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Concordia Portland Oregon

Concordia Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

The Concordia Neighborhood is known for its many beautiful, tree-lined streets and charming homes. This neighborhood has a great mix of old and new parts dating back to the 1920s. It’s one of Portland’s most popular neighborhoods because it offers an ideal balance between residential living spaces and commercial businesses.

Concordia is ideal for commuters because it’s only a short drive to downtown Portland or Clackamas Town Center. It’s also convenient to Interstate 205, making getting around the city easy even without your car. This vibrant neighborhood contains many community events throughout each year, making this area great for families with kids!

Is Concordia a good neighborhood in Portland?

It’s a great place to live! Concordia, Oregon, is located just north of the Columbia River, on Portland’s eastern side. It borders Brooklyn Neighborhood, Creston-Kenilworth, and Eastmoreland neighborhoods in Southeast Portland. The community has some fantastic parks where you can enjoy hiking trails or go for strolls with friends and family. There are also playgrounds throughout the neighborhood, so it makes an excellent location to raise children.

Real estate prices in Concordia, Oregon, remain relatively affordable compared to other neighborhoods in Portland. You can still find a great starter home for under $200,000, and the average sales price is around $330,000. There are plenty of homes available so if you’re considering moving to Portland, be sure to check out this neighborhood!

Is Concordia Oregon Safe?

Living in Concordia, Portland, Oregon, is a great experience. The people are friendly and welcoming, and there’s always something to do. However, as with any city neighborhood, it’s essential to be aware of the safety risks and take precautions accordingly.

One thing to watch out for in Concordia is car break-ins. There have been reports of thieves targeting cars parked on the streets overnight. So if you’re going to be away from your vehicle for an extended period, it’s best to park in a garage if possible.

Concordia is a safe neighborhood as long as residents take the proper precautions and follow some basic safety rules, such as locking their car doors overnight and not walking around alone at night in high crime areas. Residents can rest easy knowing that this Portland, Oregon neighborhood is very close-knit with friendly people all over!

History of Concordia Neighborhood

The Concordia Neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, has a rich and diverse history that spans more than a century. German immigrants in the late 1800s initially settled the neighborhood, and it was once one of the most densely populated areas of the city. Concordia is known for its charming homes, eclectic businesses, and strong community spirit.

Facts About Concordia Neighborhood

The Concordia Neighborhood is located in Northeast Portland, Oregon. It is bounded by the Columbia Slough to the north and east, I-205 to the south, and NE Killingsworth Street to the west. The neighborhood was developed primarily between 1905 and 1925. It is a mix of residential homes, small businesses, and light industrial businesses.

Concordia has about 10,000 people and is home to many families with children. Several schools in the neighborhood, including Concordia University School of Law and Christ Lutheran School. The commercial district along NE Alberta Street features restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and other businesses that serve the local community.

The Concordia Neighborhood Association (CNA) is a volunteer-based organization that works to promote and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood. The CNA hosts community events, organize volunteer opportunities, and advocates for improvements to the neighborhood.

Things to do in Concordia Neighborhood

The Concordia neighborhood is an excellent place for people who love to be active. The area has many hiking trails within walking distance, and some even lead straight up the mountainside, like Lookout Mountain Trail. For those looking for something less rigorous, several parks, including Ardenwald Park, features sports fields and tennis courts. Although this Portland district does have an abundance of outdoor activities, it also offers plenty indoors as well with shops along NE Fremont Street that can fill any shopping needs or wants you may have. Suppose you’re not interested in leaving home but still want to get out of the house from time to time. In that case, there are ample opportunities at Concordia Recreation Center where locals come together to play basketball or indoor soccer.

One of the best things about Concordia is that it’s centrally located and easy to get around. The MAX light rail has a stop in the heart of the neighborhood, making it a quick trip into downtown Portland for work or fun. And if you need to head out of town for a weekend away, both the airport and Amtrak are just a short ride away. Whether you’re looking for an energetic urban vibe or outdoor adventures, Concordia has something to offer everyone who visits.

What to See in Concordia Neighborhood?

In this neighborhood, you can expect primarily single-family homes. Even if it is close to the University of Portland and Concordia University, there are not a lot of apartments or dormitories in this area. Some condos, though, maybe suitable for someone looking at living centrally while staying within a reasonable budget. If you’re an outdoors person who loves engaging with nature on your time off from work, then come check out what’s available here!

Concordia Neighborhood has one main street running through its boundaries called NE 33rd Avenue, which hosts several boutiques and restaurants worth checking out when visiting the area during your apartment search. This place also makes for great cycling due to flat roads and excellent bike lanes so take advantage of that if you’re a cyclist. Here are some places you can visit nearby:

Alberta Park Portland

Alberta Park: This park is located in the Concordia Neighborhood and was founded by a group of citizens interested in improving their neighborhood. The park has tennis courts, a basketball court, playgrounds for different age groups, picnic tables and areas, and more!

Alberta Street Gallery Portland

Alberta Street Gallery: Alberta Street Gallery features art galleries, antique stores, and boutiques line Alberta Street, which is just one block off of NE 33rd Avenue.

Alberta Street Community: Alberta street community is a group of citizens in the Concordia neighborhood and was founded by neighbors who wanted to improve their community. They work together with Portland Parks & Recreation and clean up parks, plant trees and flowers, maintain trails for walking or biking, etc.

Alberta Arts District Portland

Alberta Arts District: Alberta arts district is a place where you can find art galleries, antique stores, and boutiques.

What are the best things about it?

The best things about the Concordia Neighborhood are that it is centrally located, has ample outdoor activities, and has a variety of shops to check out. Being centrally located means residents have an easy time getting around town whether they need to go downtown for work or explore other areas of Portland. The abundance of outdoor activities ranges from hiking trails (which Concordia has plenty of) to playing basketball and indoor soccer at the neighborhood recreation center. Wherever your interests may lie, there will likely be something for you in this Portland district.

What is known about it?

Several parks are located within its boundaries, including Ardenwald Park that features sports fields and tennis courts and playgrounds for different age groups, picnic tables, and areas. Some condos are available if you’re looking at living centrally but staying within a reasonable budget. The MAX light rail has a stop in the heart of the neighborhood, which makes it a quick trip into downtown Portland or out-of-town trips via Amtrak (which is just outside of town). If you love cycling, then take advantage of the area’s flat roads and excellent bike lanes. Finally, if you’re an artist or appreciate art, check out Alberta Street Arts District, located one block off of NE 33rd Avenue.

Amenities in Concordia Neighborhood

There are plenty of amenities in Concordia Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon. You will find grocery stores, restaurants, and bars within walking distance from your home. In addition, there are many parks and green spaces to enjoy in this neighborhood. The MAX light rail system is just a few blocks away if you need to get around town. Concordia is a great place to call home!

Some favorite spots in Concordia Neighborhood are:

-Belmont Station for their delicious pizza

-The Old Stand for their wide variety of beers on tap

-Fred Meyer for all of your grocery needs

-Concordia Park for a great place to walk your dog or have a picnic with friends

-Alberta Park for sports and playgrounds

-Alberta Street Arts District to explore art galleries, antique stores, and boutiques.


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