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Mocktail Monday: Earl Grapefruit Fizz

The floral notes of Earl Gray tea combine with Vine and Brown Ruby Red Grapefruit Shrub to create a spicy, grown-up mocktail with a bit of bite and plenty of fizz. Just right for a Monday evening aperitif.

While you're getting dinner ready (or even betterbefore you leave for work), brew a half cup of Earl Gray tea and allow to steep for 3 minutes. Allow the tea to cool and then throw your mocktail together.

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Different brands of ginger ale yield different results. We tried a strong Jamaican artisan brand, but found that Schweppes had less of an in-your-face flavor which balanced better with the shrub and the lemony bergamot in the tea.

Note: Resist the temptation to over-brew your tea. You want a light touch of tea and bergamot. Too long of a steeping time will produce results that are too heavy for the light and zesty personality of the other ingredients.

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