenty of activities and events to enjoy in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood. The annual Moreland Street Fair is a popular event every year in September. The fair features live music, food trucks, and local vendors. Another popular event is the Sellwood Spring Fling, which takes place each May and includes a street fair, farmers market, and art show.


Residents of the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood can enjoy plenty of activities and events throughout the year. The annual Moreland Street Fair is a popular event every September and features live music, food trucks, and local vendors. Another popular event is the Sellwood Spring Fling, which takes place each May and includes a street fair, farmers market, and art show.


There are also plenty of parks and green spaces in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood for residents to enjoy, such as Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Gabriel Park. And finally, the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood offers easy access to downtown Portland via the Max light rail line. So whether you’re looking for a place to relax or a place to explore, the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood is worth checking out!


Things to Do Near Sellwood-Moreland


Oaks Amusement Park Portland

Oaks Amusement Park: This amusement park is a local favorite and has something for everyone, from thrill rides to kiddie rides.


Moreland Farmer's Market

Moreland Farmer’s Market: This farmer’s market takes place every Saturday from May to October and has a variety of local vendors selling fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts.


Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge: This wildlife refuge offers a quiet place to walk along the river and observe nature.


Sellwood Riverfront Park Portland

Sellwood Riverfront Park: This park offers a variety of activities for everyone, including boating on the Willamette River, fishing in one of two ponds, and bird watching.


Eastmoreland Golf Course

Eastmoreland Golf Course: This golf course is a great place to work on your game and features nine different holes.


Westmoreland Park Nature Playground

Westmoreland Park Nature Playground: This playground features natural materials, a treehouse, and an outdoor amphitheater.


Adrenaline Park Portland

Adrenaline Peak: This amusement park is a local favorite and has something for everyone, from thrill rides to kiddie rides.


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