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Portsmouth Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon


The Portsmouth Neighborhood is a quiet, residential area in Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood has been the home to many individuals and families and houses some of the oldest homes in Portland. It’s also close to Downtown Portland and offers plenty of street parking for those who live there or visit it on weekends.


The Portsmouth Neighborhood is one of the most serene neighborhoods in central Oregon. With its winding streets, shady trees, and large front porches, this quaint tiny hamlet feels like something out of a storybook town from long ago (even though it was developed as recently as 1985).


The homes in Portsmouth are primarily single-family dwellings, and there is a healthy mix of renters and owners. The neighborhood’s location – just northeast of downtown Portland – provides easy access to all the amenities that the big city offers while still providing a sense of tranquility and privacy that is hard to come by in the middle of a metropolis.


One thing that makes Portsmouth so unique is its tight-knit community feel. People are always walking their dogs or chatting on their porches, and everyone seems to know each other. If you’re looking for a charming place to call home, Portsmouth should be at the top of your list!


About Portsmouth Neighborhood


The Portsmouth neighborhood is located in northeast Portland, Oregon. The area is known for its historic homes and tree-lined streets. Portsmouth features a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, condos, and apartments. The neighborhood has a variety of businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and shops. Portsmouth also has several parks, including Peninsula Park and Irvington Park. The Portsmouth neighborhood is an excellent option for a charming and historic neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.


The Willamette River bounds Portsmouth to the west, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Alberta Street to the south, Northeast 15th Avenue to the east, and Northeast Fremont Street to the north. The neighborhood is home to around 12,700 people. Portsmouth was initially platted in 1891, making it one of Portland’s oldest neighborhoods. Many of the homes in Portsmouth were built in the early 1900s.


The Peninsula Park Rose Garden is a popular spot in Portsmouth. The garden features more than 650 rose bushes and offers stunning views of the Willamette River. Irvington Park is another popular park in Portsmouth. The park has a playground, basketball courts, and a picnic area. The Portsmouth Peace Garden is perfect for those looking for a quieter park. The garden features paths for walking and sitting areas with benches.


Is Portsmouth Portland a good neighborhood?


The neighborhood is located just east of downtown Portland and offers easy access to all it offers, including excellent restaurants, entertainment options, grocery stores, etc. However, it can be a bit pricey, with housing prices ranging from $300,000 – $600,000.


It’s also an older home meaning there will most likely be maintenance needed throughout the years, which may make this living less desirable for some looking for something more modern/spacious. If that does not bother you, this would be worth checking out!


What’s in Portsmouth Neighborhood?


The Portsmouth Neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something quiet and safe. The homes are well-maintained, and the people here are friendly and welcoming. There’s a small grocery store, a few restaurants, and a couple of bars in the neighborhood, so you’ll never have to go too far to get what you need. And, since it’s close to downtown Portland, you can easily take advantage of all that the city has to offer.


Portsmouth Neighborhood, Portland: Portsmouth is a northwest neighborhood between the Pearl District and Northwest Industrial areas. On one side of this area, you will find excellent views of downtown Portland; on the other side, there are industrial buildings in an active port zone. The streetscape here can be described as eclectic, with Victorian houses dating back to the early 1900s mixed in with warehouses built during WWII.


Lately, however, new condo developments along NW 21st Ave have changed their look significantly over previous years. Many businesses are located within historic buildings housing local cafes offering delicious coffee options for those who want either quick snacks or more formal sit-downs for breakfast or lunch. Shops specializing in gifts are also abundant throughout this district. If you’re looking for a taste of Portland, this is the place to be!


What’s Nearby: Just north of Portsmouth is the Pearl District which offers art galleries, trendy restaurants, and shopping boutiques. Northwest Industrial area has even more businesses as well as some light manufacturing. The Broadway Bridge spans over to the east side of the river, where you can find more unique neighborhoods with great local eateries, bars, and shops – all just a short walk away. As mentioned before, downtown Portland is within view from many spots in Portsmouth, making it easily accessible by foot or bike. And if that’s not enough, there are also buses, and MAX (light rail) stops close by should you need them.


Activities and Events in Portsmouth Neighborhood


The Portsmouth Neighborhood is a great place to live, work, and play. There are always plenty of activities and events happening in the neighborhood, so there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the highlights:


Portsmouth Farmers Market: The Portsmouth Farmers Market is open every Saturday from May through October. It’s a great place to buy fresh produce, flowers, and other local products.


The Summer Concert Series takes place at Portsmouth City Park on Thursday evenings from June through August. This free event features live music from local bands.


Halloween Trick-or-Treat: The Halloween Trick-or-Treat happens annually in Portsmouth City Park on Halloween night. Kids can dress up and go door-to-door to get free candy from participating neighborhood businesses.


Neighborhood Garage Sale: All residents are invited to participate in the Neighborhood Garage Sale, which happens annually on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It’s a great way to find new treasures or sell old ones you no longer need!


Things To Do in Portsmouth Neighborhood


Columbia Park & Annex Portland

Columbia Park & Annex: A beautiful park with a playground for children, paths to walk or run along the river.


McCoy Park Portland

McCoy Park: The park is near the Portsmouth Children’s Museum and features walking paths, open fields, tennis courts.


Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden: The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional, authentic Japanese garden located in Washington Park.


Kidd Toy Museum Portland

Kidd Toy Museum: The museum’s mission is to inspire children and families through exploration and hands-on experience with the arts and sciences.


Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum: One of the largest museums in the United States, with more than 150,000 square feet of exhibition space.


Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo: The zoo is home to more than 660 species and offers tours, animal encounters, classes & camps throughout the year.


Pioneer Courthouse Square

Pioneer Courthouse Square: The square is home to an ice skating rink during the winter months and many outdoor events throughout the year, including concerts & movies in the park.


Mt Tabor Park Portland

Mount Tabor Park: A popular park in southeast Portland home to two reservoirs, a playground, and hiking trails.


Forest Park

Forest Park: The largest urban forest park in the United States, Forest Park offers more than 80 miles of hiking & biking trails.


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